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Idk why I just had to tack on its a bts fan fiction.
I've been working on this chapter all weekend, so its super long, like really long.
its the ending of halloween Im sorry its taken so long
Tae and suga died a horrible death as kookie stood over them laughing and Eliza  and Belle giggled uncontrollably behind Tae and suga. “Thank you for defending us” Belle blew a kiss at the two who had red and blue spots on their chest. “My romeo” Eliza fluttered her lashes at Suga. “Alrighty were down to you girls versus me” kookie grinned. “Im  defenseless you wouldn't hurt me” Belle fluttered her eyes at him as she dropped her paint gun. This whole scenario started after Jimin and Belle got done with the haunted house and as a group they made their way towards the exit but saw a game going on with zombies covered in different shades of paint. Intrigued The guys headed in that direction to find a new game “Isn't this like the lazer tag but with paint guns?” Belle asked as the guys looked excited to play. Even hobi who had been afraid of the zombies walking around the park looked excited. “but but we get to Shoot zombies” Hobi exclaimed. “How cool is that!” kooki grinned. “nuh huh, you guys can play, I ain't getting my sexy fox costume covered in paint” Belle said. “and theres to much skin showing Im going to get hurt” “Im sure they have something you can put over your clothes” Jin said reasonably. “I'll do it if they have something to wear” Eliza had shrugged. It had turned out they did have smocks to wear.   “Fine fine you all win” Belle gave in. “let's play” she said. So the big thing about paintball was that we were all on the same team attacking the zombies. It didn't take long for Belle and Eliza to gather a plan against the guys. Eliza did an evil laugh. “Our first target” Eliza said pointing to hobi. Belle sidled up next to him as he hid from a zombie.   “There coming to get me!” Eliza screams as she runs towards hobi with her arms waving in the air. Hobi looked confused and freaked until he saw the zombies behind her chasing her down. Hobie stands up to shoot, he gets two rounds out taking zombies out and from behind to him Belle shoots Hobi in the back. He makes a loud noise as Belle quickly takes out the other zombie making its way towards Eliza. “ouch! You shot me!” Hobi glares at Belle who smiles sweetly. “I missed the zombie” She said. “That hurt!” he said pulling his paint gun up to shoot her but before he could someone else came up next to her. “What's going on here” Jin asked. “He's gonna shoot me!” Belle whined. “I was not!” Hobi started. “You were gonna shoot me” Eliza cried out. “No, I shot the zombies chasing you, Belle shot me” Hobi was scrambling to explain the situation. “but but it came so close to me” Eliza cried. “hobi don't shoot at the girls” Jin said. “yea don't shoot us” Belle said. “I was helping” she added. “Thanks for the help” Eliza thanked both of them than moved to Jin. “I don't like this game anymore” She hugged his shooting arm. “do you want to sit out?” Jin asked concerned “No, I just want a protector” Eliza said. “Zombie!” Belle shouted. It happened so fast, they took each other out. Eliza nudged Jin’s arm up and she got him to shoot 2 rounds, one went towards Hobi and the other hit the . . . Namjoon? Namjoon shot back several times, Belle hid behind hobi and Eliza hid behind Jin. “What!” Namjoon shouted out! “ We're on the same team!” he yelled as he came closer. All 3 guys were covered in paint. “That was a twist” Eliza remarked.   “I saw Namjoon sneaking over here” Belle smiled. “Perfect 3 down 4 to go!” Eliza laughed evilly. “You evil women. “ Hobi glared jokingly at them but there was a grin on his face. “Onto our next victims” Eliza giggled blowing a kiss in there direction. Belle and Eliza left the 3 guys and went on to find someone else. After shooting 5 different Zombies they came across kooki. Belle grinned and said he was all hers. “I got this one” Belle said grabbing Eliza’s gun and started shooting at random things as she walked over to Kooki like she was all that. Kooki just stared at her. “KookI I need you” dhr said. “what?” he looked confus3d. “Jimin is gonna kill me “Okay 3 things 1, why? 2. What are you shooting, 3. Where did you get a second gun?” Kooki asked. “Those are toughs question but i shall answer them, in order, because Im great. Okay 1. I got hobi killed, oh i yelled zombie. 2 Its fun and I'm Awesome.  3” kooki clamped a hand over her mouth. So she stopped shooting and looked at him. “okay stop hold on. You yelled zombie? Was there a zombie?” he asked. Belle against his hand and he removed it. “well it looked a zombie,  it moved like a zombie, it was namjoon” she explained. “Namjoon shot hobi and Jin” Eliza said approaching the 2 people. “what?” kooki was confused. “3. The gun is hers” belle said. “i don't like guns” eliza said. “so we need a protector” Belle clarified. “from who?” kooki asked “from Jimin i said that” she said. “um ... um There's something there” Eliza mumbled to them as she patted Belles arm who ended up falling to the ground taking kooki with her. Eliza moved away and stood behind a tree as she was defenseless and saw jimin. “Im um gonna hide now” Eliza said walking away. Belle looks around and notices the person standing behind another tree but didn't want to reveal him to kooki. Grabbing Kooki close to her face. “I hurt my ankle, I can't move” she said a breath away from his face. “okay, i got this” he flustered and turning red. He applied pressure on her ankle and she squeaked. “heh, that's cute” he blushed. “are you okay?” he asked. “Im adorable” she said putting the but of the gun against her cheek. “oh no, let's not do that” he said lowering the gun and took it out of her hands. Kooki was very close now and she put her hand against his chest to pull him close “Zombie!” Eliza squeaked out from close by There was rustling and movement  and kooki grabbed the paint gun and shot at the moment. Jimin stood there red faced, literally paint splattered on his face as he stared at the two. “Oops, sorry Jiminie my fault” Eliza said. “seriously? Why do you guys pop out like that?” Eliza went on. “first it's Jin, than its Namjoon, now it's Jimin. Who's next” Eliza was shaking her head. Mentally she was counting down the people, out loud she was just making a simple comment. “stop getting startled” Jimin said angrily. “hey don't be mad at her she didn't shoot you, she doesn't even have a gun” Belle pointed out. “defenseless girl still got some spunk” Jimin said. “Nope that was me. I can't leave a defenseless person alone” kooki said. “awe so sweet, my hero” Belle patted his cheek. There was more rustling and Eliza yelled zombie again. “Its just us, making our way back” Namjoon said coming out with Hobi and Jin. Namjoon took the scene in and shook his head. “they did it to you two?” he questioned.   “shoot, love you, gotta go” Belle hopped up and started running. “wait my gun” Eliza was gonna back track to get it by kooki but seeing them all there she halted. “My gun now. Oh Im going to avenge my friends” kooki grinned “your gun, have it bye!” she blew a kiss and a wink at all of them and ran. Belle lost track of Eliza and Eliza lost track of Belle. She wandered until she saw suga who was shooting down a zombie. She approached him from behind and stood next to him. “whatcha doing?” she asked startling him. Suga turned ready to shoot her but than lowered the gun. “don't startle someone who has a gun” he stated. “I don't have a gun” she said showing her empty hands. “where is your paint gun?” suga asked. “Kooki has it. He's out to get me” she shrugged. “why?” he asked. “because it was closer to him and i was afraid he was gonna get me if I made a move for it” Eliza shrugged. “okay” he said slowly shooting something behind me. “Zombie” he told her. “oh okay” she nodded than smiled. “You're good at this” she said. “It's fun taking them out. Ive shot 12 of them now” he said proudly.   “hmm, mind if I stay by you than. Since i'm defenseless “ Eliza said sweetly. “sure, just don't stand in front of me, I don't want to shoot you by mistake” he said. Eliza finally saw where Belle had gone, she was with Tae. With an evil grin she indicated that direction with her fingers. “there's a zombie over there “ she said holding onto the back of suga’s shirt.  He raised his gun and than lowered it. “It's just Tae” suga said. “Oh sorry I just saw movement” she covered up disappointed. Sure, suga would be wise enough not to shoot his own member. “It's okay, just glad you didn't have a paint gun to shoot him” he sighed looking at her. “yea, a good thing” she nodded disappointed he didn't fall for it  like the other guys. “looks like Belle is with Tae” suga commented. “That's good, she found a buddy” Eliza said. Her hand moved to hold onto his getting his attention back on her. “what is it?” suga asked confused. “I just want to make sure your not gonna leave me behind “ she said with a small smile. “why would I do that?” he asked confused. “just don't want to take a chance.” She said. “There you are, I thought he got you!” Belle exclaimed seeing them. “who got who?” Tae said confused. “kooki get Eliza, he has her gun now and wants to shoot us” Belle explained.   “why?” suga asked. “Because of miscommunication” Eliza said shrugging. “okay, well let's head towards the exit so you can get out than” Suga said nudging her shoulder as if to say its alright. “Okay” She nodded. The 4 of them headed in that direction, the two guys talking about how many zombies they've killed and how much they like the game.  Belle and Eliza shares a look. When they were close enough to see the exit something went flying between Suga’s head and Eliza’s. In front of them a paint splattered against a wall. Eliza and Belle moved so the guys were at their backs and they were covered. “Come out with you hands up! Its over!” kooki called out dramatically. Belle peaked around tae and shook her head. Suga and Tae turned around with their guns facing up in surrender “What's going on kook?” Tae asked “huh you did take Eliza’s gun” suga said stating the obvious. “step away from the girls” Kooki said.   “Not if you are going to shoot them” Suga said. “Do you know what those two conniving girls have been up to?” Jimin asked moving forward. “Yes” suga nodded. “still not going to get to them without shooting us” Suga said “Oh my Romeo” Eliza giggled “then your going down romeo” Kooki shot at him than Tae as he spoke Tae looked down to see the paint and made a dramatic death scene falling to the ground. Suga grabbed his chest and stumbled back into Eliza as he went down. In that moment Eliza grabbed his gun. “Okay Kooki, you wouldn't hurt a defensless girl would you?” Belle had noticed Eliza’s slide of hand and went forward to surrender.   “Hell yes I will!” Kooki said shooting her. Belle went down in a dramatic flourish. “Eliza avenge me!” Belle said. “she doesn't have a gun” Kooki laughs. “yes I do” Eliza grinned and went for the kill, shot him right in the chest. After a moment Eliza jumped up and down and did a happy dance. “I win I win I win” she chanted.   Belles on the ground poking Tae and the rest of the guys are staring at Eliza. “we weren't fighting each other” Namjoon was shaking his head. “ Yes we were you all just didn't know it” Eliza laughed. When everyone in the group was out of the paint gun area Eliza and Belle explained what they did as the guys filled in blanks of their parts. “This sounds like a horror movie The girls picking us off one by one” Suga said “one damn fine good horror movie" Belle laughed.

great horror story lol