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Firstly I completely agree. Whitewashing our boys is not only disrespectful but disgusting because you're basically saying that the beautiful skin color that they actually are isn't beautiful enough for you (When I say you I mean the people who do this not you lovely people that agree that whitewashing is wrong)

BUT Y'ALL ALSO HAD TO PLAY MY BOY JIMIN WRONG BY DOING THIS TOO?! *Cries* You know how hard it is to be pissed from the seeing the first photo to then seeing this and trying not to laugh your ass off because Jimin looks like fucken Marie Antoinette?! Lord. Please be with me & Jimin baby I'm so sorry for laughing ;-;

But Back to the main issue. Honestly if a person claims to be an ARMY but does stuff like this honestly (the whitewashing) in *My Opinion* isn't a true ARMY because a true ARMY loves BTS for the way they are. Their Natural Skin Color Is Beautiful❤

I Mean Look At Them. They Are Beautiful Just The Way They Are❤ Dont You Guys Agree?

BTS Tag List❤ (Ask to be Added!)

I definitely agree, and honestly that sun kissed skin that most of the boys have (except Yoongi...he's a vamp...and a Fine one at that!)be looking LUSCIOUS! 😰😳 And I just want to also say, your title for this, brought a bit of extra joy to my day. Thank you lol
Omg I'm Glad My Title didn't come off as bad Im glad you liked it xD and yes! Omg I live for Taehyungs Sunkissed Skin he's so beautiful❤ They All Are❤ Haha I completely and happily agree with you
they are beautiful they way they are
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Right! when they filmed bon vongue 2 he was wrecking my list