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all day I been okay with his death. I been like it's was his choice. I even said if it's what he wants then there nothing I can do. but I want to scream and say "why JongHyun" why did you have leave us so soon. I was getting ready to meet you guys. I was about to do something they you inspire me to do. but your not here to see it. why did you have to leave. I tried my hardest today not to think about it. but I can't sleep. I was happy when you and shinee came into my life and open a new door for me. you open of more happiness then I ever know. but why? why did you have to leave. I always been a big fan. my dream was to meet you and say thank you but I can't do that now. I wanted to see your face when I said you help me a lot. I wanted to tell you that you stop me for being so down in the dumps that I wanted to ended as well. you was there when I was at my lowest but I was at your lowest. I wish you could have told somebody that you was hurting.

I'm sorry I wrote this but I had to get off my chest I been holding it in all day. I tried to say it's okay. please forgive for being selfish. love you vingles.

please of anyone is that there lowest point of there life don't hesitate to comment or message me. please don't wait until the last moment please.
R.I.P JongHyun