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I wanted to look at his funeral so started looking for some videos and found this in YouTube.. I also found his last live post.. on the 18th.
if you fix the captions on youtube you will be able to get it in English subtitle.
here is his last live post ..⤵️
and here his funeral.. you can see all the idols groups and famous people walking in.
they are not in English subs, but you can recognize most of the people probably, I did.
there were lost of videos of his funeral on youtube, these are only few..



You can hear it in his voice! Oh Jonghyun, I'm sorry we didn't notice it sooner. Rest in peace my sweet angel.
Watching those videos today made me cry again. I’m probably gonna be crying every day this week and more later on. Can’t listen to music without crying, can’t get on social media without crying, can’t look at photos or videos without crying, I just can’t stop crying! 😢
I saw this today and burst into tears all of again😭💙🖤 I can't stop crying
@CLAKPOP that's exactly how I feel..😢😢
Ive been careful when watching, I don't think my eyes can shed anymore tears
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I broke down when I saw Sunny and Eunhyuk crying. 😥
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