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To everyone who found out like me as of yesterday our beloved Jonghyun has passed away.
It broke my heart when I found out that Jonghyun had passed away yesterday. I was at work and broke down into tears. He was one of my favorite boys.
I will forever love his smile, his personality, his kindness to his fans, his positivity, and his voice. For me he was my angel, my shelter through all the stuff that has happen in my life just like the rest of the groups or single artist that have impact in my life. Today and every year that will come I will participate in remembering him on December 18th of his passing.
I want everyone to say positive things about him and to help out others who are having trouble coping with his passing.

Say anything that you loved this boy and how he has impact in your life everyone. it could be the little things to big things.
For me it was his voice, his personality, his kindness, his positivity, and how he treat others. I will forever remember him and will continue to listen to any of his music for a long time. You will be miss Jonghyun, but you will never leave the hearts of your fans, family, friends, and group members.

Life is to short everyone make the most out of it. Jonghyun I love you from the bottom of my heart and forever I will. I wish you were still here, but God has gain another angel and you will look down on your members and keep them safe ❤ Rip Jonghyun December 18th, 2017 let's continue to remember him throughout our lives and have a remembrance for him next year with something great for everyone he knew and for those who knew him as a singer.

Be positive everyone in the card and share with everyone else.