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BTS is number 3

So, day before yesterday which was Saturday I had gone home from work 6 hours before I was supposed to get off due to the fact I was sick, BUT I had drove out of my house feeling a little better and going into town to grab some stuff when I was on Hot 102.7 and I heard music playing. I had flipped the living hell out when they had played a little bit of DNA by BTS and how our boys are in the top 3 on Hot 102.7 and also the song is number 1 in ITunes charts. Like this is blowing my mind!!! when Hot 102.7 started talking about them I'm sitting in my car saying "Please play the music I will die happy!!!!" I'm so proud of our boys and how far they have come since they first debut. You guys all should know I've been a BTS fan the second they first debut. Their fan base is getting bigger as more people are now listening to music and people who would say you listen to that kind of music? I've always listen to korean bands since high school and I won't change myself, but listening and being part of ARMY is a even awesome. We grow and support our boys through thick or thin and may they continue to climb the success ladder with us behind them pushing them to go farther!!
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