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This is the most difficult day for me I think. Today belongs to actually 2 members, since I'm trying not to leave any of them out. First it is the leader Leeteuk, who is also the self proclamed leader of the 'Attention Seeker Association.'
First I would get him exactly what he asked for in Knowing Brothers.....a camera just for him. It would definitely have to have a selfie stick, as he wants to be able to be the center of attention at all times.
It needs the remote contol too, just in case he needs to film and can't hold the camera.

The other item I'd get Teukkie is a magic mirror. If he wants to be the center of attention, then a magic mirror is just the thing. He can look in it and ask questions. The mirror can tell him how great he looks....and he can practice his MCing with a ready audience.
The second member for today is Kangin.
As most of you know, he seems to be the 'black sheep' of Super Junior. Kangin has been in quite a bit of trouble lately, so there are 2 things I'd get him for Christmas also.
First, I'd get him help in the form of counseling. He needs it to overcome whatever it is that is making him act out like he is. He's way too old for that, and it seems to be a cry for help.
Second, I would get him a gym membership and trainer. I think he needs something productive to do while he is on hiatis from Super Junior, and getting back in to shape is just the thing. Personally, I believe he needs to be around his SuJu members so they can not only keep an eye on him, but keep him busy and feeling part of something.
I do love all the members of SuJu, so don't think this is a slight against Kangin. I want to see him back and promoting soon.
These are amazing gifts
Awesome and practacially good for him gifts.