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My Friend Had The BEST Halloween Costume

My friend Jac is an actor who lives in New York, and he always comes up with the best costumes.

This Halloween, he went as my favorite character on SNL: Stephon~

Check out his instagram here!

Stephon is played by Bill Hader and he is called upon to give reviews of NYC dance clubs.

The catch is - Bill has never read the script until he's reading it on live television so he's constantly breaking character and laughing because the things written are so ridiculous.


I love Stefon! I read something that the people who did the teleprompters would add their own jokes that night that Bill had no idea about and that's another reason why he would break character while performing.
I always loved when Stefon was on, he cracked me up( especially when he broke character)
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Which Type Of Haircut Is Best For a Ponytail?
Whether attending a formal event or an everyday casual, a ponytail can make you look unique. Choose different ponytails according to different styles, see the following content for details. Once you've completed your ponytail extension with 100% organic hair, it's time to create the perfect hairstyle. 1. Ponytail Take a brush and brush your HD lace frontal wigs into a high ponytail. Make sure your loose deep wave wig is washed, cleaned, and dried for the perfect look. Place your ponytail in a higher position and keep it on a quality headband so you can effectively apply for extensions. 2. Brush your ponytail Using a paddle brush or wide-toothed comb, comb your ponytail to remove tangles. Make sure to do it gently, smoothly, and efficiently so your full lace wigs human hair doesn't end up looking bad. 3. Cover the bottom of your ponytail Wrap the bundle around the base of the ponytail for a smooth hair look. You can use quality pins to hold extensions in place for maximum duration. 4. Style -- shake -- walk You already have artificial extensions for your high ponytail. You can now move your head to check if the ponytail feels comfortable. You can tweak it slightly to make it more comfortable and artistic. Leave your hair behind and get your camera ready for the perfect shot. A ponytail extension works for anyone, any outfit, any event, and any style. Here are some styles for ponytail extensions: 1. The horsetail package Creating a fluffy ponytail is more Oriental than ever. To achieve the desired look, set and adjust the ponytail extension at the top of the head. Split the ponytail down the middle in the opposite direction, splitting it in two. Twist with two parts and twist together and secure with a pin or rubber band. It will help create a thicker woven appearance. 2. Low ponytail Some girls like to wear low ponytails and look elegant, classic, and beautiful. To get this look, adjust the extensions in natural hair to make them look natural. Wrap the hair extension with a quality pin and move the head to check it is comfortable. Go with your elite style. 3. Long ponytail You can also use the Ponytail extension to create a long ponytail look that matches your personality. Wrap and adjust your stretch with your natural hair and adjust it in the best way possible. Run your fingers through your hair - have a nice "ponytail" day. If you use extensions on a daily or even weekly basis, you must keep them in good condition. Make sure to wash, clean, and comb your extensions once a month to end up with great hair. Create the perfect hairstyle and make you look even better.
Mission Art Center - Best Fine Art Classes in Orange County CA
You should encourage your child at an early stage and support them with advice. Soon it will enjoy painting and designing, it will realize its own ideas. The children's social behavior is encouraged in art classes because children learn to exchange ideas with others and to carry out various projects together with their peers. Everyone is asked to contribute their own ideas to the project. The importance of Painting Classes in Orange County CA cannot be underestimated. Here are some reasons why art as a subject is important for children. From the first grade, the pupils have art lessons in elementary school, they learn how to use paint and brushes and even make simple drawings. Later, the use of scissors and paper is added, but that's not all that is taught in art classes. Likewise, children already learn in elementary school to look at pictures and describe them. Regardless of whether your child wants to pursue an artistic career, art education is important for all children. Learning to draw is not an easy thing. Artistic courses are difficult when we are teenagers. In adolescence, the gaze of others and self-judgment can be poisons for our confidence and a brake on our creativity. When you are a beginner, these feelings can be even more difficult to manage. The fact that students are at home, in an environment they know, and behind a computer, according to them, allows them to share their work more easily. This is something that parents often forget: teenagers are very sensitive to the gaze and judgment of their peers. Best Fine Art School in Orange County CA The elementary school students get to know the works of old masters while looking at pictures, not only painters from CA are treated there. The students get an insight into foreign cultures, and their interest in art and culture is cultivated. It depends on good teachers because only then can children really get excited about art and culture. In our Watercolor in Orange County, CA, children are taught the basics of color theory, they have the opportunity to try out different things and receive suggestions for a hobby. If your child likes to paint at home or enjoys handicrafts, you should support them and buy them the right materials. Adhesive foil in different colors can be used for many design possibilities, even for the window. In Pencil Drawing in Orange County, CA in elementary school, children can develop their own style, they learn to express themselves with pictures. An important aspect is that children are trained to work carefully and cleanly, right from the start.
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