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How will the kiss change the relationship between Dojin and Yisoo? What will happen after Tee San knew about Yisoo's feeling? The continuing drama between Jungrok and Minsong. TONIGHT LIVE!! ************************************************************* CAST: Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as So Yi Soo Kim Su Ro as Im Tee san Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yun See Ya as Hong Se Ra Yun Jin Yi as Im Me Ahri Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song ************************************************************* LIVE RECAP START IN NOW Opening scene the world cup In the middle of red devil supporter, Dojin, Teesan, and Choiyun was doing the tradition for Jungrok's weedding. Taking the lamp, and bringing the duck, they went to Min song's house. 3 beautiful lady was welcoming them. ON the wedding day, taking picture with the friends, Min song didn't smile at all. Do jin Teesan, and choi yun was in heaven between all the beautiful lady who are minsong's friends Guys will always be guys! While taking a bath, Yisoo remembering her kiss with Dojin. She was closing her eyes while imagining it. The bubble was all around the room. Yisoo touched her lips remebering the kiss. After taking bath, Yisoo was sitting in the kitchen while holding the glass. She said" bad guys..." In the room, Yisoo was putting lotion and changing clothes, while cursing dojin and his kiss. In the morning, Dojin wake up while mumbling "18 april, wednesday" when he see his alarm, then his handphone, it it thursday, 19april. (He was also got shocked by the kiss, I guess.) When he went out, Choi yun was preparing breakfast. Dojin was asking him about what happened last night. Choiyun asked him, if it's happened again( i guess dojin lost his memory like before) Choiyun was telling him, Teesan decided not to file the suit. In the office, on the meeting time, Teesan remembered what sera told him last night about Yisoo's crush. Teesan asked the staff to change the meeting to later, he asked Dojin to talk with him. Outside, Teesan asked dojin how he really felt about about yisoo. Dojin asked teesan about his recording pen, Teesan told him that maybe it was in his jacket with Yisoo. Dojin waited Yisoo in the school. Dojin met with the students who was in fight with him before. when they're about to get fight. Yisoo come with 2 teachers. The teachers wondered whose guest it was. When they know it was Yisoo's guest, they were surprised. Dojin asked if Yisoo have some meeting. Yisoo said no so Dojin told her to get on the car. Dojin told her they were going to yisoo's house to get his jacket. Yisoo was upset and asked if he doesn't need to talk to her about last night's episode. . While yisoo gave dojin his jacket, she asked if she also need to forget what happened last night. Dojin who didn't remember anything asked what happened and guessed if they slept together? (wahahahaha). Yisoo told him that what happened last night was something for her. Dojin was listening to his pen. He was mad to teesan about his word last night. After listening all(and understanding all), Teesan asked Dojin if he made any mistakes. Dojin answered not yesterday, but today. Dojin said" i'm a very charming man " Choi yun was telling yisoo about dojin's problem in the park. Because stress or shock, Dojin can lost his memory. That's why he always record his days. Before, he lost a lot of thing bacause this problem. Yisoo asked ChoiYun how long can the pen record dojin's day. when she found out about 24-28 hours. Yisoo was in panic and left the park. Dojin was in doctor checking his head. The doctor said everything is fine. Dojin was listening to his pen at his home. He was listening yisoo's words about their kiss while she was changing clothes. Dojin was imagining while listening. At that time Yisoo come. Yisoo asked if he has listened the pen or not. Dojin said yes, he is listening now about the kiss. He suddenly teased Yisoo about her words. Yisoo was in panic and looking for the pen. They were fighting about the pen when both of them fell on the sofa. Dojin was apologizing about his lost memory. Yisoo suddenly embarrased and put her head in dojin's chest (in cute ways) Dojin told her " Oh this girl. Go now, if not..." Yisoo quickly get up and ready to go out. Dojin asked her, if she know the next word. Yisoo said" if i don't go now, u will not let me go" Dojin said "no, if now, the road will be in traffic" Yisoo was back in the house. Suddenly the cleaning lady come and took the red dress. Me Ahri come to the house. Yisoo want her to take back the dress, afraid that it was too expensive.Me ahri explained that it's not expensive and also told her, eventough her parents is rich, she was independent. Yisoo decided to accept the dress. Yisoo looked at the dress while remembering her time with dojin in the bathroom. Me ahri was curious what happened. On the office. Teesan remembered again about Sera's words about Yisoo's crush. He looked sad. Sera was on the photoshoot. She checked her phone on break time. She was upset Teesan didn't called her. On the dinner with the staff, Sera was watching her phone. The staff asked who it was and why not answering it. Sera answered it was someone who should call before. And if she accept the call, the caller will not look for her. Teesan was picking up Sera on the restaurants. He took Sera in front of everyone satisfying Sera. Sera was walking home with Teesan. while they were talking , Sera asked about Yisoo,and if teesan doesn't like her. Teesan answered why would he hate someone nice like Yisoo. Sera got upset. At that time, Yisoo called teesan. Teesan asked to meet her. Yisoo was waiting for teesan on the bar. Teesan came. Yisoo told teesan not to bother about yesterday's mistake.Teesan told yisoo, He really like Sera very much. Yisoo said she know. But teesan then said "but i think Sera don't know about it" Yisoo was thinking about Teesan's word in the park. When she back in the house. Sera was drinking. Yisoo told her that she will go to sleep. Sera gave Yisoo her jacket, saying that it fit her more. Sera asked her about what did he talk about with Teesan. Yisoo said that teesan no need to bother about the mistake. And also that teesan like Sera very much. Sera told Yisoo that instead of Yisoo, She told Teesan about Yisoo's crush. Sera told Yisoo she found out about the gloves. Yisoo got mad and said she dissapointed. She expect more from Sera as a friends.Yisoo ended saying what if he took Teesan away from her. Yisoo asked her to avoid her in the morning. Yisoo thought about everything in the jungle gym Jung rok and meahri got into the cafe together. Jungrok asked me ahri to call his wife instead of him.He was sleeping at Teesan's house. Me ahri joked how about he and Choiyun changed place, so she can end up living with choiYun SHE WISH!! In the school, Yisoo caught her fave student was scolded by another teacher. SHe scolded the student so she can save the student. Yisoo gave some book to read to the student. Outside the cafe, Me ahri was promising Collin to another meal date. Choiyun was watching all of that. he just went through Me ahri with smiling. ME ahri was eating with Collin. Collin asked about her ame. She answered ahri, Teesan 's sister. Colling want to ask a favor to Ahri, and said he will wait until they finished eating. Yisoo got home. She was waiting in the car outside to avoid Sera.Dojin was also driving in front of Yisoo's house and see Yisoo watching tv in her handphone inside her car. Dojin suddenly got in the car, surprising Yisoo. Yisoo asked why he got in the car. Dojin gave her the notebook. Instead Yisoo gave Dojin the money she owned him. Yisooo's face was very dark, so Dojin asked what happened. Yisoo told him about Sera telling Teesan about her feeling. Yisoo told dojin that eventough he is charming and everything, she will only meet man who is younger than her.(so he should give up) Dojin asked if the only requirement is younger. She told him that just younger, and also funny. Dojin was thinking about Yisoo's word with Choi Yun.Choiyun was teased about me Ahri by dojin. And also about his crush to SNSD"s Soyoung On Teesan's home. Me ahri was complaining about the laundry to Jungrok.Teesan also come out the room and complaining. Jungrok can't take the situation no more and called his wife to meet up . On a church. Jungrok was waiting for his wife. Min song come. Jung rok was kneeling down in front of the altar.He was talking to the "God" and confessing his love to his wife. His wife only smiling watching him.Min song told him to get up. Jung Rok looked relieved. Minsong told her, not only looking other woman.He was also guilty looking down at her.Not only one, two of it was done by Jungrok. Min Song left him Yisoo and Me ahri was in the cake shop, buying some cake. She was waiting for eveyone in the bar. Jung rok come with 2 women and saw Ahri. After that, Teesan and Choi yun come. They were waiting for Dojin while pouring some alcochol.After Dojin come, one woman asked why 4 of them are still single. Everyone smiled. Me Ahri put the light on the candle. The woman was laughing at her saying it's too childish, wishing after the candle.Me ahri was in shock and started crying. Teesan told her to go home cause it's late.Ahri told Teesan it's not about late or not, it's about she like Choiyun. Teesan grab her hand, and took her out. On the way, Choiyun grab Teesan and Ahri grab,he asked Teesan to let go of Ahri's hand. (Choi Yun,Finally?????) Next episode : The opening scene was about 4 of the guys meeting one beautiful woman together. Teesan was looking out of his card staring at his sister. Minsong saw yisoo and Jungrok entering some hotel together. They were actually doing some party. Can minsong reconcile with Jungrok? Sera was in the ER. Yisoo called Teesan about it and said he doesn't care? And another "almost" kiss scene between Dojin and Yisoo.
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