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This whole day has had me in tears and as I read all the post that I shed more. I hope you’re able to be happy now and that you’ll be at peace. As hard as it is to say goodbye once again to someone else...i have no other choice.. As much as I wish this wasn’t real, that I was dreaming, as much as I don’t want to face reality...I have too but without you I don’t want to see another reality that shouldn’t be happening.. You truly are someone I wish to be, so humble and nice. With so much talent for writing and creating music that comes from your heart and thoughts. I truly wish I was able to tell you this in person before this tragedy occurred. As I was crying to myself hoping this would be a dream, I felt a warm, comforting feeling. It makes me question if it could’ve been you or someone else I had lost 3 years ago...That feeling helped me calm down a bit, but it still hurts a lot..I truly hope you’ll be at peace and will be happy no matter what you’ll always be in my heart ❤️ Here are two of the many post that had gotten to me today:
Credits to: shineepromoter on ig
Credits to: ultshoseoks on twitter