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Who do you put your money on?? this would be a epic fight tho!
this picture is awesome and it would be a great fight to watch
Omg... don’t make me chose! My favorite anime character... my favorite comic book character
Luffy all day!! Spider-Man SmiderMan lol. There is a reason Luffy is the #1 manga captain ever and will be forever.!! Now if it was Superman, I may struggle but Luffy can beat this all day!! Haha. Personal thought. Bc my first tattoo and first nickname was SUPERMAN. DC Love. But anime is Life obvi!! Haha.
@JustinDiaz NAKAMA of course Luffy is #1 the main reason knowing he inherited the Straw Hat. And not only but also created Straw Hat Crew, his ties go into not only the World govt but also the Resistance, aka Garp and Dragon!! So Luffy won’t be killed for Knowing The Secrets of the Past!! Shanks passed on his dream to Luffy!! How I believe it all! Gol D was the first but I can’t say the best, the first is always perceived the best but doesn’t mean he is the one and only King!! Luffy will be King of Pirates at such a young and amazing age!! @JessSenpai haha Luffy always sorry 😜 but I have a Superman Emblem, my first tat and then my 1/4 of my back is covered in Kryptonite so I have to say if it wasn’t for my many other anime pieces I’d be a DC guy. But anime is just so so amazing that I can’t not say my boy Luffy!! Even if it was Superman, I’d go with Luffy haha. And my nickname before Luffy was Superman all through high school, I was the unstoppable dude who did a backflip off everything, even my high school which I got in trouble for sneaking into the janitors room and climbin the room to backflip off of the high school roof at end of school at front entrance 😁😂 ahh Superman days!! But yeah LUFFY4LIFE!!
The one and only thing we disagree on.. our comics. Im a die hard Marvel fan and you DC 😬🤣
Hahaha @JessSenpai true, I do love marvel but Detective Comics for the win. Behind anime of course. Lol. Superman and Goku were my first hero’s. Toonami and Justice league on Cartoon Network everyday after school since I was Teeny, haha. Goku wins over Superman tho. But ahh idk just DC, I mean Superman, C’mon, hahs he even has his own rollercoaster in Chi, but so does hulk in Orlando, which I’ve rode them all 😂 the new Justice League movie tho... haven’t seen it but sure to be amazing!! haha
Idk with spidermans spidey sense and luffys observation haki. would they even be able to touch each other
@JustinDiaz and thats why it would be a great fight
@DevilsSon but I just can't pick its too hard
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