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I'm fine with this. They can take all the time they need. If they decided not to do anything for awhile, that's okay too.

New release date is set for December 26th.

But, unfortunately some EXO-Ls are having a shit fit about it.

Goddamn, they just lost a friend, a brother. Let them grieve. Show some support and respect.

And... this mad me mad. I read comments about how it should've been SeHun. MF! I would drop kick your ass into oblivion for saying such a thing. Especially about my baby boy... or any other idol for that matter. Now is not the time hate. It's a time to support one another.

🀀😲😭 How dare anyone say something like that about our precious maknea. I'm sure our boys are just as heartbroken as my SHINee boys. They need time and I'm glad they are getting it. The boys need time to just be together without worrying about schedules. I don't want them to pretend to be happy. 😣
I told you Omma, tell me who it is... I’ll fight them. πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼