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Topp Dogg's Hansol has been more open about his private life than almost any other idol, I think.

He's cried and talked about depression on live streams, came out publically as asexual, and takes down homophobes online lol.

Here he is first talking about being asexual:

"I was thinking, and I'm asexual. I'm asexual. I don't like anyone. I like comics. I'm destined not to get married. I like friends and I like family."
He was met with a lot of respect from fans for coming forward, but posted again recently with some more thoughts not just about himself, but about others that might be feeling this way or a similar way. His message was encouraging you to be yourself and its an important read:
"To be honest, I don't think South Korea's very familiar with the queer identity. People under the queer umbrella, which represents a lot of different sexualities, hide the fact, fight it, or don't worry about it. Even though this is the truth, there are still people who want to erase their existence ironically. 
It's just a human loving a human, and I think it's disappointing that they need everyone else's consent and that they become oppressed in society because they're different. To be honest, there was no need to officially post my subjective thought, but I'm now going to carefully express my thoughts on the matter. In the past when things were chaotic, I did not want the word 'queer' to exist. I wondered how wonderful the world could be if everyone was free to love anyone under the law, so there would be no need for the word 'queer.' A lot of people wondered about my queer identity, and I wrote about it because I wanted to encourage those who were looking for answers from me. I always say that I don't have all the answers. Yes, this is true. I still don't know the answer when it comes to my own sexual and romantic identity. I always let people judge from what they see with their own eyes, but that doesn't mean I ignore my own identity. I love myself a lot, so I don't get hurt by those who hate me because of my sexuality. 'I'm not attracted to the opposite sex, yet I'm not attracted to the same sex either. I never bothered to date. I hate sex very much.' This is me, and this reality is what's good and enjoyable to me. People like me, gain strength and enjoy your life and have fun. Don't listen to others. You're the most important and precious."

Thank you Hansol and for all the other idols that remind the world it is okay to love in your own way. Love is love is love!

Honestly, I'm proud of him because Coming-Out is nothing short of a Nightmare -- It can be absolute Hell if you don't have a Plan. I found this out The Hard Way when I Came-Out as a Lesbian earlier this Year. Not only are you usually thinking about yourself and how proud you are of yourself for finally taking the first Step towards accepting what you are, but you're also battling Anxiety for fear of how everyone else will handle it, let alone what effects it will have on your Life when it's all said and done.
This really inspired me. Being an asexual I was happy to see Hansol be close enough with his fans to tell them how he felt and give them something that they can look up to. I know I was in awe when I saw it and I can only hope more and more people can be comfortable to do this with us fans. ❤❤❤
Best said words!!!!
👏👏👏👏 Love is Love..