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Share Your Fur-Babies!

I just booked a ticket home to visit my family in February and that of course includes my little brother, Louie!

Louie is from the pound so we're not really sure what he is but vets have suggested American Eskimo, Corgi, and a little Chihuahua. Mainly, he's all attitude ;)

What's your furry friend's name(s) and what kind of dog are they?!

If you want to share photos, please tag me in your card (just type @caricakes in the card^^) and put it in the Dogs or Animals community~

Looking forward to meeting all your cutest family members :)
adorable... I have an American staffordshire terrier named ginger, two rottweilers lily and jazmine a blue pit brindle mix named blue, 4 cats named sneezey, sketchy, chips, and I always forget the last ones ne so I refer to him as city kitty...
Lilly is a mix/mutt. We got her as a puppy from a friend who picked up 8 puppies that were dumped on the highway.
I have a Chihuahua named Charm 💖💖
wahh!! cute name :3
Your dog is so cute!😍
thank you!!!
Chewbacca (chewy for short) is a chocolate lab and chow mix Bernie is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua Digger (cat) is a grey American short hair Nutmeg (cat) Long haired thing whose fur changes between black and dark red Willow (cat) is a black short hair Thumbs (cat) is an orange short haired thing and then we have 8 fish... all of which are named after BTS and PD Nim
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