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Hope You Guys Enjoy!❤

^ I'm Lowkey Returning To My Emo Phase Thanks To The Champion Remix lol ❤

^ Yes. Fuck Yes!

^ Lord Have Mercy ;-; *looks at my small hands*

^ He's So Cuuuuute (❤u❤)


^ *Clears Throat* TAKE IT OFF NO GUUUUURL!


^ I Have Now Accepted That I Am Whore But Only For BTS❤


^ Honestly He's So Beautiful❤


^ RM in The Studio & Joonie In The Sheets *Winks*


^ Even The Member Are Still Getting Used To It xD But I Like RM. Especially Because It Means {R}eal {M}e❤

Namjoon Is An Amazing Leader❤ He Literally Inspires Me To Do My Best Now More Than Ever❤

BTS Tag List❤ (Ask to be Added!)

*claps hands together and breathes in* whAT DID I DO TO DESERVE SUCH DISRESPECT!? HOW U KNOW MAH BOIIII NAMJOON WAS MY ULT. BIAS!? *crawls in corner and starts crying in broken korean*
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*starts wiping tears away* i salute you!
but it's for our Joonie so I must try *determined face*
I'm trying my best to change it in just so used to say rap Mon
Lol same xD
Am I the only one who gets a little annoyed when people still call Namjoon Rap Monster?
Nah I find it rude especially when he has already asked us to call him RM that's why I'm sticking to calling him Namjoon so I can get used to RM because I'm not gonna lie Rap Mon has come out of my mouth a couple of times ;-;
@ChristinaCovert 😂😂😂 *high fives* Our struggles lol
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