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Since it's after midnight, it's the 7th day. I have to go out of town, and I'm not sure I'll have access to the internet. That's why I'm posting so early.

This is another 2 member day, so I can hopefully get all of them in. First it is Henry Lau. I realize he is Super Junior M, but I still think of him as Super Junior.

He has a beautiful smile.
Look at that dimple!!!
Okay, so I have way too many photos on my computer....

The second member today is Lee Sungmin. I hate to see how he is being treated by some so-called fans. Yes Sungmin is married, and has been for 3 years. Get over it! He's happy, so we should be happy for him and his wife. I feel bad that he was basically forced out of helping and promoting the new album.
He has such a cute gummy smile.
I am going to try and make a card for day 8 too. We will see if I can schedule a card or not.