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Entertainment companies in South Korea all should have the same..I don't wanna brag about it, but JYP that's awesome if he has this kind of stuff for them.. I honestly think all the others should do the same and the rate on mental issues will go down.. mostly the idols with mental issues that have either left for a break or something are in other companies..



all of the other entertainment companies need to take notes
I know some have questioned why GOT7 continued with their fan meet rather than go to the funeral. Let me just say this. Funerals can be very depressing and painful for those who attend and that's on a good day, much less under these circumstances. As a parent, I would consider so many things when deciding whether any of my children should attend or not. Maybe this was a factor JYP took into consideration. They sent a flower arrangement and many from 2PM and Day 6 were present. I am not aware of any direct interaction between GOT7 and SHINee, at least not on a deep personal level. Showing up may have seemed more like a publicity stunt and could have been psychologically difficult for some of the members as well. I appreciate that they went forward with their fan meet and showed their respect for Jonghyun there. This is a classic case of "you can't win for losing." Either way someone is going to complain. We need to trust that JYP is acting in the best interesting of our guys.
i knew jype would be the first to act... he the first on almost everything ... that man has a heart of gold
@royalpandajedi JYP is ranking #3 Apparently. It must be money wise, like the other two probably make more money but iam guessing they are over worked..and tired.. and needing psychological help.. but every One experience is different may be some idols in different companies go thru different situation..including JYP kids too but the difference is that JYP gives them support.
Thank you JYP. that's amazing