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Hello peeps! How is everyone doing?
I'm back with a new #Fanfiction to kick start the holiday spirit
"SEASON’S SPECIAL COLLECTIONS" - This is a one-shot holiday romance series... Indulge into some lighted-hearted romance with your favourite idol. Holiday cupids are working their Miracles this Christmas.

1. "A Christmas Miracle" feat.BTS' Kim Taehyung.

I hope this story brings you happiness and love of the holiday season.

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Happy holidays!!
"Don't tell me you are working on Christmas day again...?" My best friend looks at me with disapproval.

"Well yeah, I am. And you know I don't really do the whole Christmas thingy" I shrugged

"Lena, you do realised that people will be ok without you working on Christmas right?"

"It's more to do with me wanting to work" I said in my defence.

"Please please... join my Christmas party this year. It's been 3 years honey. You need to let go and get back to world of living" Liz said thoughtfully.


Christmas was always something I looked forward to but that was 3 years ago. My favourite holiday became a painful memory when I lost my Matt to an accident. What was more painful was the fact that he was on his way to meet me despite the heavy snowing that day. The very day he was going to propose me. I didn't know until, the police hand over to me the ring which they found in his pocket.

Christmas was never the same again. The holiday season became the tough times and I throw myself into work to distract myself from the memory. My family and frens tried to help me move on but I couldn't bring myself to let it go.

Liz Park who is my anchor and best friend tried setting me up on dates numerous times with really decent guys but I never felt connected with any of them to actually date them. She finally gave up seeing how pointless it was.

My life practically revolved around my work, the little boutique I owned and my little guy Benji. The store was getting busier with the holidays right up the corner. I had to come in most of the time myself as the store was short staffed.

"I will try but you know, most of my staffs are off for the holidays. I can't ask them to come in, they know I always cover during the holidays" I told Liz

"I know but it wouldn't hurt for you to close early and join my party right?. Honey it would really mean so much to me. I need your support this time. Max's folks will be here this year and you know how picky they can be. I need you..." Liz groan and I could hear the desperation in her voice.

"OK OK I will join but I be coming in a little late. Is that OK?" I asked.

"YAAAAZz as long as you come, I'm more than happy..." Liz screamed excitingly which had people looking at our direction. I laughed and told her to pip down.

"OK now that's settled, I got to run. My little humans will be coming back soon" Liz said as she gets up to give me a hug before rushing out.

"I'll see you soon honey, I love you" Liz wave from the door. I waved back and collected my stuffs before heading over to pay.

I walked down the snowy path admiring the beautiful Christmas decorations which was all over the streets and buildings. Memories of Matt came rushing but I brush it off telling myself, it really was time to let it go. I reached the store and the girls were almost done for the day. I told them to pack up and leave as the temperature was dropping and I didn't want to them to get stuck in the cold.

30 minutes after the girls left, I decided to close for day and went to put up the "CLOSED" sign when someone pulled the door. I looked up to see a very good looking stranger standing there. I was about to tell him that we were already closing for the day when...

"I'm sorry, I know you are closing but it's kinda an emergency, can you please help me out" he smiled pleadingly.

I stood there lost for words for few seconds. I have seeing good looking man but this stranger had something about him that caught me off caught...

"Well...?" the stranger asked again.

I shooked my head..."Of course, please come in" I said stepping aside. He walked in and looked around the store.

"I'm not really sure what do get, can you suggest me something good" he asked.

"What are you looking for? Anything in particular?" I asked.

"Well, I need something appropriate for a formal dinner this weekend" he replied.

"You mean for a Christmas dinner"? I asked.

"Right, it's Christmas dinner" he nodded.

"Oh OK...let me just pick some stuffs and you can let me know if you like it" I replied walking towards the formal section. I selected a couple of stuffs and walked back to show him.

"Can you try this on and see if you like it" I said

"Sure..." he said taking the cloths from me to try it.

I waited for him to come out from the fitting room. After some few minutes, he came out wearing the suit. The bow tie on his hands. "Can you help me with this?" he asked.

"Sure" I said a little flustered from how good he looks in the suit. It fitted him perfectly. He had the body and looks of a runway model but I was pretty sure he wasn't one as he came in a business suit and he sure looks like he got out of a long tired meeting. I couldn't help but wonder what he actually does.

I took the bow tie from him and found myself struggling on my toes to get the tie on him. He gave a small chuckled and bend down so I could fixed it it comfortably.

"There you go" I said looking up and our eyes met. We just stood there looking at eachother until reality hit me and I hurriedly looked away and step aside.

"What do you think?" I asked a little nervous.

"I love it" the stranger smiled. He had the Sexiest smile and I couldn't help smiling back at him.

"Well, I'm glad to hear" I replied. "Do you want to check some more design or you will stick to this?"

"No I'm good with this" he replied

"OK great, I'll get it packed then" I said collecting the suit from him.

"Well, thank you so much for the help and I'm sorry for making you wait" the stranger said as I handed over the bag.

"No, No it's alright. I'm glad I could help" I said smiling at him.

"Btw, my name is 'Taehyung, Kim Taehyung but all my friends call me V" the stranger said.

"Oh...good to meet you V, I'm Lena" I replied extending my hand.

"Good to meet you too, Lena" V said giving me warm handshake.

Before pushing out of the door, he turned back and said "I really hope to meet you again Lena"

I smiled and waved at him "I hope so too, have a good night Mr.Kim"

I watched him get into car and drove off. I turn off the lights and finally close the store and walk home which was just in the next lane.

My little furry came running to greet me. I picked him up "I miss you too little guy" and gave him a hug.

Took a quick shower and prepared dinner with little Benji tailing me everywhere. After dinner we sat down for our favourite show. Benji was snoring in minutes. After the show was over, I tucked Benji in his tiny bed which was right besides mine. I lay down to sleep but I couldn't help thinking of V which really surprised me. It's been a very very long time since I had thoughts of other guys other than Matt.

My mind keep going back to the moment when our eyes met and the feeling that it resulted. I had never felt anything like that before for anyone besides Matt. I shooked my head and told myself, the chances of meeting V again was unlikely and moreover a guy like him won't never be single or attracted to me. I told myself to stop having unnecessary thoughts and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to another cold day. The weather seems to get colder each day. There was high chances of roads blockage soon at this rate. I pour myself a hot cup of coffee and looked out of the balcony. The whole street was covered with snow. Little Benji gave a little bark of disapproval.

"I know, I know you want to go out there but it's too cold for you to go sweetheart" I told the little guy who was wagging his tail and waiting for me to pick him up. I laughed and scoop him up and let him peep through the window.

I called the girls and told them not to come until the New Years as they all stayed a little far away from the store. I didn't want them to get stuck on the way as the roads are most likely to closed with the current rate of snowing.

By 10ish I reached the store, the day was hectic with just me managing it but it kept me distracted from unwanted memories. I closed the store early as I had to get groceries and do a quick shopping for Liz dinner party.

Liz party was like the party of the year with all the big guys attending it. Liz was married to mayor's only son Max who now owns one of the biggest law firms in the state. I avoided the party all this years coz it reminded me of Matt who I first met at one of Liz's party. But I had promised Liz I would come this time and I couldn't back out now.

I caught a taxi to go and check out some dresses at the shops which was down the street. I managed get something I liked and headed to the grocery mart.

The last place I expected to bumped into V was at grocery mart but there he was. I hadn't seen him coming towards me as I was busy trying to get something from the top shelves.

"Need a hand" Someone chuckled from behind. I turn around to meet the very set of beautiful eyes. My jaw probably dropped seeing him coz I saw V break into huge grin at my reaction.

"I'm sorry, I quickly muttered" cringing at the thought of how silly I must have looked.

"Hey stranger, good to meet you again" he smiled.

"Hey yourself. Didn't expect to meet you again and definitely not here" I blurt out.

He laughed, "I love cooking so you'll probably find me hanging around here time to time"

He picked the item off the top shelf and gave it to me. "Do you need more stuffs up there?"

"No and thanks for this" I said

"Are you done or you have more things to grab?" V asked.

"Nope...I'm done. Just need to pay" I replied quickly.

"OK let's go" V said pushing my cart.

"Oh I can do that myself..." I said trying to take over the cart.

"No worries, com'n it's getting too cold. Let's get this done and get you home"

I didn't know how to react to it so I followed him to the counter to pay. V collected my stuffs and headed out. 

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked confused. 

"To my car...I'll drop you" he said simply like it was the most natural thing in the world. 

"What? No no's OK. I can just grab a cab and get home. It's not far from here" I said hurriedly. 

"Hey hey...let me do this. It's my second day of Christmas". V laughed. 

"Really? You don't seem that sentimental type" I replied. 

"Huh! What kind of guy do I look like, Lena" V asked amused raising his eyebrows. 

"Well...I don't know but you just don't seem the sentimental kind" I shrugged. "Anywho, I'm really OK. You don't need to drop me home. I'm a big girl and I can get myself home" I laughed. 

"Let's just say it's for inconveniencing you last night" V said smiling and giving me the puppy face

"Gwad...don't pull that on me" I laughed. "For starters I don't know, know you. You could be a serial killer or something ya know" I teased. 

"Well, I guess you will have to find that out missy. Would you take a chance on me?" V asked grinning. 

"Hmmmm...can't say no to that smile, can I?" I asked. 

"You tell me" and gave me another heart melting smile again. 

"OK OK you got me, lets go" I laughed. 

Took us about 10 mins to get to my place. I asked him if he wanted to come up for a quick coffee. It was the least I can do. He helped me carring the stuffs up. 

"You have a nice place" V commented as I usher him in. 

"Why...thank you" It's my old family home actually. My folks moved to a different city. So it's just me and my little guy". That very moment, little Benji came running. 

"There's my little guy" I cooed as I picked him up for a hug. "Here, meet my new friend V" I said waving his tiny paw. 

"Hey little fella...good to meet you" V said shaking his tiny paw. "Looking after your mama well eh?" he laughed. 

To my surprise, little Benji seems to give V a pass coz normally, he was the possessive one especially around male folks. I looked at him and asked if likes dogs and he told me he was big fan of dogs. I thought, well that scores brownie points in my book.

" want coffee or hot cocoa?" I asked

"Cocoa will do" V responded still busy playing with Benji.


enji seems to be happy to have someone new to play with. I smiled and went to make the hot cocoa.

We talked as we drank the hot cocoa. V said, he had recently moved to the neighbourhood for sometime due to work. I never really asked what exactly he does. It was really not my business and its not like I'll be seeing him again.

"Well, I gotta rush. Have some work to catch up before Christmas. Thank you for the lovely drink" he smiled.

"No...thank you. You were a big help. Thanks for dropping me and helping we the groceries" I replied.

"Anytime...well then. I hope to see you again" V said as Benji and I saw him off. "I hope so too" I waved.

The week went by without any sign of the him and Liz's big party was tonight. The snowing had gotten heavier and I dreaded the thought of going out in this weather.

I shut the store early so I could go home and prepare myself for the party. Benji was there as usual giving the warmest welcome.
"Sweetheart, I wish I could take you too but I can't" I looked at his little torn face of disappointment.

"I know, I know but I promise to be back home soon and we can have our own special time" I laughed rubbing his fluffy ear. That seems to pleased the little guy. I went in for a quick shower and got dressed. I had bought a simple red dress keeping in mind the color of Christmas.

30 mins and I was on my way down to Liz's place. As I reached, I couldn't help admiring the beautiful house which was now lighted up with lights. I walked in and the place was already buzzing with people. Liz saw me and rush over to give me a hug.

"Honey, I'm so glad to you could make it. This means a lot to me" Liz said.

"I'm happy to be here and the place looks great. Love your Christmas decorations. You never fail to impress me lady" I replied still awestruck at the beautiful set up.

"You flatter me!" Liz laughed. "OK...let go and meet my folks. They have been asking about you"

We went over to meet Liz parents and her in-laws. "Lena dear, its been a while. We're so glad you could make it this year" Mrs Park said giving me a hug. She asked me about my work and my folks. We talk for sometime and then Liz pulled me out saying she was going to introduce me to someone.

"Liz, please don't tell me, this was your plan all along" I sighed.

"Trust me Lena, you won't be disappointed. Good that I'm happily married to love of my life else, I would have taken him myself" Liz laugh.

"Really! This dude must be really something to impress my best friend this much. I'm really curious now" I said laughing.

"Just wait and yeah you can thank me later" Liz flipped her hair.

"There they are..." Liz said point at Max who was talking with a guy. He had his back was on us so I couldn't really see his but he looked familiar. He certainly stand out from the rest of crowd for sure,  I thought. Wait, that suit looks familiar. Max saw us coming and he came ovet and gave me a hug.

"Lena! So good to see you..." Max said and then turn to the stranger who was beside him.

"Meet Taehyung, Kim Taehyung. He is the new CEO of Hit Entertainment branch here and also our newest client"

"Nice to meet you again Lena" he said giving that boyish smile.

"Wait! You guys met already??" Liz asked surprised and giving me that girl-you-and-I-need-to-talk look!!

"Well...yeah about a week ago, twice actually. He came into my store the first time and then I bumped into him the next day at the mart" I said skipping the hot cocoa part coz I knew Liz would go hyper over it.

"Well, third time is a charmer they say" Liz winked. Everyone laughed. We sat down and talked. That's when I came to know about V's work and his company which was supposedly one of the biggest upcoming entertainment companies in South Korea...

The party was going great and everyone seems to be having a good time. The live music was pretty awesome and many had gone to the dance floor to dance. Beautiful couples everywhere which could have made an awkward scene in my case. Thankfully, V stuck around and kept me company. I felt bad for him, it was like he was stuck with me for courtesy sake. I noticed a number of young ladies eyeing him since he got here.

"You know, you don't have to stick around with me right?" I told V. "Go and mingle, I'm sure the ladies out there would love your company"

"Why? Are you trying to get rid of me now?" V asked looking at me.

"What! No no...don't get me wrong. I love your company. I'm just saying you can always go and joined other ya know" I replied.

"Well, I good here" V smiled. "Hmmmm...would you join me for a dance?"

"I'm not great at..." before I could complete my sentence. Someone came over, "Mine if I steal him away for a dance?" The girl asked.

"Of course, you don't need to asked me. We're not together" I smiled. "Please go ahead" I said.

V gave me a strange look before getting up and following the girl to the dance floor. I watch the pair dance and it didn't sit well with me how the girl had her hands around V neck.

"Not liking what you see?" Liz said. I jumped, caught by her sudden appearance. ", why would it I?" I said quickly.

"Then why is your face all grim watching them?" Liz asked.
"I did not"
"Oh yes you did!. You didn't even notice me coming over" Liz said laughing.

"Ok...maybe I was a little" I said admitting it. "But its crazy, why would I, right?"

"Well maybe, you kinda like him?" Liz peered at me.

"Of course not...we just met psst!" I exclaimed

"Technically, this is your third time meeting and I say it's fate" Liz said thoughtfully "Honey...its OK for you to like someone. I know you loved Matt but he is no more and I'm sure he would want you to find someone to love and be happy"

"Well....I hope so too" I said sadly "But I don't think it's with him" I said looking at V's direction. "He won't be here for long and let's be realistic, he's on another level. Look at him and to top that, our lives are too different" I shrugged.

"Love doesn't have a timeline. It can happen to anyone, anytime. It could be a day, months or years but when you meet that one person you are meant to be, it will strike you before you even realised it" Liz said. "Give it a chance and don't close yourself to the feelings"

I smiled and gave Liz a hug "Thank you. I don't know what I do without you"

"Don't get teary on me now lady. People will think I'm being mean to you" Liz teased. We laughed and toast to our friendship.

"Care for a dance with me?" I looked up to see V standing beside me.

"ahhmmm...of course!" I said taking his hand. "Excuse me for a bit" I said to Liz. She have me the biggest grin and nodded her head. When I turned back, she gave me a thumbs-up and mouthed 'go get him'. I rolled my eyes and followed V to dance floor.

The floor was a little crowded. So V pulled me closer and we slowly swing to 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'.

"I told you I'm bad a this" I whispered when I stumbled a little.

"Don't worry sweetheart, you can stumble anytime. I'm here" he said pulling me closer. I looked up and smile. I found myself relaxing and enjoying the dance when suddenly, the lights went out and I heard Liz voice.

"Ladies and gentlemen...thank you for joining me and my family tonight. We have a special surprise for everyone" Slowly, beautiful glimmering lights began to appear from the ceiling and the spot where we stood had a gaint Miseltoe above. I stared at it and frozed.

"Looks like we found the lucky couple tonite!" Liz said grinning. I looked at her suspiciously and all she did was give me that stupid grin. People around us cheered.

"Wait, what is going on?" I looked to V confused.

"I guess we are supposed to Kiss, it's a tradition right!" V said grinning and before I could react, he bend down and kissed me. It was a gentle kiss at first, then he slowly deepend the kiss like he was trying to give me assurance, a promise.

I heard someone say "they make such a lovely couple"  I looked up and saw V smiling. I guess he too heard the comment. He didn't let me go and ask if we can step out for sometime as the dance floor was filling up again. I nodded and he guided me out of the dance floor. We came out to what looks like a garden which was decorated with lights. There seems to be no one around. It was a little chilly, so I hugged myself. 

"Thank you for the beautiful time" I said turning to V. "It's been a while since I had a good time" I smiled.

"I'm glad, I did too" V smiled. Then he step closer and said "I know we haven't gotten to know eachother well but I feel like I have known you all along" I just stood there looking at him saying nothing.

"What I meant was, I really like you...I can't stop thinking about you since the first time I saw you. I know it sounds cliche, but it true..." I said nothing

"Hmmm...I don't mean to scared you away. Look I'm not rushing anything. Its just that I want to get to know you more. Of course that is, if you want to..." I started to smile

"I'm really doing a poor job in this, am I?" V asked seeing my expression.

I smiled and tip toe up and kissed him. V looked at me surprised and relieved at the same time.

"I would love to get to know you more and yes, I think I do like you very much" I smiled. Before I knew it, V picked me up and twirled. I laughed and kissed him again.

He slowly puts me down, not letting me go, he said "I love you Lena". I looked at him and taking a leap of faith said "I love you too mister". He smiled and leaned over and kissed me softly. I knew then, I had my Christmas miracle right here. I sent a silent thank you to Matt for looking over me all this time. Now it's time let him go....

"Let's go inside, I don't want Liz and Max thinking we abandoned their party" V said.

"Yep, let's go in" I replied.

V put his arms around me and we walk inside.

Somewhere inside,

"I knew they were meant for eachother" Liz smiled as she lean her head on her husband's shoulder watching Lena and V from the window. "It's a Christmas miracle..." Max replied. He leaned over and kiss his beautiful wife."I love you honey. You were my Christmas miracle too


"Too bad, you have to let go all the beautiful ladies here" I teased.

"Nope I have the one I want right here" V said pulling me to the dance floor. "I saved my last dance for you" he whispered.

I knew exactly why I felt for this man....

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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She’d been so strong to keep from being utterly destroyed by all of it and now I had the chance to help ease that burden by being her support, being the glue holding her together until she was able to do it herself again. All our blissful happiness became anxiousness when faced with the rest of the day. So we did what we could—we took it one step at a time. We showered together, no thoughts of anything other than simply being together. I could see her lost in her dark thoughts and reminded her of my presence with small touches and butterfly kisses. We threw together a quick breakfast, never leaving each other for more than a couple seconds. I dreaded us having to leave. “I don’t even know where to start,” she told me more than once. I told her to start wherever she thought she could handle it and move on from there. And each time I told her I would only be a phone call away. We got dressed, finishing early. I held her on my lap until I had to leave. I wasn’t even sure if the guys would be expecting me so I had to be in the lobby early and she was going to leave about half an hour after me. I hated to part from her. I would’ve been content to spend a week just curled up in bed with her. But we couldn’t do that. As per usual, Jin was the first one sitting in the lobby. When I sat down next to him, he turned to me. His confusion quickly turned to surprise then happiness. He pulled me into the tightest hug I’d ever had from him. “Thank God. It really was true. You have no idea how happy I am. We’ve been so scared and worried.” My head lowered. “I know, hyung. I’m sorry. I caused everyone so much trouble and I was a complete and total idiot. My behavior… I can’t even—“ “It’s alright, Joon. The most important thing is that you’re okay now.” His demeanor changed as he obviously was trying to be more careful. “So… you and Sam…” “There’s still a lot she’s dealing with right now, but… we’re working through it together. I don’t want to say too much because I know she wants us both to talk to you guys about it, but I can tell you this much at least.” “Well, there’s a lot you need to catch up on. And there’s things you need to apologize for.” Before I could say anything else, he gave me the full story about Jungkook’s run in with enforcers, filling in the holes Sam’s quick info had left. My anger was tempered by my guilt for not being there for him. Not only that, but it was my fault he was in the place he got targeted. Jungkook needed a break from being around me and the guys understood. And then when it happened, not only was I not there but Hoseok wasn’t there because he was busy looking after me. Then he told me about how busy it’d been at work, especially with covering for me. I know he wasn’t trying to make me feel guilty so much as he was trying to get me to see how my behavior impacted everyone else. Just as he was finishing, Hoseok came down. His footsteps stuttered to a brief halt when he saw me. Then his sunshine smile broke out on his face and he finished crossing the lobby to us. I stood up to hug him. “Hearing it is one thing,” he started, “but actually seeing you here…” I knew him well enough to see the hint of sadness in his smile. “I’m glad things are turning around for you.” Out of nowhere, he grabbed my face in one hand forcing my lips together and making a fish face. “Though you do still have some weight to gain back. You’re too thin.” I smacked his hand away making all three of us laugh. “Hyung!” I turned to find Jungkook and Taehyung halfway across the lobby. They both crowded me as well, cautiously teasing me. I’m not sure the number of times I told Jungkook that I was sorry for not being there for him but he gave an equal number of ‘it’s ok’s. Jimin came right after and as usual, Yoongi was last. Yoongi flashed me a brief smile before indicating with his head for me to go ahead and talk to Jimin. I could finally tell him how sorry I was for hurting him. My memory of those weeks was mostly fuzzy, but I remembered having that empty bottle in my hand, getting angry, and swinging wildly. I remembered the blood dripping down from the side of his face and I remembered the look on his face as he gaped up at me from the floor in disbelief and hurt. Jimin said he’d already forgiven me for it, but it was hard for me to look him straight in the eyes. In fact, as we walked to the cars, I found it difficult to look at any of them for too long. The things I’d said, the way I’d behaved, the inconveniences and troubles I’d put them through… I tried to play along as if everything was back to normal, but I knew I would constantly think of the things I’d said and did (what I could remember). They acted as though it was any other day but my guilt ate away at me. I know they noticed in the car and at the office, but to their credit, none of them pushed it. They knew how I felt and knew that the more they tried to convince me it was okay, the more I would feel guilty. I could see it on their faces. Once at the office, I was greeted warmly. The guys had officially requested my time off as personal leave and no one asked anything more. I spent most of the morning getting caught up on what I’d missed and then spent the rest of it and my lunch on making calls. I talked to everyone I could aside from people at the office and the guys about going in to donate their healing enzyme. Sam wanted to be the one to tell them about the raid, especially Taehyung. He would take it hard and Sam would want to be there for him. Throughout the day, I messaged Sam. I wanted to keep reminding her that I was there with her. She didn’t say much when she responded, but I hoped I was doing some good. I called her when I was able to shut my door for a few minutes without worrying about interruption. I could hear the strain in her voice. Seeing people at the hospital had been hard for her. To make it worse, she decided to try to do everything at once. She stopped by some of her colleagues’ houses that were injured and the ones who died. I caught her right when she was about to head to Meg’s place. I knew she wanted to cry but she worked hard to keep herself together. All I could do was tell her that she was strong and that I would only be a phone call away if she needed me. And at the end of the day, I would be waiting for her at home, ready to hold her in my arms again. If I could’ve been there for everything I would’ve, but she insisted that I get my work and all caught up. I was torn, but she was right, we had to try to get things back to normal as much as possible, as impossible as it seemed. So, as much as I hated it, I had to pretend that it wasn’t breaking my heart to not be there for her. Throughout catching up on work, my thoughts constantly found their way back to her. When work ended, I messaged Sam to tell her I was finished and would be waiting for her at home. She sent me a quick response back saying that she’d be home as soon as she was finished. I asked if she still wanted to talk to the guys today and she said yes. I went back with the guys and started cleaning up the place. Sam messaged me that she was on her way so I asked the guys to meet at my place. I ordered dinner for everyone. The second I heard the code being punched in, I was on my feet. The tone in her voice as she softly called out my name brought me to her in the next instant. I held her in my arms again. The hours away from her had been too long. She held me tightly back and I felt her take in slow, deep breaths to keep from crying. “I’m so glad I have you again,” she murmured. “I don’t know what I would do…” “I’m going to be here for you for the rest of our lives. I can’t do it without you.” Her grip grew tighter for a second before pulling away. “I love you,” she said, pecking me on the lips. Even tired and worn-down, I could see the love in her eyes and it made my heart flutter. Was it possible to keep falling in love with someone? “I love you too.” Then I returned the gesture. “The guys are here?” I nodded. “Tae?” I nodded again and she let out a shaky breath. “God… I can’t believe I have to do this.” “I’ll be right with you.” “I know,” she sighed, the breath almost catching in her throat. I held the back of her head as I gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. My hand slipped naturally into hers as we walked back to the living room. Their faces lit up for a brief moment before faltering. “What happened to your face?” Of course Jimin was the one to ask so bluntly. Sam chuckled a little. “My job.” “Does it hurt a lot?” Taehyung and Jungkook asked together. They gave each other a look and pushed each other playfully. Sam smiled. It was a genuine smile too. “A bit. I’m on some medicine for the pain, so it’s not too bad.” “Well,” Jin gave me a smile, “I, for one, am just happy you two are back together.” “Seconded,” Hoseok added, slinging his arm around my shoulder. “Same,” Yoongi said, smiling. I saw Taehyung quickly pull out his phone and start typing. “Who’re you messaging?” Jin asked him. “We’re here for just us.” “Meg,” Taehyung responded with pink cheeks. I quickly turned to Sam. Her smile had already dropped. “I asked her out just before they had their falling out. She said yes at first but then said she’d have to wait until the two got back together. I’m letting her know. I haven’t heard from her for a couple—“ “What’s wrong?” Hoseok cut him off when Sam pulled away from me and started walking quickly toward the bedroom. “I’ll be right back,” I told them as I followed after Sam. I shut the door behind me and wrapped my arms around Sam who was already waiting for me. “I didn’t—how can I—I don’t even know how to say it anymore.” I rested her uninjured cheek against my chest. Her tears started to dampen my shirt. My heart broke for her. “Do you want me to…” She shook her head. “I have to be the one. She’d want that. Just give me a moment. The sound of your heartbeat is helping.” I carefully covered her injured ear so that my heartbeat was the only thing she could hear and took a few deep breaths to slow it down. After a minute, she pulled away, wiping at her tears. She grabbed my hand and nodded and I led us both back to the other room. “Are you mad at me?” Taehyung quickly asked as soon as he saw us. “We were going to tell you, I promise.” Tae couldn’t imagine what he was going to hear next and I hurt for him. Sam shook her head. “It’s not that. There’s… there’s something I need to tell you.” She looked at me. “We should sit down.” Taehyung’s face still showed his confusion when Sam sat him down on the couch next to her. I kept one hand on her back to let her know I was still there. The others sat down as well. Her voice was soft when she finally started to speak. “You guys heard on the news about the raid last weekend, right?” Everyone nodded. It was all pretty much anyone around the office could talk about. “The families requested that the names of those who didn’t make it not be published. They wanted privacy to mourn.” Sam grabbed Tae’s hands. “Meg… Meg didn’t make it.” Tae looked like he didn’t understand. Sam squeezed his hands. “Meg was killed during the raid.” His brows furrowed together in confusion. “I don’t understand. I just talked to her. And she’s—she’s tough. I—“ “You talked to her before the raid. You said yourself it’d been a couple days.” “Yeah, but—“ “I’m sorry, Tae.” I saw her shoulders start to shake and set my hands on them. “They came out of nowhere. We didn’t even have time to react. She—She was killed instantly. She didn’t—she didn’t suffer.” He still looked at her in disbelief, but tears had already begun to well up. Even if his brain wasn’t allowing it to register, his heart was. “They’re doing a large enforcer funeral on Friday for everyone who died and her private funeral is on Sunday.” “She’s… dead?” His voice cracked as he finally said those words. “I’m so sorry, Tae.” I couldn’t see Sam’s face, but I knew she was crying. Tae let go of her hands to wipe at his eyes. He looked like he was in a daze when he stood up. We all quickly mirrored him. “She’s dead…” Jungkook was the first to move, hugging him. The bond between those two had always been stronger than any bonds between the rest of us. They had been through so much together. “But she…” Sam hugged him as well and it turned into big group hug with Tae finally bursting into tears and Sam following right after. That day was only one of many hard days for us over the next couple weeks. The day after we told Tae about Meg, I had Yoongi feed from Sam to help the cravings that had come back with a vengeance. And with Sam somehow managing to trace back the healing enzyme donations back to me and seeing her colleagues get better, she finally allowed me to heal her just a bit at a time. Sam told me about them finding out how a couple of the human enforcers had been using the system to sneak and sell Sunlight on the black market. Their efforts allowed a backdoor into the system. A similar incident had occurred with the vampire enforcers and was thus exploited as well. Apparently, the only solace they could take in was the fact that it was only hacked right before the raid, otherwise the casualties would’ve been worse. One of the enforcers involved was killed in the raid and the others were going to be prosecuted. Then came the funerals. Tae was a mess just about as much as Sam. I tried to comfort Sam the best I could, but there was only so much I could do. But Tae was in a similar position as her so they could at least comfort each other. Jimin watched over Jungkook as he was the next closest to Meg. He was hurt too, but he felt like his pain wasn’t as important. Only Jimin seemed to be able to convince him otherwise. It took months before things started going back to normal. Sam and Tae still mourned for Meg, but it didn’t consume their every thought any longer. Seeing how torn up Tae was, I wondered how short of a time it would’ve been before they became bondmates had she lived longer. And one day during the first few weeks after the funerals, Sam told me about her miscarriage. It took time for that wound to heal as well—a good deal of time. I reminded her of the talk we’d had before. No matter what, we would make things work. And we were careful with protection after that. Her and Yoongi’s bond had settled so he went and had the treatment. After that, things got more comfortable between all of us. In fact, things got better for a lot of people. Seeing the care and cooperation between vampires and humans, both enforcer or regular citizens, gave a lot of people hope and comfort for the future of both species. It took about a month before I stopped waking up with the fear that everything had been a dream. The first time it happened, Sam and I celebrated, both at a restaurant and in bed. I could never seem to get enough of her. Granny was hesitant about letting me back into Sam’s life at first. I completely understood and knew I deserved that. But with a simple conversation with Sam, and a promise from me, she accepted us again. Soon after, without telling Sam, I got Granny’s blessing to marry her. Narrator POV Under guise of an anniversary, Namjoon took them on a trip. He told Jin he was going to be using Jin’s parents’ summer place in the woods and took Sam there. In order to keep her from suspecting, he didn’t do anything unusual the first day and night. On Sunday, they walked through the woods, recounting memories from the summers all those years ago. When night fell, Namjoon took them back to the house just to grab a picnic basket; he had promised Sam a night picnic under the stars and full moon. He hoped the fireflies were still out like they used to be. Just like old times, he hurried up the hill to their hideout, making sure she couldn’t keep up. “Oppa! Slow down, you know—“ she cut herself off with a squeal when he scooped her up in his arms. Picnic basket clutched tightly in Sam’s hands, he raced up the hill. Her laughter brought him back to their innocent love. Back then, he never found the courage to tell her how he felt, especially since he thought Yoongi was better suited to her than he was. He smiled at the thought. The things he never could’ve imagined… They reached the top of the hill, but he refused to put her down. She was his to carry like that forever. The reflection of the moon in her loving eyes sent butterflies throughout his whole body. He was pretty sure he’d never stop falling in love with her over and over and over again. Sam loved the way he held her so perfectly in his arms. It was familiar and comfortable. She couldn’t stop looking at him and drinking in the sight of the moonlight highlighting the features of his face. She’d never get sick of looking at him. Namjoon set her down when they reached the edge of the clearing where the now smaller waterfall became a small pond before continuing on. This was their getaway, their secret hideout. It was just as they remembered with time only changing a few things. The last of the fireflies of the season were there to greet them as well. The sky was clear so every single star was visible and in the clearing, the moonlight was strong enough for Namjoon to be able to switch off their lights. The utter awe on her face… He stepped behind her, wrapping his arms around her and settling his chin on her shoulder. “Is it just like you remember?” She turned her head. “Better.” Their kiss was sweet with a deeper hint of passion. With the mosquito spray they’d used, Namjoon was pretty sure we could get away with something he never thought he’d consider. But with her, he found himself wandering from his comfort zone and towards anything that would make her smile… or moan his name. His other brain threatened to make him forget why he really brought her here. He broke their kiss with a reluctant groan. Her smirk… Damn, the things she did to him. He quickly laid out the blanket and sat down, pulling her down between his legs, her back against his chest. He lit the mosquito candles and set them around while Sam pulled the fruits out of the basket and began feeding Namjoon. He returned it as well. They sat in comfortable silence, listening to the sound of the cicadas, the buzzing of insects, the rustle of wind through the leaves, the clear sound of the small river carefully cascading down the rocks to the pond. “Feisty,” Namjoon murmured against her neck. “Hmm?” She leaned into his touch. “I found something I think you’d like to see.” “And what’s that?” In the early morning hours, while she was still fast asleep, Namjoon had snuck out into the forest and began looking for something. They were both exactly where the two had hidden them, though definitely showing the wear of age. “This.” It took a moment for Sam to see clearly even with the moonlight and candles. “Oh my God… I can’t believe these were still here. After all this time.” Her smile was warm and nostalgic as she looked over the faded pictures. The flower crowns… She’d been lucky that Jin had been able to join them the next day and Yoongi had allowed them to take the picture. Her gaze lingered on the picture of her and Namjoon. She still remembered the way her heart beat so intensely when he pressed his face against hers. “We were meant to meet each other again, all of us. And you and I… we were meant to be together.” “So cheesy. I love it.” They both laughed together and Namjoon kissed gently along her exposed neck. After another moment, Namjoon spoke up again. “Can you stand up for a sec?” “Um, sure?” Namjoon chuckled. “I have another surprise for you, but I have to get it out of my pants.” Sam covered her mouth and turned as she started snickering. “What’s so—oh, you’re bad. You’re really bad. It’s not that. Now, get your perfect ass up so I can get your surprise, ok?” “Ok, oppa,” she agreed, kissing him quickly on the lips. Namjoon wanted to grab her and pull her back down on him, but first thing was first. “Now, close your eyes.” Sam rolled her eyes before obliging. “Keep them closed until I say, ok?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just hurry up so I can pounce on you. This full moon is making me want to do some things to you.” Sam chuckled when she heard Namjoon growl lowly. With a lot of self-control, Namjoon stayed to the task at hand. He pull out the small box he’d kept carefully safe in his side pocket and opened it, checking to make sure the moonlight was enough to make it shine perfectly. It was. He adjusted himself to one knee and held the box up to her. “Alright, feisty, open your eyes.” The moment her eyes rested on the object in his hand, her expression changed from curious expectancy to breathlessness. Namjoon actually saw her breath hitch. “My most beautiful Angel, who I fell for the first time I saw you in that clearing, the sunlight creating a beautiful radiance making you look like an actual angel. My perfect feisty, who I fell for again when you opened that bedroom door the first time we met again. My amazing girlfriend, with who I wouldn’t trade the moments we had for anything else in the entire world. I love you more than anything.” Namjoon cleared his throat that started to close at the sight of her tears. “Samantha Wester, love of my life, my bondmate, and true mate… Will you marry me?” Without a single moment of hesitation, Sam cried out, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. God, yes.” Namjoon jumped up and the two shared a passionate kiss that held promises of all future kisses. They broke for air and he slipped the ring onto her finger. Sam marveled at the ring for a moment before pulling Namjoon into another kiss. Surprising him, she shoved him away and onto the blanket. Propped up on his elbows, Namjoon looked up at her in confusion. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head and straddled his lap. One finger against his lips, she shushed him before he could say anything. “Now, it’s my turn to do all the work.” ********************************************* I do feel really bad for Taehyung, of course, but a lot of bad things happened in this story. But I love what worked out with Sam and Namjoon. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. One more chapter to go. I hope I won't disappoint. Please feel free to leave any feedback or constructive criticism either on here or messaging me. I'm always looking to improve. Also, I'm uploading all my old stories, with some (sometimes major) editing, onto Wattpad in case anyone is interested or uses it. My username is the same. Thanks in advance for your support! 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Kino Fanfic (Part 4 of 4)
Title: Friendship Contract Genre: Romance, Comedy Word Count (For Part One): 4,306 Parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four Rating: PG-13 (for mentions of alcohol, profanity, mentions of sex (however there is no smut)) Main Characters: Kang Hyunggu (Kino), Lee Jina(OC) Minor Characters: Yan An, Kim Hayoung(OC), Jung Wooseok, Adachi Yuto, Lee Jiyoon(OC), Kim Dayeon(OC) (Even smaller appearances by Yeo Changgu(Yeo One) |Because this story is so long I've divided it into FOUR parts. Each part will come out over the next four days~| Disclaimer: I do not claim all of this storyline to be mine, as I relied heavily on the plot-line from the movie 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' but not all of the plot-line is from that movie. PS: Go watch that movie, it's amazing! Also if you notice any mistakes please let me know! Part Four: When we got on the bus the next morning I smile towards Hyunggu who had an open seat next to him. As everyone sees me get on the bus a few people howl and clap. My heart drops into my stomach, did they know? I quickly sit down next to Hyunggu and glance at him. “You didn’t tell anyone about last night, did you?” Hyunggu sends me a questioning look. “No of course not.” He hums, leaning his head down on my shoulder. As he does I make eye contact with Dayeon who had just stepped onto the bus. She has a small smirk on her face but I ignore it. Don’t entertain her Jina. You’re better than her. - When we arrive back at the school I head to the back of the bus while Hyunggu collects our stuff from the seats. Mr. Oh hands me my luggage and I turn around coming face to face with Dayeon. She smiles at me. “Did you have a fun time last night?” My smile drops. Did she see? “You see I did too whenever he came to my room last night once you were back in yours.” She smirks and I felt as if every ounce of trust I’ve built in him was threatening to fall. “I don’t understand what you mean? Hyunggu and I are just friends.” I reply lying through my teeth. I mean I didn’t exactly know what we were after last night. But I’m sure friends wasn’t the answer. “Friends don’t do what you two did last night, unless of course you’re a slut and do that often.” She laughs and shrugs. “I wanted to warn you that he came to my room, but if you’re,” she raises her fingers into the air to note she was being sarcastic. “‘Just friends’ then I guess you don’t deserve to know.” She slinks off right as Hyunggu comes off the bus. My heart settles in my stomach as he comes to stand before me holding out my backpack. I take it into my hands. “Did you go to Dayeon’s room last night after you met with me?” I say getting straight to the point. He eyes me sheepishly raising his hand to rub at the back of his neck. “Uh yeah-.” “Are you kidding me?” I cut him off. “What do you take me for?” “Jina, you’re-.” He starts but I shove his luggage into his arms. “Enough, Kang Hyunggu. Just stop.” I say quickly stepping back as he took a step forward. “This,” I gesture between us. “It was never going to work out.” “Jina.” He states his eyes boring into mine. “Today is the last day of the contract, in,” I glance down at my watch. “Ten minutes the contract is void anyways.” “Jina, at least let me take you home.” He says frantically. “Give me a chance to explain things.” “No,” I say firmly. This was what I was the most afraid of. Giving someone my heart and them breaking it and walking right out of my life. I wouldn’t allow him to walk out of mine, I would leave first. “Yanan wait!” I rush past Hyunggu to Yanan’s side who is confused as to why I’m doing so. I grab onto Yanan’s arm and tug him towards the parking lot. “What’s going on?” He asks confused. “I don’t want to talk about it right now, can we go?” I say refusing the urge to glance behind me. “Alright.” He sighs. - Yanan pulls up to my apartment complex and sighs turning to glance at me. “Are you going to tell me what happened?” I was afraid. Afraid that if I talked about it I’d cry. I take a deep breath and glance at the clock. “The contract between me and Hyunggu is over.” “What why?” Yanan asks shocked. “I don’t really want to talk about it.” I mumble. “I feel like an idiot.” Yanan rests a hand on my knee. “Whenever you’re ready to talk I’m here.” I nod. “Thanks, Yanan.” He smiles. “Now let’s get inside.” - Jiyoon, Jiseok, Yanan, Hayoung, and I sat around my kitchen table. Jiyoon was rolling cookie dough into cookies and handing them to Jiseok to put on the pan. We were all laughing about the first failed batch of cookies Jiyoon had accidentally burned while she was distracted talking to us. Jiseok sits down the fourth cookie onto the pan and huffs. “Hurry up Jiyoon, these cookies should be done by the time Hyunggu gets here.” I swallow at Hyunggu’s name. I’m sorry Jiseok but I don’t think he’ll be back. I knew he had taken quite the liking towards him. Yanan glances at me noticing I’ve gone quiet. Hayoung notices as well. I open my mouth to speak. “Uh listen, guys...” The doorbell goes off and I quickly shoot up. “I’ll get it!” I rush off to the door shaking my head as I open it. There my gaze was met with Hyunggu’s. I quickly glance back inside before pushing him back so I can join him outside. “What are you doing here?” I immediately question him. “We need to talk.” Hyunggu says, a look of hurt evident on his face. I sigh and move down the hall a bit so they couldn’t hear us talking from inside. “Look, just so you know nothing happened between me and Dayeon.” Hyunggu states his facial expression suggesting he was serious. I shake my head. “Then why did you even go to her room in the first place?” My hand goes out into the air as I talk. My body language easily showing I was angry. He sighs. “Dayeon and I dated for a long time you know that, I was confused over my feelings for her when I first met you.” He pauses. “Those feelings I had for her were genuine, they just aren’t going to magically go away.” My heart cracks once more. I hated him, I hate that just a sentence from him could tear me apart. I rest my hands on hips. “Well it’s good then that they haven’t went away, now that I’m finally out of the picture not causing any misunderstandings between you two you can finally get back together.” He opens his mouth to speak. “I’m tired of my heart being played with, especially after trusting you so much, Hyunggu.” I say, my hands sliding off my hips. “When I signed that contract, I wasn’t expecting us to talk after a month. My thoughts on that may have changed throughout the month but right now they are back to how they used to be. We were never meant to be friends.” “No, you don’t get it.” Hyunggu speaks up. “Last night was...” I felt a twinge in my gut. “Last night was a mistake.” I blurt out cutting him off. Hyunggu’s face twists at my words. “I shouldn’t have done that, I knew I was being an idiot by going down there whenever the contract ended today. I should’ve held out.” My hands roam up to hug my torso. “Physical stuff might not be a big deal to you, but to me it is.” Hyunggu’s eyebrows crease. “Who says it’s not a big deal to me?” I snort. “Everyone on the bus? They all applauded you this morning? You didn’t even do anything about it?” He sighs and glances away. “Look Jina...” “Hyunggu please, just leave.” I say looking down. The door to my place clicks open and Yanan steps out into the hall. Hyunggu glances at him and back to me. “Look can we just go inside and talk?” “Hyunggu she asked you to leave.” Yanan steps to my side. I glance at Yanan. “I’m fine, go back inside.” He shakes his head. “No, it’s alright.” Hyunggu’s eyes form into a glare as he nods. “Are you serious?” I glance back at him confused. “This isn’t about Dayeon and me, it’s about you and Yanan.” He says running a hand through his hair. “So, what, after you used me to become friends with him you dump me? Is there something going on between you two?” I look at him confused. Dude the only time I’ve ever had a crush on Yanan was in like fourth grade? Why would I like him now? The door opens again, this time Jiyoon and Hayoung are peeking out of the door way. This wasn’t how I pictured this going. He laughs. “Did you lie to me about the concert tickets too? Was the whole fake friendship contract just to get to Yanan?” Yanan laughs under his breath. “I don’t get what any of this has to do with me?” Jiyoon glances at me. “Your friendship with Hyunggu was fake?” Her face screams betrayal. My heart constricts again. “Jiyoon...” “I spent my entire rent for this month on those tickets for you? And the friendship was fake?” She backs away as I step towards her. “All I wanted was for you to break out of your shell but you lied to me.” She takes off as I move closer slamming the door in my face. I turn around in anger. “Hyunggu, go home.” Hyunggu seems reluctant but knows that that was enough. He glances at Yanan before glancing back at me. “Before I go just know that I wasn’t playing with you.” He says being sincere. Once his back is turned finally a tear slides down my cheek. What just happened? - I sat in my room a half hour later. Jiyoon was in her own room. Hayoung and Yanan were with my brother waiting until my dad arrived. I was debating on what I should say to Jiyoon. I felt terrible. At the time of the contract I didn’t even think this would happen. I didn’t realize how much this meant to her. I didn’t realize she’d spend so much on me. I sat on my bed chewing on my lip. My phone dings letting me know I have a new message. I sigh standing up to pull it off of my desk to read. It was a text from an unknown number. I open it, it was a link to a post. I click on it and it took me to Instagram where there was a video of me and Hyunggu on the beach. I quickly click on the video so it will play. It starts right before Hyunggu pulls me onto his lap. And ends shortly after the second kiss started. “Oh my god.” My heart almost stops. - Seconds later I find myself knocking on Jiyoon’s door. She was sitting at her desk when I came in, she glances back at me. She rolls her eyes, she looked to be packing her bags up to head back to college. “Jiyoon, I need your help.” I say softly. She notices my tone and groans. That let me know she was going to give in and forgive me. Whether it be right now or soon. We were still sisters. “What?” She huffs throwing the shirt she was currently folding down. I sheepishly pull out my phone, unlocking it, pulling up the video and turning it to face her. Her eyes widen as she watches it. “Oh wow.” Her eyes flit up to meet mine and I could feel my cheeks go red. She pulls the phone from my hands and my hands immediately join together nervously. “Well I mean it’s not like you’re naked or anything and the area isn’t well lit.” She nods glancing back up at me. “I mean you can totally tell who Hyunggu is, but it’s harder to tell who you are, you know if you hadn’t of been tagged. I’d say it’s worse for Hyunggu.” I shake my head. “It’s never worse for guys.” I bite my lip as Jiyoon sits my phone down. Right at that moment Yanan and Hayoung came rushing upstairs. I’m assuming they just saw the post themselves. I shake my head trying to keep tears from falling. “God why did I let this happen? I’m such an idiot.” I move to lie down on Jiyoon’s bed. Jiyoon sighs. “Don’t call yourself that.” She huffs pulling me back into a sitting position. I pout. “I know you’re only talking to me because I accidentally made a sex tape and you feel bad.” She shakes her head. “I do feel bad for you.” She pauses. “But I still don’t understand why you lied to me?” I let out a low breath. “Honestly part of it was because I’m selfish and really wanted those tickets but another part of me was afraid to admit that I was afraid to make friends.” “That’s what I really want to know, why are you afraid to make friends?” She rests an arm around my shoulder. I glance down at my lap. “I’m just...scared that I’ll lose them, like mom.” Jiyoon glances at Yanan and Hayoung who quickly come towards me pulling me into a group hug. Once they’ve pulled back Jiyoon smiles. “Mom would hate to see you isolate yourself for just that reason.” I nod. “I know, and I obviously learned that making friends is a good thing.” She sighs. “I don’t understand why you haven’t told me of this fear before?” I swallow. “I haven’t really told anyone, well except for Hyunggu.” I glance down as I say his name. “I just didn’t want people to know my weakness.” She smiles. “I mean I am still slightly disappointed in you for lying but I’m glad you’ve come clean. I got to the point where I wasn’t sure if you’d begin to push me away once I left for college.” I snort. “We’re sisters I could never push you away. Besides look what happened while you were away at college.” I gesture out into the air. “I made a sex tape and I haven’t even had sex.” We both snort, Yanan and Hayoung laughing as well. “Come here.” Jiyoon pulls me into a hug. - At school on Monday Hayoung, Yanan, and I walk down the halls together. I held my head high as I walked. I didn’t want them to know that them talking about me got to me. As we round the corner towards my locker we stop noticing a big crowd around it. My eyes brows knit together in confusion. I rush into the crowd to find my locker. There written in red was the word slut and a picture of Hyunggu and I kissing at the beach was stuck on it. Everyone was staring at me as I came to a halt and stared at what was there. Hayoung pushes her way beside me and I hear her tongue click pissed off. I push back out of the crowd, why was she doing this to me? As I get out of the crowd I brush past Hyunggu who immediately grabs my arm. “Whoa whoa, what’s going on?” I rip my arm from his and glare at him. “So, what, you’re just going to play along with them? You aren’t going to say it isn’t true? You just let everyone believe we had sex?” I raise my hands out into the air. Hayoung emerges from the crowd the crumpled-up picture in her hands. She spots the two of us and stomps over. “I bet you’re happy the video leaked.” I say, moving to turn away. As I’m turning I catch a glimpse of Hayoung shoving the picture into his chest. “Are you going to do something about this?” She growls following behind me. “Hey, everyone listen up.” Hyunggu’s voice raises. I stop down the hall to listen to what he’s got to say. “Not that it’s anyone’s business, but nothing happened at the beach.” He pauses glancing around. “If I hear anyone talking about Jina or that video, I’m going to to kick your asses.” “Understand?” He says his eyes connecting with mine. Hayoung snorts sarcastically. “Job well done, Kang.” Hyunggu comes running down the hall towards me and I turn to walk away. “Whoa wait.” He says as I stop walking. “Look, I am really sorry about everything. If I knew who did this...” I snort cutting him off. “I know who did it.” I say staring at him like he’s stupid. “So should you.” He slowly nods. “Yeah okay, I’ll talk to her alright?” I scoff. “No, this is something I’ll handle myself.” I push past him. - I don’t see Dayeon right away after that. It isn’t until the passing period between second and third that I see her. She’s heading into the restroom so I head in after her. When I walk in she’s checking herself out in the mirror. I walk right up to her and she rolls her eyes. “I know you posted that video.” I raise an eyebrow towards her and she laughs and turns to face me. “Nope, wasn’t me.” She backs away from me and smiles. “But just so you know, if you have sex in a public place, you’ve gotta be ready to deal with the consequences.” “It’s bad enough that a guy would do this but when a girl does it? Don’t you think that’s awful?” I say looking at her. Girls should stick together? More often than not we are the ones being attacked for things like this. She shrugs. “Well I didn’t do it, so you’re harping at the wrong person.” She moves to walk past me. “I’m glad someone did though, just shows who you really are.” I squint towards her. “What?” “You’ve acted like you’re miss innocent since grade school. It was as if I was the only one who noticed you weren’t.” She jabs a finger in my direction. “Hyunggu isn’t as confident as he seems to be, I’m not as tough as I pretend to be and you,” She pauses crossing her arms over her chest. “You aren’t as innocent as you pretend to be. You stole my boyfriend from me.” I roll my eyes. “You guys have been broken up for over four months? I’ve only been on Hyunggu’s radar for one month.” She shakes her head and laughs. “You think he hasn’t noticed you before a month ago?” Her hands flying out angered. “Jina stop playing innocent, we’ve all three went to the same school since elementary school.” “That doesn’t mean anything, I haven’t talked to Hyunggu before a month ago. And even then we were only friends.” I exclaim. She growls, shaking her head, clearly fed up with me. She storms out of the bathroom and I’m left alone. - I sat on the couch next to Yanan and Hayoung after school three days later. “Thanks for coming over guys.” I smile towards them. They both smile back. Jiyoon had left for college again this week so it was just us now. “I still can’t believe you made out with Kang Hyunggu.” Hayoung shakes her head. “I didn’t know you had it in you, and with Hyunggu of all people? I mean not that I wasn’t expecting it to happen because it was beyond obvious you two liked each other but it’s still weird because of all people I didn’t expect you to end up with him?” I sigh glancing at her. “Yeah me either.” “Are you ever going to talk to him again?” Yanan asks drawing my attention to him. I sigh, I mean I honestly didn’t know. “I don’t know.” “You should.” Yanan nudges me. “I agree with Yanan.” Hayoung intervenes. “You seemed happier when he was around.” “I did?” I look between the two of them. They both nod. “Yes of course, you’re so blind to everything.” Yanan sighs. I send him a glare. “You also told him things you’ve not told anyone before. I think that means wonders, you found someone you can tell anything to.” Hayoung states patting my knee. “Plus, you’re still obviously in love with him.” I shove her hand off my knee. “Yah.” She laughs at me and I shake my head. “He probably doesn’t want to deal with me anymore.” “Or he’s just you know waiting for you to come talk to him? I mean you’ve shut down every conversation you’ve had with him for the past few days so he can’t really do anything.” Yanan sasses me. Sassy Yanan would always win. “Alright alright. I’ll go talk to him.” Yanan and Hayoung stand up and walk out of my apartment complex with me. Hyunggu would probably be at his, Yuto, and Wooseok’s place tonight. Not his mom’s. So I head towards it. Yanan playfully sniffs as I walk away. “They grow up so fast.” I roll my eyes at him. “I know it seems like just yesterday she was curled into me for movie night.” Hayoung sniffs as well. Yanan laughs. “Go make us proud parents, Jina.” “Oh so your married now?” I wink at both of them. Hayoung scoffs. “Me marry him?” Yanan snorts. “What’s wrong with me? It’s you that’s weird!” I left them to their bickering. One day they could end up together but who knows? - I arrive at the Hyunggu’s place fifteen minutes later. I quickly knock on the door and wait for someone to answer. It takes a minute until the door is clicking open. Behind it stood Wooseok. He seems surprised that I’m here, he didn’t wear his usual bright smile when I arrived. He probably thought I was here to yell at Hyunggu again. “Oh hey Jina.” He offers me a smaller smile that usual. “Hey is Hyunggu here?” I ask biting my lip waiting for his reply. “Yeah, he’s upstairs in his room.” He puts his thumb up and over his shoulder to point behind him. “Can I talk to him?” I swallow, this almost felt as if I was asking his parent’s permission to see him. Wooseok steps aside to allow me room to enter. “Yeah sure, just please don’t hurt him too much.” I nod and walk past him and up the familiar stairs until I stood in front of his door. It was already open and I could see Hyunggu. He was lying on his stomach face to the side staring out the window on the opposite wall from me. I step inside the room and slowly sit down on the bed. The dip in the bed causes Hyunggu to roll his head over. He freezes when he sees its me. “Hey.” I say awkwardly. “Hey.” He replies sitting up a bit to rest on his arms so he can see more properly. “I-uh came here to tell you something.” I let my hands rest on my knee so I can grip onto something while I say this. Hyunggu nods. “Go ahead.” I swallow nervously before letting my eyes meet his. “I like you, not in fake way and not in a friend way. I you.” There is a moment of silence before I sigh. “I just wanted to let you know that, so I’ll,” I gesture towards the door. “Just leave now.” I move to the side of the bed to leave but his voice stops me. “Don’t leave.” He murmurs, I stare towards the door waiting for him to continue. “I think I can finally explain myself now that you aren’t mad.” I turn back around to face him. He’s no longer lying down, he’s sat up straight and is closer to me now. “The reason I went to Dayeon’s room that night was to end things. I don’t know if she got the wrong idea by sitting with me on the bus but she was trying to flirt with me all day and I wanted to make it clear to her that I wasn’t interested.” I stare at him as his adam’s apple bobs like he was nervous. “For a majority of this month it’s only been you, Jina. You were never someone to mess with for me. I may have not been over her when we first met but that quickly changed. To me you were just the person I needed, I can tell you anything and I just, I’m in love with you Lee Jina.” I bite my lip as I felt it curving into a smile. “You are?” “Mmm.” He hums moving closer. He leans down kissing me straight on the lips. I wrap my arms around his neck as his hands move to my hips, he slowly pushes me down to the bed hovering over me. However, our moment didn’t last long. “I’m just making sure you’re not kil-oh shit sorry.” Wooseok’s voice tears us apart. “Have you guys ever heard of closing the door?” Hyunggu flies back off me and huffs throwing one of his pillows towards Wooseok who laughs backing out of the doorway and into the hall. “I’m glad you guys are good again. It wasn’t the same when you two weren’t up each other’s asses.” He screeches as Hyunggu hops off the bed to chase after him. I laugh to myself as Hyunggu stops at the doorway. He too laughs before closing the door and turns around. He has a smirk on his face. “You know the contract hasn’t really ended right?” I squint sitting up. “What do you mean?” His smirk widens. “I still have the second request that hasn’t been fulfilled.” “Yah Kang Hyunggu!” I cross my arms over my chest. “I said nothing sexual!” He laughs and comes forward. “You still think so lowly of me!” He sits down beside me and nudges me with his shoulder. “I was gonna suggest a date night or something?” I stare at his lips, my eyes flickering to his eyes. “I think that sounds like a good request.” -END- (Author's Note: Please give me feedback on what you thought of it!) -- If you wish to be tagged in the Pentagon taglist please let me know! -- Gorilla Mod Squad: @awkwardjazzy @Halsyeon @MelissaGarza @MaeLyn Universe Taglist: @Josyy7 @ZephyrBlaze @Helixx @SweetDuella @SugakookieV @IsoldaPazo @CrystalBlunt @KarenGuerra93 @LemonLassie @mitchix5 @Sailynn @AimeeH @EvilGenius @ibMIMI @Starbell808 @karinamiranda81 @sukkyongwanser @KpopBeat @Viresse @ImHayley @KierstinAndrews @JasminMartinez @Starbell808 @SierraBecerra @CrookedShadow @AkiraCornett @Changkyunie @Infinitysky @InfiniteKiss @QueenyCrossGene Please let us know if you'd like to be tagged or untagged! 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