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Kendall's Apartment vs. Kylie's House
Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been their own individuals for as long as anyone can remember. Though they've had their ups and downs, the two have now come to an age where they can buy their own residencies. Kendall going for an apartment and Kylie going for a house. Don't get me wrong, both have homes that are larger than the average public can afford. However, looking through their places, one would wonder who's home is the better place to live. You decide. For an apartment in LA, Kendall is living the life. Look at those amenities!!! She has everything she needs right at her finger tips and it's still very close to home. With Kendall flying all over the world for shoots and fashion shows, she only needs a luxurious apartment to head home to when she's not working. To be honest, I'm quite surprised she doesn't have an apartment in New York City too because she seems to be in the city frequently. If you have that much money, I don't see why you wouldn't get one there too. Kendall's Apartment Between the two, I think I love this more than the house. It's very adult yet still fun and sizable enough for a young adult. It's very modern with the city outside her back door. I think it's much more appropriate for her age and who wouldn't want to say, " Oh don't mind me, I'm just going back to my million dollar apartment over looking LA. And look at those amenities again...SCORE. Who needs more than one guest bedroom at her age anyway? And her location is bomb. Kylie on the other hand has been extremely ambitious to move out of her parents home at age 17 yet she hasn't quite left the nest. She's still living in Calabasas and is minutes away from home. It's quite odd she got such a large house for being so young. She is looking to settle down in LA for now not really looking to travel much like her sister. And with a new house and boyfriend Tyga, there's really no reason to want to be anywhere else. Kylie's House I absolutely adore the chandeliers in these photos. The open windows are really nice and I love the living and dining room area. It seems cozy but also somewhat bland but of course, Kylie hasn't decorated it to her own liking. Also, I don't think the house is pretty at all on the outside. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though and who wouldn't be jealous that she has her own mansion at age 17? SO who's home are you more in love with?
Going for a Tour? Then This is for you..
House exchange may seem complicated at first and too risky to try, but families who tried this kind of vacation once are not stopping. They are happily exploring different parts of the world year after year. Home exchange gives you the freedom to swap your property with someone in your favorite destination, at zero costs. But the vast majority segment of homeowners still choose to book hotel rooms paying sky high prices, rather than opting for a home exchange. Here are a couple of reasons why the home exchange concept has not grown even faster than it has.  Lack of Knowledge is a Big Problem The biggest reason why the home swapping industry is growing steadily but not exponentially is that many people are simply not aware of the concept.  Ask a bunch of people, and most will have no idea about the house swapping. Yes, there are Hollywood movies like "The Holiday" based on home exchange, but families are unaware of how to use their own home to enjoy their vacation for FREE. Once you tell people about the concept, most immediately understand it and often will try it. No Proper Exchange Sites One reason house swapping is no more popular, regardless of the many perks associated with it is there are not many reliable house exchanging websites. Yes, it is true with proper research you'll end up narrowing down an exchange site you can trust. First, thoroughly, read the website, look into every minute details such as the number of many years they have been in business. Secondly, their subscription fees, do they charge at registration as a member or when the deal goes through.  Ideally, you should choose an exchange site which has a commission system for every deal, because you never know when you land on the right property option that fits your itinerary. Secondly, but most importantly, do quick online research to know how reputed the exchange site is in their operational region. Read what their clients say, both positives and negative feedback. If you have any concerns, for the customer support. People May Not Feel Safe Yes, at first thought, exchanging your home with a stranger doesn't feel right, but remember that the other family is also letting you reside in their place. In other words, both parties may be nervous, but after the first successful exchange become confident, and definitely want to do it many times. Let’s Wind Up Based on the above, we can easily deduce that home exchanging is worth a try. But, being your first time you need to be careful with the exchange site you choose to search the best holiday exchange options. Be clear with the other party, ask as many questions as possible. Eventually, this will ensure a smooth hassle-free home exchange vacation. You can always seek the advice of friends or relatives who have tried house swapping, they’re first-hand experience will definitely help you.
You Won't Believe These Gift Wrapping Skills.
So, without fail, the holiday season always reminds me how absolutely horrible I am at wrapping gifts. I try, every year, to wrap them thoughtfully, with brand new wrapping paper boasting Christmas trees or stars or tiny penguins. However, it all ends up crumpled up into large balls of frustration around my living room, so whatever gift-wrapping inspiration you were hoping to get from me is just not going to happen any time soon. Not this millennium. However, check out the packaging handiwork of Sheila, a 27-year-old graphic designer from the San Francisco Bay who put the rest of us to some serious gift wrapping shame. Swipe left to each of these presents to see how they were wrapped - and prepare to be amazed. With a handy Xacto and some graphic design know-how, she transformed this small set of Gundams into a huge stick of butter. And what could she be doing with this copy of 'Falling Up'? Wrapping it up like a sirloin steak, of course. She actually designed her own fake butcher shop labels to pull this one off. I like this one because it (somewhat morbidly) stuck with the ocean theme. Okay, maybe it's just me, but I'd much rather have the giant candy bar. And the doughnuts. I mean, fairies are great, but check out all those sprinkles! It's crazy how realistic this sushi looks - even in photographs! And, last but not least, one man's Nintendo cartridge-inspired flask is another man's, uh... cheese? So what did you guys think? Could you pull this wrapping job off, or do you have a better, more signature strategy of your own?
Lan can inox 304 đẹp cho gia đình bạn
Đối với hầu hết kiến trúc nhà ở hiện nay, lan can được xem là nét chấm phá hoàn mỹ giúp cho kiến trúc tổng thể của ngôi nhà trở nên đẹp và sang trọng hơn. Trong đó, lan can inox 304 đẹp chính là sản phẩm nổi trội được nhiều gia đình lựa chọn hiện nay. Vậy chúng sở hữu những ưu điểm gì và có mức giá ra sao? Ưu điểm của lan can inox 304 Từ nhà ở đến các công trình xây dựng ngoài trời như: sân chơi thể thao, bể bơi, đường xá,… Lan can inox 304 luôn được xem là lựa chọn hàng đầu hiện nay bởi tính chắc chắn, an toàn mà nó mang lại cho công trình cũng như chúng sở hữu nhiều kiểu dáng phá cách giúp hài hòa với nhãn quang của gia chủ. Vậy lan can inox 304 sở hữu những ưu điểm gì nổi trội so với các dòng inox khác? Với những đặc tính vật lý đã được chứng minh qua nhiều ứng dụng trong đời sống cũng như trong các công trình xây dựng. Inox 304 được đánh giá là chất liệu bền và có tính ứng dụng cao nhất. Do đó, khi được ứng dụng để làm lan can, chúng đã mang lại những ưu điểm sau: - Chống ăn mòn Inox nói chung và inox 304 nói riêng với đặc điểm trung hòa, không bị ảnh hưởng bởi những tác động ngoại cảnh như: thời tiết và các loại hóa chất có tính ăn mòn. Nhờ đó, lan can Inox 304 luôn giữ được độ sáng bóng, không bị han rỉ và bền với năm tháng. Vì thế nên nó được ứng dụng rất rộng rãi trong hầu hết các công trình kiến trúc xây dựng và trong việc gia công lan can. - Khả năng chịu nhiệt tốt Inox 304 sở hữu khả năng chịu nhiệt lên tới 870°C và phải đạt tới ngưỡng 925°C mới bị oxy hóa. Do đó, trong điều kiện thường, hầu như lan can inox 304 không bị tác động gì từ khác yếu tố xung quanh. - Dễ dàng gia công, tạo hình Ngoài sắt, thép,… thì inox 304 có khả năng tương thích tốt với hoạt động hàn kim loại. Vì thế, chúng được ứng dụng rất đa dạng trong việc tạo hình mà tiêu biểu là dòng sản phẩm lan can với hàng loạt các mẫu đẹp mắt và tinh tế. >>>Xem chi tiết những mẫu lan can đẹp nhất 2020: ----- CÔNG TY TNHH MTV THƯƠNG MẠI VÀ SẢN XUẤT AN VIỆT PHÁT - Địa chỉ: 113T/1, Đường An Phú 07, KP1A, Phường An Phú, Thuận An, Bình Dương - Email: - Website: - Hotline: 0919.659.027 - Tư vấn: 0274.6507.879 - Zalo: 0783.480.783