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Who Is Your Bias' Bias?

Most idols are also fans of certain idols themselves - do you know who your bias loves?

Here are a few of my favorites:


Justin Beiber - Jungkook has always loved Bieber and often covers his songs. He's said in multiple interviews that Justin is the number one artist that he wants to collaborate with!!!


G-Dragon - GD was the reason Bambam wanted to become an idol in the first place! Once he was able to meet Big Bang and he nearly fainted~


IU - Even Kai is not immune to IU's charm and he literally can't control his smile when she's around.


Taeyeon - Fanboy dreams do come true. After years of working together, Taeyeon and Baekhyun actually started dating! Never give up lol!


Park Hyoshin - Even when all of VIXX changed their twitter photos to get ready for their comeback, Hongbin refused because his photo is a picture of him finally meeting and hugging Park Hyoshin. Hongbin was recruited by all the top companies but he passed so he could join Jellyfish, Park Hyoshin's company :)

Do you know your bias's bias?

Jungkook is also a huge fanboy of G-Dragon my bias in BigBang😅I had the need to point that out lol😂
Leo likes Trey Songz...said it on a show once.
Hongbin is such a cute fanboy
Dang I wanna learn who Park Hyoshin is now 😂
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