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MARKIE-POOH MONDAYS WAS taken over by JongHyun death yesterday. And Today is Wild&Sexy Tuesdays.
Since I didn't post Yesterday due to the obvious I will do it today both.. Iam ..still not in the mood.. I will just place their pictures while I said what I want to say...
Sure Markie wouldn't mind about yesterday ..they are probably feeling same way or may be worse who knows.... just because they are living in the same world JongHyun lived...and they probably go thru same issues..
like I mentioned before I made a Post on IG and tagged them all got7 ..I seriously could imaging..NO!! I refuse to even imaging it something like this happening to one of them..and the first who came to my mind... I don't even want it to say it.. because I think.. I would literally go insane.. I don't know what would happened to me.. it will affect me so much I know... like if it was one of my family members.
But then again I have see how our Little warrior has come throught all of his obstacles and all of his battles pretty strong and he has been able to vent it in many ways, in some ways answering like that song he posted on his IG recently. even both of his solo I do see it too answering back in a way to protect himself from so much harm, and NOT letting it affect him anymore.. and like he said it makes him stronger. He even look at the comments again no matter if they are hateful is good that he is not letting it affect him no more, because he knows there are more who loves him... than just these few who wants to bring him down and they can't..

So I will not worry of anything like this to happen to any of our Boys in JYP neither on the others egencies..I saw a message that Jin from BTS posted as well and that also asure me that my other babies will be fine too.... We can't afford to worry like this for them because many of us we are too far from them and even if we were close, we can only give them the support that we always do.. and that's how they know that we are always here for them..
I just hope that this unfortunate event never happens again.. to anyone.. and I also hope that.. some people out there who invest their time on just commenting on Idols SNS hateful stuff ..I would like for them to stop..The fact that they can not answer back to Millions of fans doesn't mean that they do not read their fans comments or whoever comments.. because a person who comments negatively on some idols are not their will always show love there is no BUTS for real fans.. and All these hateful comments eventually get to them, get them into depression and some end up doing things like what happened to Jonghyun..and Iam sure it has happened before..many have tried I know but unfortunately he was not lucky enough to survive like others in the past.
of course all this negative comments affects them negatively of course they do, they are human beings as well they have feelings like us and they are even more vulnerable, just because they are living in a diffrent world full of pressure where they are expected to do well always, even if some have better environment then others, is the same thing same..
I honestly wish for this people to stop being so selfish and just literary trying to hurt another human being..what is more diagusting is the fact they usually pick people who are so special and have a beautiful soul. I some times feel like lashing back at those people but is not even worth it.. I always recommend not to answer back or spread their comments in any SNS that way it will just go no where, just back to themselves.. Ahgase we are good at that.. We are peacemakers we always take it in and basically swollow it but is because our boys are like that too.. they usually just keep giving love and more love..
This post turn to be a little longer than I thought.. I just ended up venting myself too.. I probably needed it.. I read in another post of Shawols who have taken their lives as well after what happen to JongHyun.. Okay that is extreme already..and never ever would he have wanted for his fans to do this and No idol would like this, for their fans to go to this point of taking their lives. Please Stop.. and Think that he is in a better place and that someday we will see him again.. if there is anyone in our big Vingle community that needs to talk Iam here. I offered to listen to you and help you...comfort is something that we humans need and can give..
I feel better now that I made this post and said all this things I wanted to say.. I just hope that everyone who was deeply affected.. come to see the light and don't do anything that Jonghyun wouldnt want you to do.
Much Love..♡



Thank you Luna! For saying what gots to be said. Its a sad time now, but hopefully with time we can get through this
@MelissaGarza hopefully..😢
Thank you Luna! I still cannot believe it. I cry all the time and i cry myself to sleep. I wake Up crying. I just don’t know what to do.
@sukkyongwanser I know exactly What you mean, because yesterday basically I spended on a dazed, I wasn't functioning properly.. I know , but I couldnt help it.. these are stages of mourning and I am coming to accept that one of my first Idols when I started in Kpop one that I Love so much died..
@mszmarclyne93 😢you're welcome..
@luna1171 couldn't have word it any better. thank you for that, seriously.