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Member: Jung Daehyun
Group: B.A.P
Genre: Angst/Fluff

Like I said in Danger, I have done research but I’ll still most likely get something wrong.

I wrung my hands together nervously as I stared at my parents. My mom had tears running down her face as she and my dad had huge smiles. I had just told them that I’m three weeks pregnant. They were so excited, but I was nervous to tell Daehyun due to us only being married for two months. I wasn’t sure if he’d be happy about being a father so soon after becoming a husband.

“Oh honey, that’s so great! I’m so happy for you!” My mom exclaimed, grabbing my hands. “He’s going to be ecstatic!”

“But we just got married. Isn’t this too early?” I asked, nerves getting to me.

“If he didn’t want to be a father then he should’ve wrapped it.” My dad joked, making me laugh and hit his leg.

“Dad!” I exclaimed, making he and my mom started laughing. My phone buzzed and started playing With You, signaling my husband was calling me.

“Hey, honey! I’ll be home soon!”

“Hurrryyyy!” He whined, making me laugh before I hung up.

“Is he telling you to hurry home?” My mom asked, getting up to refill her tea.

“Yeah, I should probably go. Let’s all go out for lunch tomorrow, okay?” I asked, standing up and grabbing my purse.

“Why don’t you just stay here tonight?” My dad asked, looking out the window at the snow storm. I stood next to him and stared out, pursing my lips. “You’ve never really driven in this bad of snow.” He said, putting his arm on my shoulders.

“Yeah, but you remember the last time I didn’t go home when he wanted me to. He broke his leg.”

“Yeah, but he’s an idiot so it doesn’t surprise me.” He joked.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow, okay?” I said, kissing his cheek then hugging my mom. I made my way out to my car and waved before I got in.


Daehyun impatiently paced back and forth. He missed his wife. Sure he loved his in-laws, but they’ve been around her for her entire life. His train of thought was stopped by a loud crash outside. Immediately part of his brain starts to panic, thinking it’s his wife. He pushes the thought away and looks out the window to see neighbors running down the street, some with their phones up to their ears. Curiosity mixed with worry forces him to slip on his shoes and walk out the door, looking down the street to see a crash at the intersection. A large pickup was crashed into what looked like a small car. The car was nearly unrecognizable. The truck driver hopped out of his truck, holding his neck.

“Are you okay?” Daehyun asked, walking over to him.

“Yeah, I think so..” He trailed off, looking at the mangled car.

Daehyun followed his gaze and saw the back of a woman’s head. He started walking closer to her and saw a small blue dreamcatcher lying in the street. His heart dropped when he went to pick it up. He had a flashback to buying this from Arizona when B.A.P went on tour. He then remembered giving it to her when he got back. Tears welling in his eyes, he looked at the car and everything seemed to go in slow motion as he ran over to it and saw his wife, bloodied and unconscious.

“Y-yeobo?” He stutters, staring at her. He tried opening her door, but a police officer pulls him away as the ambulance arrives. “No. No, no! This isn’t happening!” He yelled, trying to get to his wife as the police officer kept pulling him away.

“Sir! If you keep resisting, I’ll have to arrest you! Let the EMTs do their job! Your wife is in good hands!” The officer exclaimed as the EMTs ran over with a gurney. Daehyun stopped fighting to get to her as he watched in horror as they struggled to get her door open. They eventually had to break her back window open and pull her through it.

As they were loading her into the ambulance, all he could hear was his own heartbeat. As the officer started leading him to her. A hand grabbed his arm, making him look at its owner. An old woman who was crying held his arm.

“I’m so sorry! My brakes wouldn’t stop me! I hit her and she went into the intersection. It’s all my fault! I’m so so sorry!” She rambled. Daehyun just looked away and got into the ambulance.


When they got them both to the hospital, they immediately rushed her into the emergency room. They pushed Daehyun into the waiting room and tried to calm him down.

“Sir? We need to notify her family. Do you think you can do that?” A nurse slowly asked him. Daehyun nodded and fumbled in his pockets for his phone. Pulling it out, he shakily dialed his mother-in-law’s number. The nurse ran back into the emergency room.

“Oh hello sweetie!” The familiar voice cheerily greeted.

“Hospital. Car crash.” Was all Daehyun managed to mutter.

“What do you mean dear?” Her voice immediately changed tone.

“S-she’s in the emergency room.”

“Oh god, no..” She whispered before hanging up.

Daehyun stood there for a couple minutes, not able to process what was happening. He stared at the ground wide-eyed. After several minutes, a nurse came out. She gently led him to the chairs and handed him a cup of water. His in-laws came running in, her dad immediately grabbing him by his collar.

“This is all your fault!” He screamed, making Daehyun snap out of it.

“Stop it! Daehyun, what happened?” Her mom pulled her dad off and grabbed Daehyun’s hands.

“I don’t know…I don’t know..” He whispered, looking at the kind woman.


“She’s stable, but she’s in a coma.” The doctor debriefed him, staring at the chart.

“Okay..” Daehyun whispered.

“You can go visit her now. Luckily, she wasn’t injured too badly.”

“Thank god.” He put his head in his hands. His mother-in-law gently rubbing his back.

“Although.. we don’t know if the fetus is okay.” The doctor said, tucking the clipboard under his arm. Daehyun immediately picked his head up.


“Yes. The fetus. She’s around three weeks pregnant. Did you not know?”

“She was..on her way home to tell him.” Daehyun looked at his mother-in-law in surprise.

“She was?” Daehyun whispered.

“That’s why she came over. She took a couple pregnancy tests today then wanted advice on how to tell you.” She smiled, wiping her tears away.

“So right now, we’ll have to watch the fetus closely. The mother may be alright, but we can’t say how well it will grow with her being unconscious. We’ll have to hope she wakes up soon.” The doctor bowed and walked away.


“It’s been 8 months, Daehyun. She won’t notice that you’ve been bringing different flowers every day.” Youngjae joked, sitting in the chair. He watched Daehyun change out the flowers he bought yesterday and replacing them with lilies.

“It’s the least I can do,” Daehyun said, looking back at the man.

“Have you thought of any names yet?” Youngjae gestured to the unconscious woman’s belly.

“I have and haven’t at the same time. I don’t want to choose a name without her.” Daehyun sighed, leaning against the wall and staring at his wife.

“Yeah, I guess you can’t exactly ask her what she thinks.” Youngjae trailed off. The doctor walks in the room and smiles at Daehyun and Youngjae before bowing.

“Hello, Mr. Jung. Mr. Yoo.” She greeted. Daehyun smiled back and waved. She’s been taking good care of his wife for the last 8 months. “So we’ve decided that we’ll induce her into childbirth later this week, right?” She double checked the chart.

“Mmhmm.” Daehyun hummed, walking over to his wife and gently rubbing her belly.

“It seems there’s been a spike in neural activity.” The doctor said, flipping through the charts.

“Her mom said she squeezed her hand earlier,” Daehyun said.

“Well, no matter what, your daughter will be arriving this week.” The doctor smiled.


Daehyun stood back astonished as his wife gave birth to their daughter despite being in a coma. After their daughter was welcomed into the world, he cut the cord and they took her away to do all their tests. He stared smiling at how beautiful their daughter is.

“Yeobo..?” He heard a voice he hadn’t heard in 8 months whisper. Slowly, he looked at his wife to see her eyes staring back at him.

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