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Soulmate Saturday: Classic Monster Edition!

Hello and welcome back to Soulmate Saturday! Share your waifu, husbando, dream besty, or some combination thereof, whatever makes your penguin fly! It's just about sharing your love for your favorite anime characters every week!

Since Halloween is do close, this week's theme is Classic Monsters, those loveable characters who represent those classic Halloween icons, witches, vampires, werewolves, skeletons, black cats, ghosts, you name it!

Here are mine:

Seras Victoria - Hellsing Ultimate

Brook - One Piece
So here we go!
Disclaimer: none of this art is mine, but if you want me to try to hunt down a source, let me know!

Seras Victoria - Hellsing Ultimate

I know I've shared my love for this vampiric beauty before, but she was just such a no-brainer for this theme! She's got that adorable-badass combo, and she's half of one of my favorite OTP's!

Brook - One Piece

It hasn't been long since Brook officially joined the Straw Hat Pirates where I am (episode 400, so I'M ALMOST HALFWAY THERE!), so I'm not supposed to know the true nature of his Revive-Revive Fruit yet (but my brother sucks with spoilers), but I'm already in love! I like to think of this skeleton as kind of the grandpa of the Straw Hats - he is almost 100 years old, after all! He's charming, funny, and so classy - until he asks about your panties, but he even does that in a pretty classy manner! YO HO HO HO!

I hope you enjoyed! Share your monster soulmates with us!

Next week will be Glasses Edition, so you can plan ahead! If you ever have any theme requests, please let me know! (Seriously, I'm running out! ^^; )

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{W} : @whatamooy

I'm no longer called Pockymon, Thought I'd should let you know :)
thanks! I'll update that!
now this is a great card theme idea
@whatamooy deserves some of the credit; helped me zero in on it!
I used to not like Brook but now he’s one of my favorites (:
great pick Seras is bad ass and beautiful
I just love these cards. You are so creative with them
@OtakuDemon10 I was going to asked your permission to use your theme. Would it be okay if someone else uses for different group?
yeah, sure!
@OtakuDemon10 Thank you!
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