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I came across an article today I really want to share :)

Note - there are major spoilers in the article, and pretty obvious spoilers in this card^^

Yep, you read it correctly:

There is a huge focus on masculinity and the inability for male characters to express their emotions in a healthy way.
1. Poe - He's the stereotypical man's man. One who is brash and handsome and charming and wants to solve things immediately with his strength instead of taking a breather. He took his emotions and solved them with rash actions and weapons. He spent most of the film fighting against and eventually taking advice from the wise female leaders in his life like Leia.
2. Luke - He dealt with his emotions by not dealing with them, with running to a deserted island and sealing himself off from everything. It took Leia and Rey to get him back.
3. Kylo Ren - He negatively deals with his emotions and is the most emotional of the group. He lashes out and is being torn apart mentally. Rey almost changed him, we'll have to wait and see what happens going forward.

This is a really bad summary so I highly suggest checking the article!

Did you like the new Star Wars movie?

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yesss i loved it! and i loved how kylo struggled the whole movie with hid emotions 🔥🔥