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Soulmate Saturday: Villain Edition!

Hello and welcome back to Soulmate Saturday! Share your waifu, husbando, dream besty, or some combination thereof, whatever makes your penguin fly! It's just about sharing your love for your favorite anime characters every week!
So here we go!

This week is Villain Edition, and who doesn't love a good villain!?

I tried to avoid villains who transition to anti-heros for this one, since I did anti-heros a while back, so here's what I have for you this week:

Shogo Makishima - Psycho-Pass

Lust - Fullmetal Alchemist
So here we go!

Shogo Makishima - Psycho-Pass

Makishima is one of those villains with a fascinating outlook on the world, and he's not exactly wrong! He's a bit old-fashioned, with an immense appreciation of books in a technologically advanced world and a longing for the way things used to be. Definitely habe ant uncomfortable crush on this guy! I love villains that make you really think and consider like this guy!

Lust - Fullmetal Alchemist

Now, my memory is fuzzy when it comes to this lovely lady (there's a reason I'm finally rewatching FMAB!), but I remember she ultimately left a good impression on me... She's obviously beautiful, but, as I recall, she actually turned out to be pretty cool, at least as far as humunculi go!
I try not to be redundant, but I had some other ladies I considered recognizing as well, so if you're curious about villainous waifus I've gushed over in the past, you can check out these cards:

I hope you enjoyed! Share your villainous soulmates with us!

Next week will be New Edition (characters from new anime we've already fallen for - doubles as anime recommendations!), so you can plan ahead! If you ever have any theme requests, please let me know! (Seriously, I'm running out! ^^; )

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{W} : @whatamooy

Oh dear lord Makishima... 😍😍😍😍😍 Lust is pretty awesome too!
Love the choices. I won't get to making a card, but mine will be..... Can Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night [UBW] be considered a villain? Omg, I love him so much! Lol. But if not, then I will have to choose Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh. It's so hard to choose, so I end up picking the same people. Lol. Now. As far as female characters... Hmm.... Man, this is tough. At the moment, I can't think of anyone, so I'll say Diva from Blood+. Or Rogue from the Noah clan. (I'm still trying to watch all the episodes. I was so sad about what happened to her in the end.)
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Badass Women of Anime: Izumi Curtis
Badass women exist all over anime. It's why I made this collection! This being Women's History Month, I think it is only apt for us all to reflect on the dope women in our personal lives as well as the characters in the anime we love. More often than not, women prove to be some of the strongest of all characters. One woman I'm a huge fan of is Izumi from Fullmetal Alchemist. Izumi is the woman who taught Edward and Alphonse Elric all they know about alchemy. She instructed them in the alchemical arts as well as in physical, martial combat. Izumi is one of very few people who have seen beyond the Gate of Truth, and sacrificed some of her internal organs for the ability, much like Ed with his arm and leg, or Al with his whole body. Her temper and anger are things that should rightfully be feared by anyone around her, and indeed the Elric brothers remember vividly some of the fierceness of her lessons, though it is clear that she cares very deeply for the boys. More than just a teacher or a background character, Izumi is more than capable of kicking ass on her own. She's taken on a handful of powerful enemies, even though she struggles with internal injuries, the result of her attempting human transmutation. Her relationship is one of the only romantic engagements in the anime, and it is a beautiful thing of love and synergy between her and her husband Sig. Seriously. Izumi Curtis is a bona fide badass, though one with a lot of love and care in her heart.