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I Went to the Melon Music Awards!

I was given free tickets to attend the Melon Music Awards this weekend and I vlogged it so you could experience it too!

I know you can look pu proper footage but I hope I captured how insane the crowd was (cause the real broadcast they tend to turn down the crowd noise and trust me, its loud)

Plus I was sitting in the bangtan section and the fan chants were insane!

Things that happen:
- Winner opened the show!
- Suga gets teased by BTS and its hilarious
- An announcer makes the crowd scream for who is more handsome: Chanyeol, Jin, or Daniel and Jin goes a little overboard haha
- EXO fans were by far the loudest of the night!
- Red Velvet killllllling it!

And more~

Watch it here:

What was your favorite part of the awards this year?!

So lucky! It look like it was crazy fun!
it was SO LOUD hahahahha
@caricakes I bet it was. Were you able to hear afterwards? ๐Ÿ˜
Wow. That must have been quite the experience! I would probably walk out of the MMAs with ringing ears. I'm proud of Winner, BTS, EXO, Highlight. I'm also proud of IU, Twice, and Red Velvet. Can't be forgetting the girl groups, they also work very hard.
What an experience!!! It does look like fun bit I would have needed ear plugs. I did a lot of the show live over the internet since I happened awake.
Oh my gosh that is awesome!!! Hope you had lots of fun!
sounds like a lot of fun
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