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Soulmate Saturday: "New" Edition!

Hello and welcome back to Soulmate Saturday! Share your waifu, husbando, dream besty, or some combination thereof, whatever makes your penguin fly! It's just about sharing your love for your favorite anime characters every week!

Since were around the middle of the season, I thought it would be fun to gush over new characters we've already fallen in love with! Bonus, sharing anime recommendations! And so I present New edition!

I'll do my best to avoid spoilers!
Yuta Sakurai - Net-juu no Susume

Kasumi Ayase - Dies Irae

Yuno - Black Clover

Sharyu - Juni Taisen: Zodiac War
So here we go!

Yuta Sakurai - Net-juu no Susume

I cannot get over how in love I am with this anime! It might be my favorite of the season (battling it out with Magus' Bride)! And this boy is just such a sweetie! He's so cute and considerate and awkward, and he needs to get the girl because they are so soulmates! Still trying to figure out whether Koiwai is cock-blocking or screwing with Sakurai trying to get them together... Bonus, while I usually have to ignore age to prevent feeling creepy about anime crushes, this guy is actually an appropriate age for me to crush on for a change lol (he's 28, in case you're wondering)
^that's his MMO game character, in case you thought I made a mistake lol

Kasumi Ayase - Dies Irae

Still trying to get my bearings on this anime; maybe I should check out the game it's apparently based on... But I think everyone needs a kick-ass friend like Kasumi!

Yuno - Black Clover

This is a hot one you've probably heard of by now! Much as I do love Asta, Yuno is so awesome, and not just because of his magic skills! He's totally cool, and I love his relationship with Asta; in fact my favorite thing about him is that proud little smile he gets when he's secretly rooting for him! If he pulls a Sasuke I think I'm gonna cry (I always have that concern with this kind of character), but I think he's too cool to do that!

Sharyu - Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

If you're paying any attention at all, this is the most predictable thing ever, but I'm still hooked to see how it unfolds! Sharyu is a warrior who has dedicated her life to eliminate the need for fighting in the world. She's sweet and bright and became a quick favorite of mine. But just because she's a pacifist doesn't mean she can't fight!
I hope you enjoyed! Share your new soulmates with us!

Next week will be Tsundere Edition, so you can plan ahead! If you ever have any theme requests, please let me know! (Seriously, I'm running out! ^^; )

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{W} : @whatamooy

I'm glad someone else is watching Recovery of an MMO Junkie. No one else seems to be talking about it, but it's my favorite show this season. Mori-Mori-chan basically feels like what I would have as a main waifu were I a late twenties working class man. Even now I think she's adorable though.
@OtakuDemon10 wait really? I don't know why that's becoming more standard. both seasons of Konosuba and Daganani were only ten episodes also... Oh well. As long as it maintains its quality.
@AdamDean we'll see how it progresses; maybe there will be an opening for a second season!
I hope so. The story feels like it could/should go on for much longer.
I need to start watching these.
lol I started them because of this "passport to Japan" thing Crunchyroll did about a month ago; of the 8 anime you had to check out to enter, I only dropped "Urahara!" 😅 Don't think I've seen anyone who likes that one... "Magus' Bride" is another awesome new one I highly recommend. I only offhand mentioned it in this card cuz I didn't feature anyone from it (though I gave Elias a mention a few weeks ago), but I feel like it's gonna go far. Plus I'm in love with the OP!
@OtakuDemon10 thank you for your suggestions. I've been trying to find new anime to watch
@MelissaGarza yeah, that was kinda the idea behind this week's theme! Glad it was able to help someone!
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Hello fam! I am sharing some anime to check out. I am watching all of them and I love them! These are new anime. 1. Kenka Banchou Otome: Girls Beats Boys An orphan girl discovers a twin brother she never knew she had when he reveals they both belong to a powerful crime family and convinces her to impersonate him at a rough-and-tumble boys-only school. My Opinion This is definitely a girl power anime. Who would think that she would be so strong! Also the comedy and awkward romance is there! I've only seen 3 episodes but there are more out. I'm catching up on this one. 2. Dr. Stone After five years of harboring unspoken feelings, high-schooler Taiju Ooki is finally ready to confess his love to Yuzuriha Ogawa. Just when Taiju begins his confession however, a blinding green light strikes the Earth and petrifies mankind around the world— turning every single human into stone. Several millennia later, Taiju awakens to find the modern world completely nonexistent, as nature has flourished in the years humanity stood still. Among a stone world of statues, Taiju encounters one other living human: his science-loving friend Senkuu, who has been active for a few months. Taiju learns that Senkuu has developed a grand scheme—to launch the complete revival of civilization with science. Taiju's brawn and Senkuu's brains combine to forge a formidable partnership, and they soon uncover a method to revive those petrified. However, Senkuu's master plan is threatened when his ideologies are challenged by those who awaken. All the while, the reason for mankind's petrification remains unknown. My Opinion I thought I was not going to like this one. However, I can't get enough. This is definitely is exciting. I love seeing the development of the characters. 3. Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Ever since the death of his father, the burden of supporting the family has fallen upon Tanjirou Kamado's shoulders. Though living impoverished on a remote mountain, the Kamado family are able to enjoy a relatively peaceful and happy life. One day, Tanjirou decides to go down to the local village to make a little money selling charcoal. On his way back, night falls, forcing Tanjirou to take shelter in the house of a strange man, who warns him of the existence of flesh-eating demons that lurk in the woods at night. When he finally arrives back home the next day, he is met with a horrifying sight—his whole family has been slaughtered. Worse still, the sole survivor is his sister Nezuko, who has been turned into a bloodthirsty demon. Consumed by rage and hatred, Tanjirou swears to avenge his family and stay by his only remaining sibling. Alongside the mysterious group calling themselves the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjirou will do whatever it takes to slay the demons and protect the remnants of his beloved sister's humanity. My Opinion This one takes thecake for me! I was addicted from the beginning! I love the action and the plot. I love the characters bond and watching them development. One episode had me and tears. JUST WATCH IT! 4. Black Clover Asta and Yuno were abandoned at the same church on the same day. Raised together as children, they came to know of the "Wizard King"—a title given to the strongest mage in the kingdom—and promised that they would compete against each other for the position of the next Wizard King. However, as they grew up, the stark difference between them became evident. While Yuno is able to wield magic with amazing power and control, Asta cannot use magic at all and desperately tries to awaken his powers by training physically. When they reach the age of 15, Yuno is bestowed a spectacular Grimoire with a four-leaf clover, while Asta receives nothing. However, soon after, Yuno is attacked by a person named Lebuty, whose main purpose is to obtain Yuno's Grimoire. Asta tries to fight Lebuty, but he is outmatched. Though without hope and on the brink of defeat, he finds the strength to continue when he hears Yuno's voice. Unleashing his inner emotions in a rage, Asta receives a five-leaf clover Grimoire, a "Black Clover" giving him enough power to defeat Lebuty. A few days later, the two friends head out into the world, both seeking the same goal—to become the Wizard King! My Opinion This was one of the first newer anime that I have been watching. This anime is great and has so many twists and turns! It will leave you in an emotional mess. I love the action and the humor in this anime. Asta and the Black Bulls definitely makes this anime complete. WHAT NEW ANIME ARE YOU WATCHING
OLD Japanese Anime Giveaway
Hello Fam! THIS IS AN OLD CARD AND THE GIVEAWAY IS NO LONGER VALID. I need to get rid of this sushi making kit and thought I could do a simply giveaway to a lucky member of the Japanese Anime Community! FYI I never opened this and or used this kit. The Prize... It's a sushi making kit! You can make your own sushi alone or with company. This kit includes... 1. Booklet with step by step sushi making instructions 2. Sushi activation card which gives you access to step by step instructions to make sushi....for our visual learners... 3. Sushi rolling mat 4. 1 pair of chopsticks Activity Make a quick card on what anime character or characters you would invite over to make sushi with you. Rules 1. Make sure you tag me 2. Submit by deadline 3. Once winner announced they have 24 hours to respond to me to claim their prize via DM. 4. You must be a member of the Japanese Anime Community Deadline Sunday November 3, 2019 11:59 EST Winner will be picked randomly.... Choices of Characters I would pick from for sushi night would be... My first love Prince Sesshomaru My new secret love Katsuki Bakugou Tanjiro Asta Oh and Inuyasha my boo on the side lol Ride or Die Peeps Taglist @lisablinkarmy @SolYLuna @szewwy @koalabear @SweetDuella @DefSoul1994 @blessowmwago @Starbell808 @Jiminsnooder @SarahHibbs @WinKonVIP @simpsonsamantha @lrwc12 @Gladys21 @hyunjinnie @VeronicaArtino @Shanai88 @Mochiroon @jungkookieeeee @Blackrose139 @cathysanchez157 @KittyCat1998 @Kail916 @pandaqueen7 @MelissaGarza