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Hello Mapsi! It's Melissa with J. Jun Saturday! For this week, we are doing a theme that is What we would do with our member for a relaxing weeken. In other words, what kind of relaxing weekend would you have? For J. Jun, I would plan a relaxing weekend at a Bed & Breakfast. What's more relaxing then a bed & Breakfast.
It's Saturday morning, we arrive at the Bed & Breakfast.

We check in our rooms, then we get settle in. We get ready for our spa date.

We spend most of day getting the full spa treatment. We even got served lunch.

After the spa date, we head back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. The Bed & Breakfast has a nice dining area. We had a very nice dinner.

After dinner, we go outside to watch the sunset. When it gets dark, we head back to my room.

We spend the rest of the evening watching movies in my room. It was pretty late before J. Jun goes back to his room. We agreed on what time to meet for breakfast.

Next morning, we meet in the outside dining for breakfast. After eating a delicious breakfast, we head out for some shopping. We come back to the bed & breakfast to check out and get our luggage. We head back home. It was a very relaxing weekend.

Well that is all for this week's J. Jun Saturday! I hope you enjoyed it. Its always fun to think of fun scenarios like this, right? Til next time Mapsi!

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