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How to Deal with Combination Skin for Beginners & 5 Signs You Have Combination Skin | Wishtrend TV

Dry skin? Oily skin? Are you confused if your skin is oily or dry or even both? So, we have made this video for you guys with combination skin, how to deal with combination skin for beginners & 5 Signs You Have Combination Skin!
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3 Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Dark Circles
Dark circles have many causes, and you have probably tried many under eye creams already in vain. Read on to find out how you can quickly get rid of your under eye problems with the help of your cosmetic dermatologist. 1. Retinol Retinol is a holy grail anti-aging ingredient. It is a vitamin A derivative that signals your skin to repair and rejuvenate. When you use it to get rid if dark circles, it is not only able to remove under eye pigmentation, but also reduce under eye wrinkles and crows feet lines. Get the best results by applying a hyaluronic acid serum, layering it with retinol and topping it off with a ceramide moisturizer.  2. Under Eye Dermal Fillers Dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are ideal if you have sunken eyes. Such under eye hollows cast a shadow and make your dark circles appear worse than they are. Dermal fillers for under eye dark circles is a very satisfying treatment. You walk in to your dermatologist's clinic looking tired and walk out transformed! The results may last for 6 months to 2 years depending on which fillers you choose to have. 3. PRP Treatment PRP treatment appeals to almost everyone as it is extremely natural. There are no injections, no chemicals and no lasers involved in this one. The treatment uses your own plasma growth factors to rejuvenate your under eye area and treat dark circles. The treatment works best along with micro-needling to stimulate collagen and break down under eye pigmentation. You will need 1 session every 4 to 6 weeks for up to 4 times to see complete results. Feel free to discuss these treatment options with your dermatologist and check if they are right option for your under eye problems.
女性の憧れブランドCHANEL(シャネル)♡ 女性なら何かしら一つは持っておきたいアイテムでもあり、シャネルのアイテムを身に付けると、自然と背筋が伸び自信が湧いてくるような、そんな魔法のブランド。 それだけの事もあり、値段もお高め;;;; バッグやアクセサリーもいいけど、見えない部分でもさりげなくシャネルを取り入れる事こそ素敵な女性になれる第一歩かもしれない(*'∀'人)♥*+ そこで今回は5000円前後で買える素敵なアイテム&プレゼントにも最適なモノを探してみたよ=333 ます。今回は、気負わずにいつでも身に付けることが出来る、5000円以内のシャネルのアイテムを紹介したいと思います♡ <オイルコントロール紙/150枚入り> 薄くて使いやすいオイルコントロール紙。 カバーの内側にミラーが付いており、150枚のシートが入っています。(5.3cm×8.5cm) ミラーがついているからちょっとした化粧直し、口紅直しにも最適♡ しかも一枚一枚、シャネルのマークが入っているのが◎ ROUGE COCO BAUME ルージュ ココ ボーム 使うたびにふっくらとしなやかな唇に整えるリップケア アイテム。 何色を送れば良いのか解らない時でもコレなら、どんな方にでも送れるね~♡ MIROIR DOUBLE FACETTES ミロワール ドゥーブル ファセット クリアな普通の鏡と拡大鏡がついた、コンパクトサイズのミラー。 鏡って意外と探すと素敵なのが無かったり、するけど、これならシンプルだからもらっても、送っても喜ばれるアイテムだよね~♪ ヘアミスト チャンス オー ヴィーヴ ヘアミスト ヘアミストなら香水と違ってお手頃価格☆ しかも香水と劣らない使用感だよ=333 ※香水よりはフワッとした香り(私的に) ちょっとしたモノでも持っていれば、女子力を高めてくれそうモノばかり♡ 鞄やアクセサリーが持てるのは理想だけど、こういう細かい所にも気を使える女性って素敵だよね♪ シャネル http://www.chanel.com/ja_JP/fragrance-beauty/fragrance.html#page-1
Everything You Need To Know About Breast Lift
Breast lift surgery is the process of lifting up a woman’s breast to reduce sagging and improve her appearance. If the nipple and areolae are pointing downward or drooping downwards, then this surgery helps to lift them up. People get confused between breast augmentation and breast lift. Let me tell you both are different and could be done together if needed by the patient. The consultation process before any surgery is extremely important. So choose your breast surgeon well and discuss the cost of breast lift, recovery process after the breast lift surgery and the things that you need to take care of before the surgery. Consider All These Things For Breast Lift Surgery How to prepare for lift surgery? Well, start with looking for the best cosmetic surgeon to consult with. Ask about the importance of surgery, whether or not you need only a breast lift or also breast augmentation. Many women opt for both surgeries inorder to achieve the best result. It’s not necessarily true that breast lift will increase your cup size. Do you need a breast lift? A woman’s chest may start drooping due to a lot of reasons. When your breasts are sagging and the nipples face downward, then you can consider a breast lift. The surgery also reduces the areolae size along with improving the shape of your breasts. Making it appear fuller and firm. You might consider mastopexy if: * Your breasts are flatter and longer due to stretching, so they start to sag. * When your chest is unsupported then the nipple might fall below the crease of breasts. * You have downward-pointing areolar and nipples. * Out of proportion of the areolae in comparison to the breasts. * Uneven breast, one is uneven and sags more than the other. Consultation With A Plastic Surgeon Talking and communicating with your plastic surgeon is the most important step for this process. Checking all the corners to see if you are compatible with the ongoing process. Past health: Your plastic surgeon will ask for a medical history, checking for any complications or risk beforehand. They will check for mammograms also called breast x-ray scans. Definitely check for cancer or any abnormalities that can affect during surgery. If you had any surgeries recently or a medical condition, share it with your surgeon. Physical tests: Depending on the position of the nipples and areolae, the surgeon will examine your chest area to determine the best procedure. Surgeons will measure your breast, skin tone and best lift height for your body type. They will also take photos for medical documentation. Talk about final results: Convey to your breast surgeon, what your end goal is from your perspective. Tell them why you need breast surgery, what your appearance should look like. Understand all the risks and complications of the surgery. Post Surgery Recovery The recovery process after a breast lift surgery will need 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how detailed the surgery was. A post-surgery bra will keep your breast firm for recovery. Depending on the stitches, you may have to appoint a follow-up, to remove the stitches. You cannot do any strenuous physical tasks during the recovery period of about a week. The operated area may be slightly bruised and swollen for up to 2 weeks. Numbness may last for 4 weeks, along with pain near the incisions. Nipples may feel sore and may appear pinker than usual. However, the surgeon will provide you pain medication for the first 2 weeks. What to do after a breast lift? * Take pain medication prescribed by your doctor. * Visit your surgeon for follow up exams. * Wear the surgical support bra, all the time for at least 2 weeks. * Keep yourself covered from harsh sunrays. What not to do after mammoplasty? * Avoid sexual activity for 2 weeks. * Avoid bending, lifting, and straining for 2 weeks. * Resume daily activities after asking your surgeon. Final conclusion As usual, talk with your surgeon, convey what you want as the end result. Make sure you follow instructions carefully. Take rest for 2 weeks before resuming work. In one month period, your breasts will start looking better in shape and appearance. Check back with your cosmetic surgeon for any post-surgery difficulties.
4 Ways to Get Rid of Cystic Acne
Cystic acne is the kind of acne that leaves behind the worst type of scars. Not only is this acne painful, but it is also causes a lot of mental anguish. Here are a few easy pointers to help you deal with a cystic acne breakout... 1. Apply Ice Ice application causes your blood vessels to shrink for a short while and reduces the swelling and pain that cystic acne causes. Make some ice cubes by boiling and tehen freezing some drinking water. Rub a cube of ice over the acne prone area for 3 to 4 minutes at a time. Do this 3 to 4 times a day till the acne heals. 2. Take a Probiotic Cystic acne contains blood and pus from bacterial infection. While popping an antibiotic is the first thing that comes to the mind, probiotic pills are safer and may give better results at getting rid of severe acne breakouts. Probiotics balance your gut bacteria and help your body heal faster. They also reduce inflammation and help in the treatment of cystic acne. 3. Be Careful of what You Eat It is easy to get carried away with things to apply on a cystic acne. But what about the things you put in your body? Carbs and processed food is very inflammatory. Consider reducing your carb intake and try to give up packaged food completely. Also try going off dairy for 3 weeks to see if dairy affects your skin. There is a ton of research on how smoking damages your skin and slows down the healing of your body. In fact smokers may also cause have worse acne scars than non-smokers. 4. Decrease Your Stress Level Stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol has many negative effects on the body. Furthermore, stress can aggravate hormonal imbalances such as PCOS. Try yoga or meditation to center your mind and reduce stress levels. Read a good old fashioned paper book or take a bare foot walk in the park. Cystic acne can cause a lot of stress everytime you look in the mirror. Do speak to your dermatologist about hormonal testing and medical acne treatment.
乾燥が気になるこれからの季節になってきたー!!! 手もカサカサになったり、足のかかとがガサガサになったり、唇が荒れたりと、特に対策が必要な季節になってきた。。。(〃_ _)σ∥ そこで乾燥肌対策として有名なのがヴァセリン♡ このヴァセリンは保湿以外にもいろいろ使えるのを知ってました? これ一つでメイクや美容を始め、色々なことに使える万能アイテムという事を~♪ 知ってる方も多いとは思いますが、ここで紹介したいと思います(✿´ ꒳ ‘ ) ◆自然な艶出しハイライト メイクの仕上げにハイライトとして、目の下に薄くのばすと自然な艶が出るだけでなく保湿にもなるので一石二鳥。 普段使ってるパウダータイプのハイライトやチークと混ぜてもOK♡ またシワが気になる部分に塗れば、化粧くずれも気にならないし、保湿効果もあってツヤがあるお肌になる事間違いなし☆ ◆アイメイクリムーバー がっつりメイクは落ちずらい!という時に、少し塗ってマッサージしながら拭きとってあげると、メイクが綺麗に落ちるよ。保湿効果もあるからお肌にもいい~♪ ゴシゴシ擦って、マスカラやアイライナーを落とすよりも、これさえあればキレイさっぱり☆ ◆マニキュアやヘアカラーの際に マニキュアを塗る前に爪周りに綿棒で薄く塗っておくと、はみ出した時、肌にマニキュアがつかないのできれいな仕上がりるよ=33 これはヘアカラーをする際にも言える事で生え際に塗ってからカラーすると皮膚についたカラー剤も落ちやすいよ♡ ◆ガサガサ肌を集中パックトリートメント やはり、ヴァセリン=保湿!! という事でガサガサかかとはおやすみ中にパック。ヴァセリンを塗って靴下を履いて寝ると翌日つるつるに。また寒い時期は、ヴァセリンを塗って手袋をして出かけるだけで、お肌がしっとりする。少し温めてから塗ることがオススメという事ですよ(´∇`)ノ 他にもお風呂上がりのマッサージ時やまつ毛に塗るとまつ毛が長くなるなどの美容効果もあるみたい(*'∀'人)♥*+ こんな万能アイテムなら一家に一つあっても良さそう!! ヴァセリンを使って、この冬も乗りきろう~.:*。+゜ヽ(○´∀`)ノ *.。+゜♡