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Moths are instinctively drawn to light
They are genetically hardwired to go to it
And yet, there are times when they reach it
And it kills them
Upon seeing, the other moths do not hesitate
They continue to proceed to the light
And they each fall
One by one
Because no amount of experience or knowledge
Can stop the moth from doing
What it is supposed to do
That's kind of like what love is
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Sorry to be the blackhearted, but isn't what you are describing an instinct and not emotion? Yes, love as a feeling has survival purposes for the whole population of a specie but unconditional love as the one you are inferring could be a lot more detrimental to an individual. For example there had been and I guess still are cases where someone hurts themselves for someone who does not love them. But the person in love is too blinded to see the reality...
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But they are, aren't they? They are in our nature. Even as children, we teach ourselves who to love and who to hate, without even knowing the proper definition of either