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Must Watch Film: Lady Bird

The plot is simple enough,

Lady Bird follows a high-school senior living in Sacramento trying to deal with her turbulent relationship with her mother.
Just watch the trailer and tell me you aren't already in love:

It was written & directed by Greta Gerwig, the star behind the glorious film Frances Ha:

Lady Bird is out in theatres this month in America!

They both look very interesting
It does look interesting.
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Fictional Characters I Would Date
So I saw this card by @sophiamor about dating fictional characters, and while it wasn't a challenge, it got me thinking and then I wanted to make a card myself. So I'm presenting a challenge if you want, let us know who you would date!! 1. Sesshomaru Let's be honest, Sesshomaru was amazing!! He never wavered and only did what was best for him and those under his care. He would be devoted, brilliant, deadly, and extremely protective, not to mention super hot! Plus, you get a little sister!! 2. Samwise Gamgee Let's be honest, Frodo Baggypants had nothing on Sam. Everyone knows he was the real hero of LOTR. He is sweet all throughout the journey, and he's loyal, devoted, and he never lost his ability to hope and love. He did change, but it only made stronger and gave him the desire to appreciate life and love. Could you ask for a better friend or partner? I think not. 3. Mr. Darcy Oh Fitzwillialm! Lol. I've always been in love with Mr. Darcy since I knew about Pride and Prejudice. Every time I reread the book or rematch the movies (I own two different versions) I fall in love with him all over again. He is a devoted brother, friend, and master; he's also smart, resourceful, connected, hard-working and has a good character about him. What could be better? 4. Momiji Sohma He was my favorite from the beginning: devoted friend, big brother, son, and no matter how dark everything got, he never stopped loving. He tried to stay positive and loved others even when it was painful and he's get nothing in return. Also, he became extremely handsome as an adult. I would have chosen him in a heartbeat. 5. Prince Derek He's one of my favorite non-Disney princes, and let's be honest, even compared to many Disney princes, lol. He's strong, fast, brave, loyal, smart, and loving. He's truly the perfect prince in so many ways. I'd love to date him. 6. Merlin He's loyal almost to a fault. Could you ask for more from a guy? He does all sorts of odd-end jobs, he'd be perfect for all the house chores like mowing the lawn, plumbing, fixing doorknobs, etc. He is hard-working and would give his life for you. Plus, he has a great sense of humor and despite his abilities remains (mostly) humble and honorable. Truly a treasure. Very true, lol. I had a hard time deciding on who i would actually date, and finally settled on these awesome guys. @InVinsybll, @taylor619cruz, @neevp, @AimeBolanos, @hikaymm, @saori99, @BlackoutZJ, @CreeTheOtaku, @Sharia, @Janxsalas, @nick2232, @koifries, @SimoneSanders, @EmiiAlcid, @NightcoreOtaku, @3awl, @kevauna12, @Lushisushi, @coraweiland, @Hinatahyuga, @UsagiChan, @DietraAngelus, @desireesowah143, @AcaciaNguyen, @HokageJess, @lovethe90s, @KaitlynBottoms, @MinakoTsan, @JeffPalmer, @AllieGrabowski, @sarahdarwish, @SierraBecerra, @jojojordy2324, @ReynadeKpop, @maddiedo, @kyokeo, @MomoChamie, @daniimals, @shelbiisonfire, @pinkfluffyunico, @mycreativename, @Juliag13, @Sankeerthana, @SunsQistina, @NekoYoongi, @kwonsooshi, @sosoaloraine, @SilentPianist, @megancurrent19, @Ligaya, @Defy24601, @koreanfan99, @P1B2Bear, @Yattamae, @Infynitee, @FatimaGarciaa, @Zurny, @wow12wow, @Cx5228, @thatoneoutcast@kpopandkimchi, @Miss148, @honeysoo, @iamrotamrot, @AimeeH, @StephanieDuong, @KaceyDodge, @B1A4BTS5ever, @kpopGaby, @PassTheSuga, @MattK95, @Starbabes, @baileykayleen, @byeolbit, @NatMarie, @KhrystinaLee, @sugajin94, @AgentLeo, @XergaB20, @netchtiBates, @CheyenneJessee, @allischaff, @ocherrylimeadeo, @Meeshell, @ravirie, @DeeNice, @HappyGLAlexis, @Viresse, @AlmaRangel, @edwinb94, @IzzyPerkins, @Boekyeol27, @solodaywithB1A4, @YvonJerzak, @wonsikbrah, @TaeJinMaknae, @TesneemElAlami, @Mastermind2K16, @kelseyblair, @ciabrizz, @Dahliadang, @KellyOConnor, @JustinaMclean, @ToriDaldegan, @ashelynlandon15, @kpopular, @StarlightDria, @RecklessYouth, @AlatheaOwan, @JazminOrozco, @Adetoro, @kpopgirl42, @NayizX3, @squeakk, @paksaedi, @Elanana, @xxxtina, @BTSinsfires@JiyongLeo, @lovetop, @lilbr0wneyes, @resavalencia, @IsoldaPazo, @KristinaCaron, @SarangRavi, @goinnutz22, @JenGambale, @ElishaFisher, @Mikim000, @TesneemAlami, @VeronicaArtino, @jenxchan, @deilig@jessicaacosta90, @KhrystinaLee, @ElleHolley, @JaiiPanda, @ashleyemmert, @Isolate, @sarabear1021, @EliseB, @Lexxsisco, @ScarletMermaid, @Nadinerzz, @narutobandgeek
봉준호 감독의 <기생충>, 한국 영화 최초로 아카데미 4관왕 차지하다
작품상, 감독상, 국제영화상, 각본상 부문에서 아카데미의 벽이 무너졌다. 영화 <기생충>이 제92회 아카데미 시상식(Academy Awards)에서 작품상을 비롯해 감독상, 국제영화상, 각본상 등 무려 4개의 트로피를 거머쥐게 된 것. 특히 외국어 영화로는 처음 작품상을 수상하게 되면서 한국 영화 역사뿐만 아니라 92년 오스카 영화의 새로운 이정표를 세우게 됐다. 줄곧 통역을 통해 소감을 전하던 봉준호 감독은 영어로 “오늘 밤은 술 마실 준비가 돼있다. 내일 아침까지 말이다(I'm ready to drink tonight, until next morning)”며 벅찬 감사를 전했다. 자막의 장벽과 오스카의 오랜 전통을 딛고 4관왕을 차지하게 된 영광의 순간은 위 영상에서, 아카데미 전 수상자(작) 목록은 아래에서 확인해보길 바란다. 작품상 <기생충> 봉준호 남우주연상 <조커> 호아킨 피닉스 여우주연상 <주디> 르네 젤위거('주디') 남우조연상 <원스 어폰 어 타임 인 할리우드> 브래드 피트 여우조연상 <결혼 이야기> 로라 던 감독상 <기생충> 봉준호 각본상 <기생충> 봉준호, 한진원 각색상 <조조 래빗> 타이카 와이티티 촬영상 <1917> 로저 디킨스 편집상 <포드 V 페라리> 마이클 맥커스커 국제장편영화상 <기생충> 봉준호 미술상 <원스 어폰 어 타임 인 할리우드> 바바라 링 의상상 <작은 아씨들> 재클린 듀런 분장상 <밤쉘> 비비안 베이커 음악상 <조커> 힐더 구드나도티르 주제가상 <로켓맨> 엘튼 존 음향편집상 <포드 V 페라리> 도널드 실베스터 음향믹싱상 <1917> 스튜어트 윌슨 시각효과상 <1917> 기욤 로셰론 장편애니메이션상 <토이 스토리 4> 조시 쿨리 단편애니메이션상 <헤어 러브> 매튜 A. 체리 단편영화상 <더 네이버스 윈도우> 마샬 커리 장편다큐멘터리상 <아메리칸 팩토리> 스티븐 보그너 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서
What Does Aqualine Do?
Aqualine Saunas is perceived as the main market provider in Infrared Saunas, Traditional Steam Saunas, Portable Saunas, Saunas Heaters and Steam Rooms for both residential and business applications and is an individual from the Aqualine Ltd Group. We are pleased to offer the biggest extensive scope of top brand saunas and steam rooms in the UK. We are additionally one of the primary sauna organizations to spread out our full valuing on the web for our top of the line and business units. Numerous different organizations right now first check how much your financial limit is and the amount you are worth and afterward charge fittingly. We utilize reasonable estimating and don't give exceptional rates to various clients with the goal that everyone gets a reasonable arrangement and an incredible cost. This likewise demonstrates we don't utilize pushy deals groups. Our Vision Quality, Price and Simplicity! Which we have taken to the following level. In any case, not overlooking our different qualities... How we are extraordinary? How is Aqualine unique in relation to different retailers? They offer a wide range, or great plan or capacity, or low costs or the best quality. We offer these! That is our business thought. More often than not, delightfully structured extravagance home items are made for a little piece of the populace, we mean to react to the way of life needs of individuals and spot these selective things in your range. We are here for individuals who need to improve their home, way of life and make better regular day to day existences. See at Home Guarantee We are so sure about the nature of our items and that you will be fulfilled, so on the off chance that you are not content with any part of your sauna when it is shows up, you can send it back for a full discount. Quality Our things are the best quality? We have gone to the following level and understand that an announcement like that necessities backing up. Its simple to state we have the best quality things accessible like different organizations, the entirety of our providers are hand picked after we have worked through the many providers overall who didn't measure up. We work intimately with our producers to guarantee they hold fast to the strictest Quality Managements on the planet today while verifying restrictive arrangements just accessible to Aqualine. This implies we get the best arrangements and you get the most reduced cost. ˜We don't compromise with modest substandard quality things, and we demonstrate our quality."
마블 <캡틴 마블> 새로운 예고편 공개
내년 3월 개봉 예정. 마블 시네마틱 유니버스(이하 MCU)의 첫 번째 여성 히어로 솔로무비 <캡틴 마블>이 티저 영상과 포스터로 한 꺼풀 베일을 벗은 가운데, 트레일러가 공개된 첫날 하루 내 조회수가 마블 역대 4위를 기록했다. 동시간대에 <블랙 팬서>보다 2천만 건 더 많은 수치인 총 1억 900만 뷰를 훌쩍 넘기며 뜨거운 반응을 보이고 있는 것. 역대 마블 신기록을 경신했던 <캡틴 아메리카: 시빌워>의 위력을 능가한다. <캡틴 마블>은 MCU의 새 발판인 10년을 여는 분기점이자, <어벤져스: 인피니티 워> 쿠키 영상의 주인공이기도 하다. 캐롤 댄버스가 닉 퓨리를 만나 마블 시네마틱 유니버스 사상 가장 강력한 히어로 캡틴 마블로 거듭나는 이야기를 그리며, 영상에서는 우주 침공과 대규모 추격전 등 ‘범우주’ 스케일의 사건들이 줄줄이 예고돼 팬들의 손에 땀을 쥐게 한다. 영화 속에서 브리 라슨(Brie Larson)은 얼마나 강한 모습으로 등장할까. 위 트레일러 영상을 통해 미리 들여다보자.  업데이트 첫 티저에 이어 <캡틴 마블>의 새로운 예고편이 공개됐다. 전 영상에는 쉴드 국장인 닉 퓨리의 일반 요원 시절 모습과 함께 90년대 향수가 담겼다면, 2차에는 공군 장교 시절의 캐롤 댄버스와 캡틴 마블이 된 이후 모습이 자세히 그려진 하이라이트. 첫 예고편이 공개될시 케빈 파이기(Kevin Feige)은 “그녀는 우리가 지금까지 소개한 어떤 캐릭터보다 강합니다. 이번 예고편에서 닉 퓨리가 캡틴 마블을 원하는 이유를 알 수 있을 것”이라고 언급해 영화에 더욱 기대를 모은다. 2019년 3월 개봉 예정. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서