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Alright NAKAMA!! I want you all, my NAKAMA/ Vingle fam to pick out tattoos that would make an awesome One Piece Leg sleeve!! Yes doing the entirety of my leg to toes and up to the Unmentionables


😂 but for real! Won’t be happening ASAP. But once I get back into the Military, I’m using my pay, 1 15 PF every month to start a gnarly sleeve. Haha should prob finish the ones I Already have but all in due time!! So tag me in stuff OP related and let’s get this started!! @DevilsSon counting on You
😁no pressure 😂
what would be cools is like the poneglifs I know I spelled it wrong but its the 4 red boxes that lead you to the one piece,
NAKAMA i woulda spelled it wrong on me leg hahaha!! Yeah, that’s a huge part of my thinking is do I do everyones Like guarantee? Idk. Just please add me in any yet all op or anime pics!
I have 4 one piece tatts get the worst gen
Thats awesome! I have 3 one piece tats!
Your amazing and I hate you 😜🤙 haha no let’s see them!! And help me!! I have over a dozen anime tats. Actually almost all are comic/ anime besides 1. N fits, haha. Thanks for sharing this. If Naruto wasn’t my go to which I have 5 tats of, it would be other. Maybe cowboy bebop. Haha. Your legit NAKAMA!!
@JessSenpai quit holding out. Me then, we all love you, let’s see a sneak peak 😁 Gomenasai no pressure apologies. But your amazing n 3 Ozo Taft’s!!! I Love You 😁😁
I have some on my phone. but I cant put in the comments, maybe ill make a card later and tag you.
NAKAMA if you would tag me in anything further coming I wound truly appreciate it. And I would def tag or put you in my future Tattoos 😁
Gotta have a sexy pinup of Boa Hancock for sure!!
Your my Goddess!! Always have been always will be!! 😁😁 yea I need my rib cage let alone leg sleeve done!! I am at your command!! 😁
aw man idk all depends on what you want then i can think of other things to add or slight modification lol
So I’m trying to do a theme, so it makes sense. Want all crew and the ship. But if a main battle sticks out between main enemies I would add or create the scene. Aka Luffy and lucci. But trying to be up to date. Unfortunately I would have to wait for decades prob haha. Just good scene or moment cuts of them all NAKAMA!! Thanks for even wondering
welp time to think of something awesome. only if i could draw that would be great right now lol.
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