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Are you planning to buy a home? If you are, then you must read this blog. Here you’ll come to know about the most important features that make the home livable and enjoyable. Your perfect home doesn’t have anything specific else the common sense you put in. Here are they:

Single Floor

These houses are again resurging in popularity. And the reasons are obvious, these homes are easy to take care of, and you don’t need any ladder to reach to the second floor. Most of the things are within your reach so you can easily clean them, paint them and if there is any repairing that needs to be done may be done easily as well. They are easy to maintain thus save a lot of time for you. Temperatures inside a single house are easy to maintain as well.

Tall Ceilings

Tall ceilings have magic; they make the interiors look open. They enhance the sense of well-being and comfort that the standard 8-foot ceilings lack. Many surveys suggest that homebuyers prefer tall ceilings over the standard ceiling.

South Exposure

They are especially useful in winter as the south –facing windows allow sunlight to convert free heat that is also known as solar gain. In summers if you plant trees against these windows, the house is going to remain cooler. It is also ideal for solar panels, and they are getting more and more popular.

Outdoor Space

When you are in outdoors, it is not just enjoyable but healthy as well. Recent studies suggest that when you spend time outdoors, it lowers the stress and also reduces the level of cortisol. When it comes to home value the outdoor living areas, like patios and decks have a lot of desirability with homebuyers.


Maximized insulation is the feature that keeps your energy requirements at the lowest level and also keeps the indoor temperature stable. If you somehow max out the attic insulation, you’ll get the best returns.

Master Bedroom

The family needs change over time, while your kids remain close when they are young, teenagers tend to remain separate. So it is better to have a master bedroom and have a different room for the kids.

In The End

There are many homes for sale in salt lake county but will you buy just anyone? Look for these features, and you’ll have the best home for yourself.