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It is the last day, and it is the last member of Super Junior. Today belongs to ZhouMi. He is a member of Super Junior M, and seems to do a lot of hosting radio programs.

Today is opening a present. Well, I looked and looked. All I could find was one gif of Leetuck holding a present. So, that means improvise!!!!
It looks like he is gifting us with a plant. I have a black thumb, I shouldn't touch the plant.
Ah, how cute. He signed it for us and everything.
Zhou Mi is really giving us a gift here.
I think he originally tried to 'unwrap' Xiumin and failed. This is what we get instead.

I hope you enjoyed the 10 days of Super Junior cards. Each and every one of the members is special to me in some way. I never want any of them to feel left out or that they aren't good enough (even when they do stupid things).
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This is so awesome!!!! Thank you so much for participating and featuring all the members