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Beautiful Liar (Vixx Fanfic: Chained Up Book 3)
Chapter 10

~Lei P.O.V~

I squinted my eyes and raised my hand to block the light from my eyes as I opened them. I looked around me. There was a tree shading the area that I was laying on the grass. There were apples growing on the tree. Sitting up to look around me some more, the sky was blue with no clouds insight, there was a small stream of water running a few feet away from me. The area was nothing but green grass with flowers for miles.

"Lei your awake!!" a voice said behind me, I turned around to face the tree and saw my brothers Daeil, Sungoh, Seokjun, and Byungho with my Mom and Dad. I got up to my feet, running as I threw myself to Sungoh. I buried my face into his chest as I cried.

"Aww is our baby sister crying" Sungoh said as he ran his fingers through my hair. "Don't cry LeiLei" Daeil wrapped his arms around me and Sungoh, making me sandwiched between them. "Our LeiLei is to pretty to cry." Daeil pouted.

"That's for sure" Seokjun said joining in on the group hug of Sungoh, Daeil, Byungho and I. After our small group hug, I wiped my tears away and looked at my Mom. It wasn't a second when I wrapped my arms around her and Dad pulled us into a hug.

"I miss you Mom, Dad." I sobbed as the tears stream down my face again. "Oh my little LeiLei, I miss you too." she held me close. I could smell her perfume she always wore around the house. "Don't cry princess, you will be okay." Dad pulled back and wiped the tears away from my face.

"Come on Lei, I bet your hungry." Daeil grabbed my hand and led me to the picnic blanket that they had laid out. I sat down with my legs to the side since I was in a white summer dress. There was plates and a picnic basket that held containers of fruits, vegetables, and other foods to eat on. I felt happy with them as we laughed and played games with each other.

"Look its a bunny" Sungoh pointed out as a cloud shaped as a bunny floated across the sky. We all laid in a circle with the top of our heads facing each other. "There's a rose!!" Daeil pointed. I had looked at it and then a sharp pain came to my head.

"Ring-a-round the rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down. Hahaha!!!"

"You can't catch me!!"

Wincing at the pain, I tucked my head between my knees. "LeiLei?" Sungoh voice held concern as they all watched me. I shook it off and gave them a smile. "I'm okay, don't worry about me." I tried to assure them that I really was okay but only I knew I wasn't.

~Cory P.O.V~

I jerked in my sleep as I was waking up. Rubbing my hands over my face, I could hear the beeping noise of the machine that was connected to my baby sister. She was in critical condition by whoever had beaten her up. Receiving a phone call from a crying Ravi had me scared that my sister had died. I couldn't think of what I would do if I lost my sister.

I moved the chair closer to her as I held onto her hand. Looking at her bruised face and the oxygen mask that was helping her breath, I exhaled a shaky breath. "LeiLei.." Using the nickname we gave her when she was little. It had been forever since I have used her nickname. " LeiLei, I'm so sorry for not being the best brother to you. Please if you hear me, I just want you to wake up, recovered healthy again and be happy in life." I tighten my grip on her hand and felt wet salty tears run down my face. "Please wake up. I promise to be a better brother to you..." A sob escaped from me as my head bowed down and more tears came. "I can't lose you LeiLei."

I heard the door to the room open and foot steps walking in. I didn't lift my head but I felt myself being embraced. "It's okay my child. Everything will be okay." a female voice said. I looked up to see a female with long white hair with a forehead tiara that was silver, gold and a red shinny gem that was placed in the middle of her forehead. She was dressed in a dress that looked like it came from the medieval time period. Her black cloak was hooked around her neck, the hood was over her head.

I sniffed and looked her in the eyes, that sent heat in my body. I had this attracted pull to her, like I had when I see her the first time. "Lady Sora??" I questioned because I felt like I was dreaming. "Why are you here?"

"You're overwhelming emotions is keeping me up from my beauty sleep and unfocused on my work. Even if we are not allowed to be mates does not mean I will leave you out in the dust, my dear child."

"Mates? What do you mean?"

"Yes mates, dear child. Mates is what we call in the underworld. Lover or spouse is what you humans call it. We are born with a special someone to love and cherish. You are my soulmate but we can not be together." she grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes. "No matter how I want to be with you, the council member and I are to give up our love to our mate for exchange of the power to rule the underworld."

"But that doesn't make sense, How are the Vixx brother's are allowed to mate. They are the princes of the underworld?" I asked her. I could feel the tingles of her hands brushing my hair out of my face. She gave a small sadden smile.

"Because the princes haven't set foot in the politics of taking care of our underworld. It was our decision as a council to forbid another council member to love their mates. The council is united as one."

"What happens if we don't mate?" I had many questions to ask her. She turned her face away from me and pressed her lips together. I took her hands that laid softly on my shoulders. They were cold, slim and small. I rubbed my thumbs over her knuckles. "Don't avoid the question, Lady Sora. I need to know so I can prepare for my future. Will I die, if we don't mate."

"Many are different my child. Some can bare with the pain of not being mated and die slowly of old age and some die with in a year or so. It all depends on the relationship of the mates. I promise that I will do everything in my power to keep you alive and find away around the mate." She looked at me again with more emotion in her red eyes.

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