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I'm not sure of all the details, however, it's true that SHINee's Jonghyun was found dead in his home. The cause of death is most likely suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning. He texted his sister saying, "Send me off please. Tell everyone I've worked hard. This is my last greeting." Jonghyun was found at about 6:10PM, about two hours after his sister called police saying she thought he commited suicide. He was found unconcious in his home from carbon monoxide poisoning, but reports say he died on the way to the hospital. We all should keep Jonghyun, SHINee, and their families in our thoughts and prayers.

Please, let this be a wake up call. Stop sending idols hate just because you don't like them. Stop taking mental health lightly. Please, if any of you need to talk I'm here. I don't know how well I can help, but I can listen.
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I am still shocked and cannot believe this! I will miss him so much!😭😭😭