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So if you didn't know by now the SHINee Community, no. The K-Pop Community has lost a beautiful soul today.

When It Comes To K-Pop I Only Listen To BTS. But A While Back I Became Interested in SHINee because of the Friendship Between SHINee's Taemin & BTS' Jimin. So Little by Little I was learning/getting to know SHINee and honestly even though I am not really a real SHINee fan this news breaks my heart.

To know that Jonghyun was depressed (and who knows for how long) not only breaks my heart but brings a huge dissapointment towards Korean Entertainment Companies. Most Companies ignore or simply dont know when one of their Idols have depression because the moment they do they either hide the Idol until he is better or fire/let go the idol so that they wont have to deal or go through the process of helping the Idol get through their depression. For Jonghyun to have to go through this breaks my heart. I honestly hope & pray that his family, friends and the fans get through this a best as they possibly can. To Any of my Followers or SHINee fans here on Vingle I am truly sorry for your loss and know that your beloved Jonghyun is in a better place❤

And Like one of your beloved fans said... Today the K-Pop Community Lost A Beloved Star But The Sky Has Gained One More❤ May You Rest Peacfully Kim Jonghyun❤

@MonieManhiM Im so sorry for your loss sweetie. I know it hurts now but he will always live within the music and as long as you keep listening to it he will never leave you. Stay strong❤ and if you need to talk with someone you can always count on me❤
Shinee was my first Kpop group and Jonghyun was my first bias.... I woke up to this and I still can't believe it....I will never be able to tell him how important he was to me😢
@szewwy *internet huggles* I know ;-;