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100+ Followers😲😲😲

I just wonna say THANK YOUU for 100+ followers on here!(drew this to celibrate)

I feel really greatful to everyone who follows me and I hope i can make u guys happy with my art and anime chats <3

Also thank you for all the lovley art feedback you give me :) it really helps out and im ALWAYS open to drawing new things soo any requests are welcome :)
I am Nishinoya when you guys talk anime with me ^.^
Yall know hes ultimate fav :3
I drew my 4 bois to celibrate :3 Im sorry the luffy was terrible

Did you draw these NAKAMA?? Well I think I was #4 I want a special NYMBER 4 bc it’s my fave!! Haha Congrats NAKAMA!! Well, wait no sooo deserved🤙🙏👌
@LuffyNewman yup yup! ofc i did xD ansld NU NISHINOYA IS MINEEE! U can have luffy like always
I know all but the bottom left with #4, I think. Well One Piece, blue exorcist and blood lad. I’m assuming Haiyukuu?? Bottom right. Only bc I haven’t seen it, 😞 Gomenasai NAKAMA I just have been rewatching HxH and Fairy Tail and it took a bit and seasonal realeasea it’s tough and manga reads. Idk. I heard it’s good but is it (food wars) good? If so I’ll read and watch, if that’s what it’s from, I know you own the manga so I think I’m right haha. But if so I’ll watch but I just am not too sure of sports anime; all I’ve seen rock but dang I want battles or romance or I’m backtracking to like Fairy Tail, FMA, Naruto, bleach, OP, HxH, which I’ve seen them all from 1-??? Every year or every 2 years OP has longest break 2 years n re watch starts January for my bday month. But I’ve watched so many anime striding to a different style like racing or sports is just my loss honestly, my ignorance. I give up n I go back to old anime. Hence I’m re watching, finished HxH last 2 weeks. For 4th time haha. But yes Luffy and 4 is best # 😜😁
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