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Okay, so I do this thing where I draw a character from whatever anime I'm currently watching from memory. It just so happens I'm rewatching Kamisama Hajimemashita, so I decided to draw Nanami Momozono, the show's protagonist. If you're looking for a good romantic comedy with great drama and well developed plot, I totally recommend it. ;)
Hoped you enjoyed this!

@FirePrincess11 this id amazing!! ur super tallented! and thank you for the spam of likes too :3
THANK YOU! And yes, I've been out from vingle for a while due to school purposes, so I had to catch up on your work! You're also very talented and give me inspiration to continue drawing. ;3
@FirePrincess11 AWW!!! thats such a lovley thing for you to say!!! 😭😭😭 welcome back! we should try and do some kind of art colab! i think itd be super cool
New guy pass by
Well hello there 😊😊
Thats a beautiful drawing. It's perfect.
Thank you very much! <3
Love it NAKAMA!!
YAY! I'm glad 😂
Keep it up @FirePrincess11 I’m jealous. I’m currently working on a flower mural type for my mom for Xmas. So no Anime drawings for me bc this is taking days drawing tiny little flowers over an entire page I think I’m 1/4 of the way done and like 4+ hours in. Haha. I watch anime while drawing tho haha. Then I have 2 more drAwings non anime/manga to draw for Xmas. Ahh haha but atleast its fun and free, besides may need some more 2&4b pencils lol. But yeah I like that. Post more please 😁😂
I see what you mean. 😂 But I'm sure your mother will love your gift, especially considering all the time you're putting into it. Good luck! And thank you for your support! 😄
hahaa welcome back
Thank you! ^-^
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