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December 21st, EXO's 2017 Winter Album, titled "Universe", will be released.

The theme being a Café...a Café Universe

Can't wait to hear it. Even though it's been two years, I still can't get "Unfair" out of my head. Last years "Twenty Four" was the highlight of For Life album. Correct me if I'm wrong, they didn't do a winter album for 2014, did they? Miracles In December was 2013... but I didn't see anything for 2014. When SeHun posted first snow and captioned "젓눈", that song was the first thing I thought of.

They all look so handsome in their barista uniforms.

....Xiumin's dream come true
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Did you see the edit of Chanyeol someone did from that photo? I had to laugh. They look so good here.
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I was able ro get a JunMyeon poster, but I can't seem to find a Minseok.