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Today is a very sad day here in the KPop Community, as most of us know already, Jonghyun was found unconcious at his home in Seoul but was later announced dead at the hospital. I'm in shock and still in disbelief that this happened. We all know how happy he seemed to be on the outside whether it was on variety shows or on stage, but no one really knows what was going on with him behind closed doors. I woke up to seeing this news and was brought to tears when I was getting ready for work this morning, I almost didn't wanna go. And I just can't imagine what the other members of SHINee are feeling right now besides grief and sadness. The only person that heard from him before he died was his sister :( I can't even think about recieving messages like that from my siblings or any of my friends. I just don't know how SHINee will move forward without him with them but I will support them no matter what they decide to do. Rest in Peace sweet boy :( My heart is shattered but my thoughts go out to his family and friends, most importantly, the SHINee members. Jonghyun's stages were always so smooth and his voice was so unique. Let's keep him and everyone close to him in mind today as we mourn the loss of an amazingly talented and handsome man. Even though I don't post much on Vingle these days, I'm gonna take today off to grieve in rememberance of him. In honor of him, I'm purchasing his solo album, it's been on my wishlist for a long time, even my sister thinks it's a good way to honor and support him and SHINee at this time. Hope you all have a wonderful day despite this sad news.