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차에 불이 들어왔는데 이게 뭔가요...?
1. 전면 안개등 Fog Light(front) 2. 파워 스티어링 경고등 Power Steering Warning Light 3. 후면 안개등 Fog Light (rear) 4. 세정액 부족 표시 Washer Fluid low 5. 브레이크 패드 경고 Brake pad warning 6. 정속주행 켜짐 Cruise control on 7. 방향지시기 Direction Indicators 8. 빗방울과 빛 감지기 Rain and light sensor 9. 동절기 모드 Winter mode 10. 정보표시장치 Information Indicator 11. 예열 플러그 / 디젤 예열 경고표시 Glow plug / Diesel Pre-heat warning 12. 서리주의 Frost warning 13. 점화스위치 경고 Ignition switch warning 14. 차내 열쇠 없음 Key not in vehicle 15. 전자열쇠 배터리 부족 Key fob battery low 16. 차간 거리 경보장치 Distance warning 17. 클러치 밟기 페달 Press clutch pedal 18. 브레이크 밟기 페달 Press Brake pedal 19. 스티어링 잠금장치 Steering lock warning 20. 전조등 Main beam headlights 21. 타이어 압력 부족 Tyre pressure low 22. 차폭등 정보 Sidelight Information 23. 외부 경관등 결함 Exterior light fault 24. 브레이크등 경보 Brake lights warning 25. 디젤 배기가스 후처리 장치 경보 Diesel Particulate filter warning 26. 트레일러 견인 장치 경보 Trailer tow hitch warning 27. 공기현가장치 경보 Air suspension warning 28. 차선이탈경고 Lane departure warning 29. 촉매변환장치경고(공해방지장치) Catalytic converter warning 30. 안전벨트 미착용 Seat belt not on 31. 주차브레이크 등 Parking Brake Light 32. 배터리/교류발전기 경고 Battery/Alternator warning 33. 주차보조 장치 Parking assist 34. 오일교환 등 서비스 요망 Service required 35. 자동전조등 Adaptive lighting 36. 전조등 범위 조정기 Headlight range control 37. 후방 스포일러 경고장치 Rear spoiler warning * 스포일러 : 고속주행시 차가 들리지 않게 하는 장치 38. 컨버터블(차 지붕 전환장치) 경고 Convertible roof warning 39. 에어백 경고 Airbag warning 40. 수동식 브레이크 경고 Hand brake warning 41. 연료여과기 물 있음 Water in fuel filter 42. 에어백 작동 정지 Airbag deactivated 43. 결함 문제 Fault problem 44. 전조등 하향 Dipped beam headlights 45. 공기여과기 더러움 Dirty air filter 46. 경제운전 지시기 ECO driving indicator 47. 내리막길 주행제어장치 Hill descent control 48. 온도 주의 Temperature warning 49. 쏠림방지 브레이크 경고 ABS warning 50. 연료필터(여과기) 주의 Fuel filter warning 51. 문 열림 Door open 52. 보닛 열림 Bonnet open 53. 연료 부족 Low Fuel 54. 자동기어박스 경고 Automatic gearbox warning 55. 속도제한기 Speed limiter 56. 현가장치 조절기 Suspension Dampers 57. 유압부족 Oil pressure low 58. 앞 유리 성에 제거 Windscreen defrost 59. 트렁크 열림 Boot open 60. 안정 제어장치 꺼짐Stability control off 61. 빗방울 감지기 Rain sensor 62. 엔진/배출 경고 Engine/emisions warning 63. 뒷 유리창 성에 제거 Rear Window defrost 64. 자동 유리창 닦개 Auto window screen wiping 가끔 처음보는 모양으로 불 들어오면 심장 뚝 떨어지잖아요 ㅠㅠ 클립해놓으면 진짜 언~~~~~젠가는 꼭 쓸 일이 생긴당께요 후후..
내 차를 더 오래탈 수 있게 관리하는 기본상식
제가 아는 자동차 정비에 관한 아주 짧지만 유용한 정보를 공유해볼게요~  (아주 기본적이고 간단할 수 있음 주의) 1. 평소에 고속도로나 산간지역, 울퉁불퉁한 도로 등에서 주행을 많이 할 경우에는 부식을 촉진시킬 수 있는 물질들에 노출 될 수 있으므로,  항상 먼지나 모래가 많은 곳에서 주행을 많이 하실 경우에는 주기적으로 점검을 받는 것이 좋습니다! (정기점검보다 더 앞당겨서 점검을 받으면 좋겠죠!) 2. 주행을 자주하는 경우에는 점검을 바로 받는것이 좋지만,  주행을 하지 않아도 정기점검을 꼭 받으시길 바랍니다!  카센터는 지인의 소개를 받을 수 있으면 좋겠지만, 만약 아닐 경우에는 차량에 대한 지식이 있는 지인을 함께 데려가면 바가지(?)를 피할 수 있습니다. 3. 엔진오일은 일반적으로 대략 15,000km~20,000km정도에 한번씩 엔진오일을 교체하면 좋지만,  차를 더 아끼시고 오래타시려면 그 절반인 7,500km~10,000km에서엔진오일을 교체하면 좋습니다.  (이 시기에 오일필터, 주차브레이크, 타이어 등의 기본적인 요소들도 함께 점검 받으시기 바랍니다.) 4. 가혹주행을 하고 있는지 아닌지 체크해봅시다! 다음의 경우에서 4가지 이상 해당되면 가혹주행의 범주에 속합니다. 1. 짧은 거리를 반복해서 주행하는가 (특히 시내주행) 2. 모래나 먼지가 많은 지역을 주행하는가 3. 공회전을 과다하게 계속 시키는가 4. 32도이상의 온도에서 교통체증이 심한곳에서 자주 주행하는가 (50%이상) 5. 도로가 험한 길(모랫길, 눈길, 비포장길 등등)에서 자주 주행하는가 6. 산길이나 오르막길에서 주행을 자주 하는가 7. 고속주행(170km/h)을 하는 경우가 빈번한가 8. 잦은 정지와 출발을 반복적으로 하지 않는가 9. 소금이나 부식물질 또는 한랭 지역을 운행하는가 이러한 경우에는 정기점검을 더욱 더 자주 받는게 좋겠죠? 다들 차량을 잘 관리해서 오랫동안 타보아요!
What to Do After a Car Accident?
We are all properly privy to the dangers of the open avenue and we've all had our percentage of near calls. When the healthy hits the shan, it's the ones moments that remind us that regardless of how cautious we're there's constantly some knucklehead available equipped to ruin an excellent day. All we will hope for is that on the break up-2nd we are alert and react speedy. Often, it's our mindset at that space in time that makes all of the difference. Accidents occur, even to cautious drivers. The impatient drivers looking to make left turns and head returned to Los Angeles regularly made risky pullouts onto PCH. One such automobile pulled out in front of a motorcycle, and as you in all likelihood wager, this tale did not cease well. The driving force of the SUV full of humans later advised officers that she failed to see the motorcycle. That's thrilling due to the fact all the attention-witnesses saw the motorbike, and heard it too. It changed into a vivid bright motorbike with masses of chrome and an skilled rider and his girlfriend on the lower back. They'd logged over 10,000 miles collectively over the last decade. The motive force knowing her mistake for some motive froze and stopped in place of continuing the flip. The biker had no region to head. The rider admitted journeying 6 to 8 miles per hour over the posted velocity and a few may say he changed into partially at fault. You realize what? It does not matter, it's nonetheless not criminal to drag out into visitors while every other automobile is drawing near. Now it's tough to say if the driving force of the SUV changed into preoccupied with rowdy passengers, rewrapping her lunch to consume at the pressure again, text messaging, or simply had a brain fart. She turned into at fault. The bike rider had a grade three sprained ankle, a little little bit of street rash, a concussion, and harm both his wrists. Needless to say, he might not be running for a while. His motorcycle turned into nearly totaled, ever visible a grown man cry? His lady pal can be ok, however they did end up taking her away in an ambulance. Guess how tons that value? His accidents will prevent him from operating and as cited his stunning one-of-a-type bike became totaled or close to it. He'll need a brand new one or have it completely rebuilt. Those people who live to experience and journey to stay are well privy to the vintage pronouncing: "There are two types of motorcycle riders; the ones who've long past down and stupid people who will down." Luckily, he is a lifer and won't stop riding, nor will his gal. A serious coincidence with accidents because of yet every other left-turning oblivious motive force who just doesn't recognize lifestyles on Earth.
What Is The Price of McLaren P1?
McLaren P1 could have been the manufacturer’s most iconic hybrid sport hypercar. Embracing an ultimate hybrid tech, P1 had a great acceptance that’s sustained until this very year even though the model was discontinued in 2015. Despite its monstrous performance, P1 also comes with robust condiments that all hypercar die-hard fans can’t resist. P1 was brilliantly designed to generate a pure driving experience where the hybrid-powered vehicle torched with turbocharging. Again, McLaren has successfully brought the circuit-race experience into road driving, again. Many people weren’t able to turn out the sight from McLaren F1 until the P1 came into the table. When it’s first launched, fans wondered. A hybrid hypercar? Like for real? The year 2020, with the massive growth of hybrid and fully electric vehicles, invites us to look back at the P1’s supremacy as the milestone. Before we go to the price for mclaren p1 nominal, let us say this: McLaren is undoubtedly fairly priced, if not underpriced. This proposition comes from a reasonable elaboration on factors that constitute the actual cost of the vehicle. The ultimately controlled aerodynamics and the 2nd gen active suspension are only glimpses that make this hypercar highly-priced but not certainly expensive. We’re Almost There What does the Mclaren P1 offer for the rider? It’s undoubtedly McLaren’s masterpiece that comes with breathtaking tech specs. McLaren P1 was a first-time experience for hypercar enthusiasts and we should know why. The Hybrid Performance Many people still don’t get it, a hybrid performance? McLaren P1 is loaded with a notorious V8 3800cc with twin-turbocharging. The car also has one electric motor that works in tandem with that fossil-fueled engine to produce 903-904 HP in total. The electric motor bridges the gap of the turbocharge delay that allows P1 to gain the power up to 7000 RPM. The twin-turbo itself produces 727 Hp while the electric motor generates 177 HP. The torque can bring the car from 0 to 60 in only 2.8 seconds respectively with a top speed of 217 mph. The Dual Modes Yes, McLaren P1 comes in two modes: road-legal mode and race-mode. Despite the performance shift, switching between modes also allows you to shift the aerodynamics. You can clearly notice how the bunker and sin shift into the race-mode. P1 comes with super responsive handling that even enhances riding experience through modes. The switch between modes optimizes the hybrid engine performance. The steering wheel is inspired by Formula h1 with the ability to control the tone of the interior that’s dominated by carbon fiber materials. Infinite Personalization As expected, McLaren P1 comes with limitless personalization especially when it comes to painting. You can actually request the color of your desire and McLaren would accurately match it instead of forcing you to choose from their color catalog. There are also other personalization and customization elements that made each McLaren P1 unique. That also makes McLaren P1 prices varied and can go beyond the manufacturer’s standard price. P1 GTR McLaren also more exclusively produced P1’s flagship model named P1 GTR which is also road legal. It has an additional 83 HP and more lightweight that allows the car to run from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds. P1 GTR was exclusively offered to qualified buyers only and no more than 60 units were built. Finally, Got There McLaren P1 created the new line of road-legal hybrid hypercar with edged performance. The standard mclaren p1 price that refers to a plain McLaren P1 was $1,150.000 that refers to no customization. However, there is no plain McLaren P1s and the existing units may go around $1,500,000 - $2,500,000. The P1 GTR’s current prices go around $3,400,000 up to $4,500,000. However, the price would be relatives depending on the year, customization, and seller preferences. What you can get now are actually the existing P1s as McLaren stopped production five years ago. Fair Price? That would be an absolute yes. The original price of P1 actually showcases the overall technical specifications and the whole of McLaren’s presence. The customization and personalization made the price higher but indeed captured the customer’s best interests. If you want to buy an existing McLaren P1 now, you’d find the price negotiable and there are even more chances for you to get a fairer price.
질병에 도움되는 30가지 차!
우리 몸에 좋은 30가지 차 드시고 건강과 다이어트를 동시에 챙겨보세요! ▶ 1. 간장에 좋은차 들국화차,구기자차,두충차,들깨차,모과차,뽕잎차,산딸기차,산수유차,새삼차,오갈피차 ▶ 2. 간염에 좋은차 감초차,민들레차,오미자차,인동차,질경이차,결명자차 ▶ 3. 눈병에 좋은차 현미차,모과차,감잎차,당귀차,두충차,보리차,복숭아차,결명자차,솔잎차 ▶ 4. 지혈에 좋은차 냉이차,식류차,연차,인동차,칡차,호도차 ▶ 5. 진통에 좋은차 계피차,들국화차,치자차,칡차,홍화차,으름차, 율무차,두충차,대추차,당귀차 ▶ 6. 천식에 좋은차 감초차,도라지차,들깨차,살구차,율무차,은행차,호도차 ▶ 7. 축농증에 좋은차 은행차,산수유차,산딸기차 ▶ 8.항문염증에 좋은차 동과차,감잎차 ▶ 9. 치질에 좋은차 호도차,계피차,쑥차,탱자차,냉이차,호박차,식류차 ▶ 10. 콜레스테롤저하 더덕차,해바라기차 ▶ 11. 탈항에 좋은차 감잎차,단너삼차,만삼차,식류차,탱자차 ▶ 12. 패혈증에 좋은차 인동덩쿨차 ▶ 13. 편도섬염에 좋은차 더덕차,도라지차,민들레차,인동넝쿨차,홍화차 ▶ 14. 폐결핵에 좋은차 구기자차,더덕차,매실차,모과차,산수유차,호도차 ▶ 15. 폐렴에 좋은차 들국화차,인동넝쿨차,살구차,율뮤차,모과차 ▶ 16. 풍열증에 좋은차 박하차,들국화차,결명자차.계피차,율무차,칡차 ▶ 17. 피로회복에 좋은차 만삼차,더덕차,박하차,검정콩차,녹차,매실차,오미자차,인삼차,두충차 ▶ 18. 피부미용에 좋은차 감잎차,산딸기차,구기자차,대추차,둥굴래차,매실차 ▶ 19. 향균작용 으름덩쿨차,음양각차,은행차,쑥차,인동넝쿨차,매실차,치자차,민들레차 ▶ 20. 항알레르기 감초차 ▶ 21. 항암 감초차,다랴차,마름차,율무차.옥수수차, 산수유차,영지차,표고차,오갈피차,쑥차 ▶ 22. 항염소염 감초차,들국화차,오갈치차,인동넝쿨차,치자차,박하차,귤피차,옥수수차 으름덩쿨차 ▶ 23. 해독 감초차,들국화차,민들레차,냉이차,칡차,다래차,대추차,더덕차,마름차,검정콩차 인동차,녹차 ▶ 24. 해열,칭열에 좋은차 질경이차,구기자차,냉이차,대추차,도라지차,둥글래차,감국차 ▶ 25. 협심증에 좋은차 칡차 ▶ 26 황달에 좋은차 질경이차,다래차,삽주차,옥수수차,으름덩쿨차,결명자차,칡차, 하늘타리차,쑥차,치자차,검정콩차 ▶ 27. 가래에 좋은차 도라지차,더덕차,진달래차,오미자차,치자차,감초차,녹차,다시마차 귤피차 ▶ 28. 건망증에 좋은차 삼지구엽차,식창포차,솔잎차,인삼차 ▶ 29. 개고기 먹고 체한데 유자차,살구차 ▶ 30. 결막염에 좋은차 결명자차,민들레차,질경이차,으름덩쿨차,치자차