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Lost inside the cave I call my mind
Unsure of what I'm really trying to find
Looking for where I truly belong
Only to see that I'm all alone
Just an outsider looking in
Wishing to find a way to win
Wanting so badly to find my place in life
Only to have it shattered again
Trying to figure out where this feeling began
Sometimes wondering what would happen if I just ran
Feeling like running will find my true sense of peace
The imminent escape where I can find my release
Avoiding feelings like the plague
Afraid of what I will truly find
Wishing that I could keep it all locked up inside the cave that I call my mind

A/n: This is my first time writing in a long while let alone my first shot at poetry that actually rhymes compared to the free verse I usually do. Please leave any criticism good or bad, both are welcome, I'm wanting to become a stronger writer.
Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoyed reading. :)
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I love it
Thank you. 😁