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the story is still developing and im honestly too shaken to say anything right now, i've never felt so punched in the heart

he was foundu in an apartment in cheongdam with the gas turned on and coal on the stove top, unconcious. the police were called, found him at 6:10pm (a little less than an hour ago), he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

i am so sorry to his family, his fans, and to everyone who was touched by his talent and inspiration. i can barely type at the moment because im so upset but i hope for whatever reason he chose to leave us, he is now in peace.

update: he texted this to his sister just before he was found
"Send me off please. Tell everyone I've worked hard. This is my last greeting."
Please don't believe the translations saying he said 'I've really suffered' or 'it was so hard' because thats NOT what he said. Here is his korean message:
나 보내달라 - send me off
고생했다고 말해달라 - tell me i worked hard
마지막 인사다 - this is my last greeting

This is so important:

I know it is hard to believe at times, but when you're feeling most hopeless please remember it will pass, there are people who love you, it is your depression trying to convince you there arent. you matter, you are loved.


its been shared that he booked this apartment at noon today, this was not his home but a rental specifically for this purpose. the police worked so hard to quickly find where jonghyun was and rushed there with emergency crew. they truly did all that they could and it must have been so ard on them to know they were just too late. my prayers too all the rescue workers and police involved. you're heroes.
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Wa, thanks for sharing my heart hurts, I grieve with all those that sympathize. I have to make this known, *THIS IS SUICIDE SEASON* the holidays can be very depressing for some. Please keep in touch with loved ones. Even a simple "Hello, I love you, you mean so much to me." can help. Your silly banter can prevent so much self harm. Show love don't fake love. Love you guys, this community really means *a lot* to me. 사랑해요
No.... why? Omg I'm sounded by death this year with idols. First Chester from Linkin Park, taehyung's friends, my best friend's brother (not and idol) and now this. my god I really hate this I really do is this real. I don't want to believe it. I hope the other members are okay.
I googled it and it stages his death date. Noo man I was watching for him to make music he was so funny he saw so bright too. Imma miss him a lot
I attended shines concert it was so magical I love him and all that members and if all this is true may you rest in peace shinee is an amazing group because of the five members and they will always be an amazing group because they will have jonghyun in their hearts my heart aches but if you were suffering I hope your not anymore I love you our music King jonghyun Rest In Peace 🙏 🕊️ Shine in the sky 🕊️
I woke up this morning crying my eyes out.. I'm so hurt and can't believe he's gone 😢😭💔💔 R.I.P Jonghyun
Honestly, I loved them so much but I wasn't invested in the group entirely. But this hurts so so much. My heart is broken. My friends are a mess, I am a mess. He was such an inspiration I just can't believe it. It hurts so much it hurts so so bad, it's like losing myself. I don't understand I'm just so upset