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I'm in no way bashing YG but this shit was really hitting.
i dont pay attentiom to this. i rather here this from one of YG artists... but none of them complain. its obvious that sometimes work must be taken serious at some points, but they also know how to help eachother out. If YG is like this, and not a family.... dont u think half the artists will be gone. Those who left wasby thier own choices for thier own paths. papa YG supported them by letting them go. sometimes we can only see that bad and bullshits, and judge quickly. knowingggg... we dont know the actual truth. Again. this is my opinion.
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@XionHeart its just it is what it is.... we all know its not easy... we know shit can happen and not... it is what it is.
It kinda surprises me that people seem like they don't know this...
And another example, Winner's Taehyun
when I was crazy about auditioning to companies, a friend told me to audition for YG but I couldn't do it bc I peeped how he treated 2ne1 and Big Bang and I couldn't do that to myself. YG needs to do better in treating his artist better before they up and leave him
you guys have to also realize that it is not YG himself it is his brother that runs the company.
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YG is just the face of the company and his brother runs behinds the scenes
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