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2NE1 Week

Dara has always been my favorite 2NE1 member and it’s an honor to introduce her in this weeks Get To Know 2NE1!

Early Life

Sandara Park, better known as Dara was born November 12, 1984 in Busan, South Korea. In 1992 due tough finances her family moved to the Philippines. In 1995 her family moved once again to Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines and began their new life.

Path to Stardom

In 2004 Dara met Pauleen Luna, a former talent of ABS-CBN Corporation Talent Center. Luna suggested Dara audition for Star Circle Quest, a talent search program like American Idol and K-pop Star. During the season Dara faced elimination several times but made it to the Top 10. During the last elimination round Dara received half a million text votes helping her secure second place on the show. Dara then joined the stations popular tv show, Star Magic, and received many commercial endorsements and television appearances. In 2004 she stared her first movie Bcuz of U, the film won her the “Best New Actress” award at the 21st Philippine Move Press Club Star Awards. In 2005 she stared in her second movie “Can This Be Love”. That year she was nominated for the “Best Performance by and Actress in a Leading Roll (Musical or Comedy)” at the Golden Screen Awards. In 2006 she did two more movies, D’Lucky Ones and Super Noypi. Super Noypi was Dara’s last movie. While in the Philippines, Dara also worked on music, she released a six-track album titled “Sandara”. On August 1, 2007 her family returned to South Korea.

Korean Stardom

In 2004, Yang Hyun-suk offered Dara workshop class in South Korea after watching her documentary “My Name Is Sandara”. In 2005 Dara put her career in the Philippines on hold and went to Korea to participate in the workshops. When her family moved back Korea on August Dara decided to sign with YG Entertainment. Before her debut in the group 2NE1 Dara played a minor role in the TV drama “The Return of Iljimae” as Rie (2008). She also appeared in Gummy’s music video as T.O. P’s love interest. On May 17, 2009 2NE1 made their officially debuted on SBS’s The Music Trend with their song "Fire".
Right of the back 2NE1 became Rookie Monsters releasing several hits. That same year Dara was featured on G-Dragon’s debut solo album Heartbreaker, on the song “Hello”. They performed on music shows and during G-Dragon’s solo concert “Shine A Light”. Dara also released her first digital single, “Kiss”, becoming the first 2NE1 member to do so. The song was used for an endorsement commercial for Cass Beer.
In 2010 Dara stared in Taeyang’s music video for “I Need a Girl”.

Due to her close relationship with the public fan often called Dara the groups PR manger, on April 18, 2011 YG promoted Dara from just an artist to Communications Director. She even received an Certificate of Appointment. On June 27, 2012 Dara’s Philippine movies were released in Korea.

Renewed Acting

In 2014 Dara returned to the Philippines as a guest on Pinoy Big Brother. Her arrival soon went viral and many fans welcomed her back “home” with open arms. She also appeared on All in Uber’s live episode along with Gandang Gabi, Vice! and many other popular Philippine shows. Back in Korea Dara become the new DJ for Let’s Crank Up the Volume, replacing Yoo Inna from May through June. Later in the year Dara made a cameo on the last episode of “My Love from the Star”. On November 12 BeFunny Studios began releasing a 3-part mini web series featuring Dara and Steven Yeun titled “What’s eating Steven Yeun”. In 2015 Dara took up acting once again staring in many web drama, she become the first actress to win the “Best Actress” award at the K-web festival. She also featured in Jinusean’s song “Tell Me” on You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook and later joined the group again on Music Bank for their new song “Tell Me One More Time”. Dara then took up her second lead role in the web-drama “We Broke Up”. Due to the positive reaction the cast held a mini concert on August 17. In 2015 Dara joined the variety show Sugar Man, the episode was broadcasted eon October 20.


In 2016 Dara joined the judging panel on Pinoy Boyanf Superstar. The show premiered on September 10. This was also the year that the 2NE1 announced they would official be disbanding. On November 26, 2016 Dara wrote a letter to her fans. Dara did resign to YG Entertainment.


Dara is currently the host of Get It Beauty. She also stirred in the movie “One Step”. The film premiered in South Korea on April 6 and May 10 in the Philippines. Dara’s next big projects with be the film adaptation of Cheese in the Trap, 107th Year of Night, and Relationship Appeal. Dara also has a YouTube channel!


*Profile details come from *

Stage name: Dara
Birth name: Park Sandara (박산다라)
Nicknames: Sandy, Krung-krung
Position: Vocalist, Visual
Birth date: 11.12.1984

Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Blood type: Type A
Height: 162 cm ( 5 ft 3¾ in)
Weight: 47 kg (104 pounds)
Specialties: Dancing, Singing, Acting
Colors: Pink
Languages: Korean, English, Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese
Accessories: Mobile
Influences: M.Y.M.P
Religion: Atheist
Twitter account: krungy21
Instagram: daraxxi


– She released an album that became “Platinum” twice, selling more than 60,000 copies in 6 months.
– She moved to the Philippines in 1995 due to her father’s business.
– She entered YG in 2007.
– She joined the reality show “Star Circle Quest” (2004) in the Philippines and became famous.
– First to release a solo song from the group entitled “Kiss” ft. CL.
– December 2004, YG’s Yang Hyun Suk offered her workshop classes after seeing the KBS Documentary “My Name Is Sandara Park”.
– Thunder (ex-member of MBLAQ) is her younger brother.
– Likes to wear street clothes.
– Awesome in Math and Physics.
– She deletes numbers of people who don’t reply.
– Sandara Park has continued to focus on her acting career as part of YG Entertainment, seeing huge success in her online dramas.
– Dara has a youtube channel now: Dara TV

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지금 웹상에서 논란되고 있는 씨엘 인터뷰입니다. 뭐 긴말은 하지 않겠음. 보시고 판단은 직접 내리시길 CL: 아시아 여자들은 평범(Basic)하고 싶어한다 "요새 어린애들은 뭔가 새로운걸 찾고 남들과 다르게 보이고 싶었다. 특히 여자애들이 그렇다. 그게 내가 바로 이 자리에 선 이유다. 아시아 소녀들에게 예시가 되고싶었기 때문이다. 많은 아시아 여자들은 평범해지고 싶어한다. 그게 안전하니까." "하지만 사실은 내 많은 팬들은 그런 여자애들이다. 걔네는 더욱 더 과감해지기를 원하는데 보고 배울 롤모델이나, '그렇게 해도(과감해져도) 괜찮아'라고 말해주는 사람이 없다. 앞으로도 그렇게 할 사람도 없고. 그래서 나는 스스로가 아시아를 위해 많은 것을 했고 또 소녀들을 많이 바꿔놨다고 느낀다" "폰케이스 하나를 사더라도 새로운걸 시도해보지 않나. 아시아의 소녀들은 매우 순종적이고 수줍고 소심하고 조용하다. 하지만 이제 그런게 바뀌고 있는 것 같다. 나는 그들이 더 강해졌으면 바라고 그들에게 '다름'도 괜찮다고 말해주고 싶다. 특별한 사람이 되는 것은 호화로운 일이고 아직 우리는 그런 기회를 가지지 못한거 같다" (원문) CL: "Asian girls love being basic" "I think a lot of the young kids right now are looking for something new,and they want to look different. Especially girls, and this is why I’m trying to come out here — to set an example of an Asian girl. A lot of Asian girls love being basic because it’s safe. But the thing is, a lot of my fans are those girls, and they want to be bolder, but there’s no one they could look up to and be like, It’s OK to be that way. There’s no one out here who will do that, and I feel like I have done enough for Asia and changed a lot of girls. Even if it’s a phone case, they try. Girls in Asia are very obedient, shy, timid, quiet, but I can tell that it’s changing, and I want them to be stronger and tell them that it’s OK to be different. Being special is a luxury, and I don’t think we have that. Yet.
성형 아닌 화장의 힘, CL 메이크업
장 카스텔바작이 강남에서 전시를 한단 이야길 듣고 기사를 찾아 보다가 발견한, 바로 이 사진. 그런데 제 눈에는 먹물이 묻은 카스텔바작의 손보다 CL의 메이크업이 맨 먼저 눈에 들어왔다는 거죠! 역시 전 어쩔 수 없는 코덕 모브(mauve)톤의 립 메이크업부터 광택이 느껴지는 피부 표현, 강하게 넣었지만 위치적절한 쉐딩 부드럽게 음영으로 풀어 낸 스모키 아이까지 거기에 귀신 같은 색조합, 플래티넘 블론드 색상의 헤어!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 심쿵.gif 이미 아시겠지만. 사실 CL의 메이크업은 흔한 한국식 화장보다 빡센 교포식 화장에 가까웠어요. 리퀴드 아이라이너와 마스카라를 정말 2달에 한 통씩 다 쓸 것 같은 메이크업이었지요 :> 눈물샘 근처를 얇고 선명하게 채워 앞트임 효과를 주고, 인조 속눈썹은 거의 무조건 풍성한 것으로, 단순히 캣츠아이라기엔 광활한 너비의 아이라인. CL도 무쌍커풀이기에 극적인 효과를 낼 수 있는 메이크업이라면, 이 방법이 잘 맞았겠지만. 하지만. 하지만. 어쩌다 이렇게 궁합이 안 맞는 경우에는 화장은 텁텁하고 눈은 부자연스럽고 빡세기만 빡세고. 분명히 화장하면 예뻐져야 맞는 건데 오히려..네... 긴말 않겠습니다... 하지만! 위의 사진들처럼 CL의 메이크업이 확! 달라졌습니다. 아는 분들은 다 아는, 메이크업 아티스트 포니(PONY)가 CL의 메이크업을 담당하기 시작하면서부터인데요. 여리여리한 맛, 일자 눈썹, 애교살 등을 강조하는 보통의 한국식 메이크업과 더불어 컨투어링, 스트로빙, 쉐이딩 등 빡세고 강한 테크닉을 사용하는 것이 포니의 매력! 한국식 메이크업과 서양식 메이크업을 잘 믹스하는 기술이 정말 정말 뛰어나요. CL의 메이크업에서도 이런 컨투어링을 강조한 모습을 많이 볼 수 있죠 XD 이 사진들도 색상 조합이 귀신이죠. 블러셔, 립, 눈, 눈썹, 피부표현까지 쉐도우부터 쉐이딩까지 아주 그냥 혼연일체여요. 다양한 색조를 사용하되 음영을 귀신같이 조절해서 인위적이지 않고 자연스럽게, 너무너무 예쁘죠. 무대에서 보면 이런 모습! 괜히 성형설 소문이 나온 게 아니라구요 +ㅁ+)/ 역시 금손 갓포니. 화장이 변장이 되는 순간을 공유합니다♪ FOLLOW는 여기에서 :)
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Extraordinary You (Korean Drama Recommendation)
Episodes: 32 (35 Minute Episodes) Genre: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School, Fantasy Other Genre Tags (listed on MDL): High School, Student, Adapted from a Webtoon, Coming of Age, Unrequited Love, Love Triangle, Rich Female Lead, Multiple Mains (Characters), Youth Romance, Rainbow, Webtoon World, Idol Actor Rating: 15 + Where to Watch: Viki Status: Currently Airing - October 2nd-November 21st, 2019 Main Cast: Ro Woon, Kim Hye Yoon, Lee Jae Wook, Lee Na Eun, Kim Young Dae, Jung Gun Joo, Lee Tae Ri Notes/Warnings: -There is bullying going on but this is mainly a comedy, there are still some deep meaningful situations though. (I mean so far, there's only 4 episodes out so far...XD) Synopsis: What would you do if you found out that you were, in fact, a character in a comic? And an extra character on top of that? Change the course of the story, obviously! Eun Dan Oh is a 17-year-old high-school student from a wealthy family who suffers from a lifelong heart condition that inevitably means she will not live past her teenage years. However, when Dan Oh realizes she is experiencing longgaps in her memory as well, she comes into the unhappy inheritance of another fact in her life: she is a character in a Korean webtoon and all of her actions are predetermined by the artist who draws her. To make matters worse, she discovers she is only a supporting character in the cast. With her newfound understanding of the world she inhabits, she is determined to find true love in her own plot-line and circumvent the author’s plans for her character by utilizing the flashes of storyboard she alone is able to see. (Source: onehallyu, MDL) My Remarks: It's really good so far! If you liked the drama W you'd like this one most likely. They both have a similar concept. Except W had a serial killer in it...this one does not, or at least if it does it hasn't yet. XD - Asian Drama/Movie Taglist: @KendraReeve @travelloveskin @MelissaGarza @KpopIsPleasing @LostMage @2ilVer @LinnyOk @rocklvr @VeronicaArtino @Just2BLoved @Kyla05 If you'd like to be tagged in any of my Asian drama/actor stuff please let me know!