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I'm an admin on SJ fanbase on twitter ( @ELFheetecture ) As for this year, uri Heenim wil be 30 y.o (korean age) so we decide on having something really lovely for his upcoming birthday. After series of dicussing and talking, we have come up to make a video tribute to uri Heenim who still on military. The video will be uploaded to youtube and we will give the link to uri Heenim. The CD of video tribute will we sent to SM entertaiment too(really hope that it will works). So we need your participation. Let's show uri Heenim ELF love,even he is still on military :) 1. Sent us your photo and your wishes for uri Heenim OR sent us your birthday greeting card OR sent us your greeting video (max 1 minute) 2.Sent to elfheetecture@yahoo.com with your identity (name,country,age,twitter account) with subject "Heenim Bday" << dont forget to write the subject and identity!!! Example: Ryn, Indonesian,17, @nyunyu_nyut 3.Confirm your self at @ELFheetecture (on twitter) ATTENTION: 1. Dont write down your twitter account name on the photo 2. The event will be closed on 30th june 2012 at 12p.m KST (Korean time) 3.Only Heechul,no other members. Wanna Join??
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