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Hello loves~

This week has been so busy for the team so we decided to go with a Bangtan/ARMY Appreciation Week

Basically anything to show our love and appreciation to the boys in honor of the Wings Era officially coming to an end ♡

Story time!

As I was thinking about how I wanted to say and compose this card then I realized that it kept sounding familiar to what I have said before. So then I went back to look at those cards for inspiration and then it hit me.

I've been with the boys for 3 years now and my love for them has never changed. I adore them the same way I have always adored them ♥

And these cards express my gratitude and appreciation for them, so I decided to to reshare them!

They were cards I made when I was BTS Moderator for an event we were holding ♡
Like I said, as I looked back at these cards I remembered how much time and energy I took to make them. I literally poured my entire heart into making them and thought they should be shared for this week's theme. ♡

*they are about a year old so some things may be not updated to present day, but the feelings are the same so that's all that counts lol*
BTS mean the entire world to me and I'm so happy over everything they have accomplished. I will always be with them even at their worst because they were my sun when there was no light. My motivation and my happiness when I didn't have any of those things. BTS are and will always be my most beautiful moment in life. ♡ ♡ ♡
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