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My Prince Charming Chapter 1

He was nervous sitting in an office that was cluttered with sketches and fabric. A week ago, he was in the same office for a job interview and that time the office was clean. Looking around again he soon realized that this office didn’t have a leopard print pillow. Before he could question himself or guess on whose office this was, a young woman with long black hair walked in. He stood up upon her entrance. Closing the door behind her, the young woman gave the man behind her an acknowledging nod. He was mesmerized how dark blue her eyes were. Her eyes were like a hidden jewel within the depths of the ocean.
“Please sit.” The young woman spoke pointing to the seat in front of her desk as she walked to her own chair. “Sorry for the mess. The last time that you were here, the interview took place within my business partner’s office.” She was cleaning off her chair along with the sketches that were on her desk. Putting the cluttered mess into a pile. “Sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Kim Ji Su, you can call me Ji Su. You must be Kim Seokjin.” Ji Su extend her hand out to him.
“I am, and you can call me Jin.” Jin stood up and shook her hand. He waited until she sat down before he could.
Ji Su sat down moving the sketches and documents that covered her desk. Placed in a pile, Ji Su told Jin how happy she was to have him come in and apologized for the mess that the shop was in. They were still in the mist of getting things in place. She procced to tell him about what it means to be a site manager. Jin was at first confused that he was in another interview, but Ji Su being who she is, apologized and told that he had the job if wanted it.
“How about I show you around, so you know the layout of the store and where my office, Mi Sun’s office, and yours. We will have small conference room where all three of us will have a monthly meeting. Mi Sun thinks it weird, but I think we need to just, so we can work as a team.” Ji Su shared with him taking a left to the back part of the shop. In the back, to the left was storage for all the fabric that she had and inventory from her designs. To the right was going to be placed of business the Ji Su would or has partnered with. Ji Su pointed out that that back part of the shop was also going to have some wonderful helpers sewing some of her designs together.
The two turned back around and headed up front of the shop. Interior designers were working hard to get everything right. Jin looked closed and noticed how nervous they were while working. Ji Su left his side and went over to a woman with golden brown hair taking charge on where things were supposed to be placed. In hush tones, Ji Su and the woman spoke. Jin tried to read Ji Su’s facial expressions but failed. JI Su looked up at him and waved him over to her.
“I don’t know why you want these colors and not a dark gray.” The woman with golden brown exclaimed.
“Mi Sun, I want to have the shop to have pastels colors. The dark colors can go in the back. I want the customer to walk and have the warm welcoming feeling.” Ji Su shared her reasoning. Mi Sun sighed and turned around to walk back to her office. However, when she turned around she ran into a man that was tall and broad shoulder. He was in her way and it pissed her off.
Mi Sun glared at him and brushed past him ignoring the small spark that she felt when she bumped into him. Jin watched her head to the back of the shop. Assuming her office, and when she was no longer in sight, Jin turned his attention back to Ji Su.
“Sorry about that. That woman that ran into you was my business partner and best friend, Mi Sun. She is a wonderful person once she warms up to you, just don’t get your hopes up.” Ji Su told Jin and he took it as a warning that Mi Sun was a person that he would steer clear of. Though, in the back of his head he knew that he felt a spark and assuming, Mi Sun did as well.
For the remainder of the time that Jin was there, Ji Su told him some more of his duties and introduced him to some of the girls that would be working part-time due to school and other jobs. The girls looked at him and giggled while smiling shyly away from him. Some were avoiding his eyes, others couldn’t stop looking at him. Ji Su rolled her eyes and took him back to her office.
“So, after seeing the shop, meeting some of the girls, and learning of your job tittle, do you have any questions?” Ji Su asked closing the door behind and walking to her desk. Jin was standing by the chair he was at earlier.
“Uniform?” Jin asked as Ji Su sat down in her chair, handing Jin sketches of the uniform look that she was going for.
“I am working on having everyone have similar outfits that match. I am still working on piecing them together. I plan in having you all wear colors that match the seasons. Mi Sun thinks it’s weird and that I should have you all wear black and shirts. However, I am different, I want you all to be unique. Any who, since I am not done with that, you will have to wear a dress shirt, tie, and dress pants. Pretty much what you would wear to a company.” Ji Su explained to him, taking the sketches that he was handing back to her.
“If I took this job when would you need me to start?”
“As soon as possible. I understand that you are currently moving and getting your affairs in order for you other job?” Ji Su question, more curious as Jin thought about it.
“That’s right, I am moving with some roommates, and as for my other job, we already have someone working in my position as we speak.” Jin looked at her and then at his hands. Taking a deep breath, he looked back at her. “I’ll take the job.” He told her. Ji Su smiled at him and saw how her eyes glowed like the sun shining within the ocean.
Ji Su told him to come in two days from now, so he could sign a contract. She also shared that he could spend that day getting his office set up the way he would like. Both stood up and shook hands. Ji Su walked Jin out and then walked back to her office in a cheery mood. Looking across from her office, Mi Sun was being a busy bee working, stopping to answer the phone. When Ji Su looked away and then back at Mi Sun, she noticed Mi Sun’s jaw was clinched shut. Ji Su didn’t have to assume who was on the phone with her best friend. She knew that Mi Sun was on the phone with her mother.
Jin was in the grocery store, shopping for food, when his phone went off. Looking at the caller ID Jin, sighed upon answering.
“Oh, my dear son, what are you doing at this moment?” His mother asked.
“I am shopping for food. Jungkook is moving out of his dorm from the dance academy and moving in with us until he leaves for the states.” Jin explained looking at the man options of lamb skewers. Jin didn’t understand on what Jungkook really loved this. The only reason he could think of was Yoongi, whom he blamed.
“Of that’s right. How is that young man? Still shies away from the girls?” His mother asked. Jin knew something was up and didn’t know what.
“Mother what is the reason why you called?” Jin asked annoyed picking up three different flavors of lamb and then pushing the cart to a different aisle.
“Well I forgot about the plans that you already had. Spacing it off, I shorta promise one of the ladies that I visit that you would go out with her niece tonight.” Jin’s mother blurted out through the phone.
“Mother, you know that I am not ready to date anyone at this moment.” Jin closed his eyes. He loved his mother, he truly did, but times like this he questioned on why he loved his mother so much.
“Now son, you are 25 years old. You need to find someone to marry and settle down with. Your brother is already married and expecting his first child. I’m not getting any younger you know.”
“You are still young and beautiful. I just wish you would stop playing with my love life. That was one of the reasons why she left me.” Jin gripped the handle of the grocery cart as a sharp stabbing pain went through his heart.
“Seokjin please go this as a favor and go tonight?” his mother pleaded.
“Fine but this will be that last one.”
“I can’t promise you that. I’ll send you the details here in a bit.” The call ended and Jin felt defeated. His mother meant well, but there are times like that really messed with him.
Putting his phone in his back pocket and continued to get the rest of the food that would, hopefully last a few weeks. Once he paid, placed the groceries in his car, Jin drove over to his new apartment. After parking, Yoongi was arrived at the same time as Jin did, and helped carry the bags in.
Yoongi, the second oldest within the makeshift family of 7 guys, asked when the youngest was coming over and gushed over what Jin bought for their dinner that night. Jin shared when Jungkook was to arrive, and asked how much unpacking was needed to be done. The two oldest boys shared and spoke about unpacking, who was sharing a room, and about Jin’s blind date.
“So, you won’t be here for dinner then?” Yoongi asked.
“No, but I am still making the lamb skewers. I was thinking that now that all of us will be living together, I can come up with a job chart. That way I’m not cooking, cleaning, and…”
“Being a mother all the time.” Yoongi interrupted walking off the lift on their floor.
“You know me so well.” Jin stated placing the bags on the floor and put the pin in. When Jin opened the door, he heard moans echoing through the apartment. Taking a deep breath, Jin picked up the bags and went in with Yoongi in tow. When Yoongi heard the moans, Jin saw an evil grin appeared on his face. Without saying a word, Yoongi put the bags on the counter and searched through the few unpacked boxes.
Jin put the groceries away and started cooking everyone’s dinner. Looking behind him, Yoongi had condoms hanging from string. Yoongi was in the mood to embarrass whomever was having sexy time. Jin closed his eyes and realized that he would have to come up with some type of house rules with the youngest moving in. Yoongi was proud of his work and began to unpack some of the boxes.
A door opened as voices were heard along with a giggle. When the door closed, the man of that evening show, made his appearance.
“Yoongi hyung that I not funny.” Taehyung whined.
“What? I had to make sure that they were ok.” Yoongi explained trying to hide smile.
“Jin hyung why didn’t you stop him?” Taehyung asked still whining.
“I was making dinner before I shower and change for my blind date tonight.” Jin explained while seasoning the lamb and working on the side dishes. Taehyung sighed and walked back into his room. A few minutes later, the young woman who eyed Yoongi and Jin walked by giving them a flirtatious smile along with stopping to take a few condoms that were still hanging.
When she walked out the door, Yoongi made a remark that she was a real keeper for Taehyung. Tae gave them a one finger salute when Namjoon, Jimin, and Jungkook walked in. Namjoon had one eye brow raised as if to question on why Taehyung was flipping them off. Jin just shrugged his shoulders and finished what he could with dinner before heading to the shower.
Mi Sun was pissed so pissed that she was throwing things in her office. Ji Su stood there watched in waiting for her to calm down. Ji Su called her grandmother to have her come over. When grandma walked in, she knew something was up. Having no fear in getting hit, grandma walked in closing the door behind her.
Sitting down in one of the chairs within Mi Sun’s office, grandma sat and waited. Mi Sun calmed down and sat a crossed from her adoptive grandmother. Grandma placed a hand on Mi Sun’s fist, that opened revealing cuts from her nails.
“What did she want this time?” Grandma asked pulling away too looked for her first aid within her bag.
“That what I am doing isn’t going to take me anywhere, that she set me up on a blind date tonight, and telling me not to fall for him. Another blind date that wouldn’t lead to another date because she is just doing this for her business. One time it wasn’t for business but to show everyone that her daughter is with someone. Then there was this one guys that I really liked, and when my bitch of mother heard she gave him money to never contact me again.” Mi Sun clenched her fist once more making the cure bleed some more.
Grandma took her hand, opening it up once more to clean it up. Mi Sun sighed and leaning into the palm of her free hand. It was quite as grandma was cleaning the cuts.
“My dear as I have told you time and time again. You need to make you own choices. Your mother is uncivilized with the way she is, and it is not your fault for how she is. Did you already promise her that you would go?” Grandma asked, and Mi Sun nodded. “I want you to do this one last thing for your mother. When she asks you again you tell her no. Mi Sun you are an adult and you can’t have your mother control you.”
Mi Sun knew that and hated that Ji Su’s grandmother repeated this to her every damn day. What Mi Sun loathed the most was that every time she kept her distance away from her mother, she would always go back. Taking a deep breath, Mi Sun walked around her desk and hugged Ji Su’s grandmother. Mi Sun owed a never-ending debut to her. Ever since Mi Sun moved up to Seoul, and befriended Ji Su, Grandma had been her life saver time and time again over little things like this.
Ji Su knocked and walked in. Grandma turned and gave her granddaughter a dazzling smile that showed how proud she was of her granddaughter. Mi Sun saw the proud and was jealous of the love her best friend and grandma has for each other. She wished that one day that Mi Sun and her mother could have a moment like Ji Su and her grandmother.
“Now I hear you have a blind date tonight and I have the perfect dress just for you Mi Sun.” Ji Su said and pulled Mi Sun out of her office into Ji Su’s. There was a closet in Ji Su’s office that held clothes for Ji Su to wear or at times for Mi Sun. Opening the closet door, JI Su grabbed a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, silver golden tank and a white suit jacket. Mi Sun loved and loved even more that her best friend was the best at being a stylist for her. Taking the clothes, Mi Sun changed into them in no time and with Ji Su’s help Mi Sun had on her makeup and a pair of black pumps. Mi Sun’s hair was put into a mermaid braid and Ji Su praised Mi Sun that she looked like a movie star. That made Mi Sun’s night.
When the sun was down, Mi Sun looked at the clock and decided to head out since it was close to time. She had no idea who she was meeting and that made her nervous. All the other times she had to do this, Mi Sun knew whom she was meeting. She knew the name but that was it.
Parking and walking up to the door, Mi Sun went into the restaurant. Walking up the host, she told the young man the name and her led her to the table. The man she was supposed to meet wasn’t there yet. Looking at her watch she was saw that she was a few minutes early. A waiter come over and asked if wanted something to drink. Mi Sun told him she would stick with the water that she had already. Leaning back in her chair she pulled out her phone working on emails for the online store that she oversaw for Paris Boutique.
She looked up occasionally, seeing if he arrived or not. When she looked up for the 6th time that night she recognized the man she met this morning. Unknowingly why, her heart began to race. Part of her was hoping that he was the one that she was having dinner with. Especially the little moment that they had earlier today. He was bad looking either. The other part of her was hoping that he wasn’t the one. If he was and she liked him right away things would work out not with her mother in control.
Here is the first chapter and as always, I hope you enjoyed it. I will do my best to have a new chapter out as soon as I can with this one. I realized that while I was working on this chapter on hard it was to go from Ji Su and Jungkook to Jin and Mi Sun. I will tell you this, My Prince Charming is going to be like a prequel and these two characters will be different. So, if you are just started reading and haven’t read Talking Body, don’t worry this won’t leave any spoilers and if there are any I will let those readers know. Though if you want to read Talking Body here is the link to the collection for you to read.

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Hello ARMY! It's Melissa! I'm helping Mariah out with Bangtan's ARMY Weekly :Jin Day! For this week, we are writing acrostic poems with members' names. Here is Seokjin's acrostic poem. S is for so handsome! Jin very world wide handsome. E is for eater. Jin loves to eat, and he makes everything he eats look yummy. O is for outgoing. Jin has such an outgoing personality. K is for kind hearted. Jin is a very kind hearted person. He cares about BTS and ARMY. J is for Joker. Jin loves telling jokes. I love Dad jokes XD I is for incredible voice. Jin is such amazing singer with incredible voice. N is for Noble. Jin is so noble almost like a prince. Well that is my Seokjin acrostic poem. I hope you all like it. Til next time ARMY! BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST: A: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST:A: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel @AkiraMarie13 @AlenaSegura @AliceTetsuya @aliendestina @Alpha95 @AraceliJimenez @ashrose33 @AsystolinaTawan @awkwardjazzy @AmbieB @Airamatheah @ARMYaki16 @AngelaDarkness @animani B: @B2STJYDHDK @babysanchez1253 @Badtz @Baekyeol27 @170cme @bantanella @BeeTeeS @BreHolmes @BTSxEXO @btstrash15C: @cathysanchez157 @ChandraTorres @Changkyunie @cherriblossom17 @Choijiah @cns1391 @ColorMeKihyunD: @DaintySoul @DefSoul1994 @destiny1419 @DejaunaeSiders E: @Eli20 @emilyrivera21 @Eswee @EvilGenius @EvodiaEbraheem G: @glorias463 @Gracielou0717H: @hayoungforever @Helixx @hopesforsuga711 @HopeYoongi @Hskswife @hyqtpieI: @ImHayley @imiebegay14 @InfiniteKiss @inuyashagal @iraVVIP @IrishCabacungan J: @jadmarie4567 @Jaerinn @JasminMartinez @JaxonB @JenGambale @jenissa711 @JerannethaBroug @jiminakpop @JJiBin @jjrockstar @JohnEvans @Josyy7AshleiRyalsK: @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @KenyaMendoza @kimnam94 @KokoroNoTakara @Kpoplover2016 @kristendmh @Kyokeo@KeraDelatorreL: @LacyTanner @LemonLassie @LinnyOk @LiyahBoon @lopleaf19 @loverofkpop @luna1171 @luvella18 @LynetteXuan  @laurenkim3 @LostMageM: @maddsanzen @MakaylaAtkins @MamaNini @MayraCastro @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MistressSiren @MsLoyalHeart  @MidajahRodrigueN: @nykechunP: @parktaemi @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440Q: @QueenPandaBunnyR: @resavalencia @RKA916S: @sarahdarwish @SarahMoniva @Seera916 @selfishmachines @ShannonSaysHey @shellyfuentes70 @shisuschrist @simpsonsamantha @SindyHernandez @StefaniTre @StephanieDuong @StephaniePoore @strawberrylover @strawberrymintl @SugaKookieV @sukkyongwanser @SunnaWalo @SweetDuella @sweetnothing34 @Swhitta @sinnernIknowitT: @Tamaki1618 @TashiannaBostia @tayamay1232 @TerraToyaSi @ThanaPlague @thatphamily @thekpoprealm @TheRealAgustD @tinytreeleaf @2TracyLynnn @TwistedPDnim @taehyungie35 V: @Vay754 @VickyLe @Viresse @VKookie47W: @warningX: @xLonelyUnitatox @xDisappearxY: @yehetmyohorat97 @YeojinOfficial @YessicaCardenas @YiselRamos @Yugykookie97 Z: @zilVer @ZeleniaMoon BANGTAN’S ARMY TEAM TAGLIST:@PolarStarr @Addixtion @warning @YulaGyeom @MelissaGarza @HeonyStar
❤ Vingle cmty Love ❤
Communities that between 5000, 10,000 members There are several communities in here that are very active! The presidents of these communities and their Editors have done an amazing job in bringing content and love to these groups! To show some Appreciation and love for these communities and their amazing work and activity! In the Month of activity and new people there has been so much buzz and growth in these communities!! Thank you Presidents for Growing and lovingly looking over your communities! ♡♡ ■•■•■•■▪•▪•▪• •▪•▪•▪•■•■•■•■ ■•■•■▪•▪•▪• •▪•▪•▪•■•■•■ Over The Last Month The amount of members is amazing for these cmtys!! Jimin:         Cmty Had 5104 With @BTSMicDrop as president, It has grown to    5818 members! Whoohoo Congrats with  714 new members! ▪▪▪●▪▪▪●▪▪▪●▪▪▪●▪▪▪ BAP:        Cmty Had 5162  With @MaeLyn as president, It has grown to     5193 members now! Congrats Girlie!! 31 new members! ○.○ ○.○ ○.○ ○.○ ○.○ Jungkook:    Cmty Had 5178 With @Yugykookie. as president, It has grown to 5986 members! Amazing news with growing the cmty! 808 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Taehyung:      Cmty Had 5241 With @ VeronicaArtino    as president, It has grown to  6052 members now! Whoohoo! Congrats with 811 new membes! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• TVXQ:         Cmty Had 5524 With @TaylorHill5    as president, It has grown to 5736 members now! Congrats! That is 212 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Winner:      Cmty Had 6049 With @WinkonVIP    as president, It has grown to 6382 members now. That is great! WIth 333 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Suga  :         Cmty Had 6660 With @VeronicaArtino as president, It has grown to     7605, Dam Girl! Congrats withgrowing the cmty! 945 new members!! •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• FanFiction  :   Cmty Had 6937 With @LiyaBoon as president, It has grown to 7272 members now! Lots of readers out there! Congrats on growing the cmty! Thats 335 new members •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• •●• Got7 :        Cmty Had 7605 With @Luna1171 as president, It has grown to     7964  members now! Congrats girl! 359 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• ☆ •●• •●• •●• •●• Infinite  :      Cmty Had 8040 With @Just2BLoved as president, It has grown to 8146 members now! That is amazing gilr! 106 new members! •●• •●• •●• •●• ◇ •●• •●• •●• •●• There will still be 1 more Appreciation/tracking card for the Top Communities which are in the Thousands! They are communities that have been around and seen so many people come and go! These groups happen to be run by people who have been on Vingle for a long time! I want to thank them for being here on Vingle, sharing a common interest of Kpop •●• •●• ♡ •●• •●• ♡ •●• •●• ♡ •●• •●• fam tag! new updated list!  @SugaKookieV @StefaniTre  @SimplyAwkward @Starbell808 @SerenaArthurs @Sugasadamsapple @BabydollBre  @WinKonVIP    @Taekookimonster  @ESwee @Just2BLoved  @QueenPandaBunny   @Yugykookie97 @kpopandkimchi  @VKookie47 @MelissaGarza  @VeronicaArtino  @tinafalcon22 @tigerlily84 @Taekookimonster   @JaxomB  @divanicola05  @ynsamgwlk @rchacon19 @cns1391  @PolarStarr  @rocklvr @BTSARMYBOI @QueenyCrossGene Suga's Statgazers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella Suga's starchildren @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 Taehyung's Purplers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @Jiminsnooder Taehyung's Purplees... @MelissaGarzaMatoki Council: @MaeLyn @Halsyeon @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @SweetDuella Baby Taglist: @kpopandkimchi @MelissaGarza @ynsamgwlk @SimplyAwkward @SweetDuella   @JaxomB @MaeLyn @mitchix5 @InfinitySky @AlexisJ15 @awkwardjazzy @StefaniTre @JiyongLeo @axosrain  @Starbell808 @simpsonsamantha @AkiraMarie13 @QueenyCrossGene @cns1391
30 Days BTS Challenge 📣
Hello ARMY! The BTS ARMY TEAM is starting a 30 Days Challenge. We are challenging you to participate in this fun 30 days Challenge XD Day 1- Jin with Glasses So adorable! Day 2- Suga Selca Who can resist such cute Selcas? We hope everyone will be participating with us in this challenge. Until next time ARMY! BTS ARMY TEAM @MelissaGarza @YulaGyeom @cns1391 @Starbell808 @Yugykookie97 @SweetDuella BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST: A: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel @AkiraMarie13 @AlenaSegura @AliceTetsuya @aliendestina @Alpha95 @AraceliJimenez @ashrose33 @AsystolinaTawan @awkwardjazzy @AmbieB @Airamatheah @ARMYaki16 @AngelaDarkness @animani @arihana @aRMy94 B: @B2STJYDHDK @babysanchez1253 @Badtz @Baekyeol27 @170cme @bantanella @BeeTeeS @BreHolmes @BTSxEXO @btstrash15 C: @cathysanchez157 @ChandraTorres @Changkyunie @cherriblossom17 @Choijiah @cns1391 @ColorMeKihyun @ChristinaCovert D: @DaintySoul @DefSoul1994 @destiny1419 @DejaunaeSiders E: @Eli20 @emilyrivera21 @Eswee @EvilGenius @EvodiaEbraheem G: @glorias463 @Gracielou0717 H: @hayoungforever @Helixx @hopesforsuga711 @HopeYoongi @Hskswife @hyqtpie @Heol25 I: @ImHayley @imiebegay14 @InfiniteKiss @inuyashagal @iraVVIP @IrishCabacungan J: @jadmarie4567 @Jaerinn @JasminMartinez @JaxonB @JenGambale @jenissa711 @JerannethaBroug @jiminakpop @JJiBin @JohnEvans @Josyy7AshleiRyals K: @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @KenyaMendoza @kimnam94 @Kpoplover2016 @kristendmh @Kyokeo @KeraDelatorre @KeraDelatorre @KpopMonster L: @LacyTanner @LemonLassie @LinnyOk @LiyahBoon @lopleaf19 @loverofkpop @luna1171 @luvella18 @LynetteXuan  @laurenkim3 @LostMage M: @maddsanzen @MakaylaAtkins @MamaNini @MayraCastro @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MistressSiren @MsLoyalHeart @MidajahRodrigue N: @nykechun P: @parktaemi @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440 @primolin123 Q: @QueenPandaBunny R: @RKA916 S: @sarahdarwish @SarahMoniva @Seera916 @selfishmachines @ShannonSaysHey @shellyfuentes70 @shisuschrist @simpsonsamantha @SindyHernandez @StefaniTre @StephanieDuong @StephaniePoore @strawberrylover @strawberrymintl @SugaKookieV @sukkyongwanser @SunnaWalo @SweetDuella @sweetnothing34 @Swhitta @sinnernIknowit @Sugasadamsapple @SabaFishy T: @Tamaki1618 @TashiannaBostia @tayamay1232 @TerraToyaSi @ThanaPlague @thatphamily @thekpoprealm @TheRealAgustD @tinytreeleaf @2TracyLynnn @TwistedPDnim @taehyungie35 @Taetaeluvs V: @Vay754 @VickyLe @Viresse @VKookie47 W: @warning @WinKonVIP X: @xLonelyUnitatox @xDisappearx Y: @yehetmyohorat97 @YeojinOfficial @YessicaCardenas @YiselRamos @Yugykookie97 @ynsamgwlk Z: @zilVer @ZeleniaMoon