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When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, that's when you know you've healed. Nobody ever told us that life was going to be this hard. We never assumed it would be easy either. But here I was, waiting outside of the head doctor office in the hospital. My parents inside talking to the doctor. The door was ajar opened so I could hear every word they were talking about. It was about me, so why couldn't I be in the office too. "Mr. and Mrs. Yang, I'm sorry to say your son is in stage two of Acute Lymphocytic leukemia. We would like to start the treatments soon as possible." I could hear my mom break down in a sob. My dad comfort her with words of its going to be alright. "We also like to keep him in the hospital as much as we can." The doctor said. I was sure that my parents agree to that cause I had no saying I was only sixteen years old. How can I tell my hyungs that I'm going to be on my death bed for the next so months. "Jeongin-ah, are you ready to go?" My mom's voice called me out of my thoughts. I could see her eyes puff and red. She was trying to put on a brave face for me. But I knew it was just an act. She really wanted to cry and comfort me in a way. My dad giving me a small smile, open an arm for me to stand next to him. I slowly stood up from the chair I had been sitting in while they were in the office. I stood between my parents, looking from one to another. My dad wrapped his arm over my shoulder and led us to the car. "Jeongin-ah, we all have to be strong okay. Can you do that for us right?" I nod to my dad's words. The car ride was silent, the three of us didn't say anything. My dad had held my mom hand while she had stared out the window in front of her. She was trying her best to not cry in front of me. As for I, I stared up at the sky. Looking at the moving white puff clouds. If I was to die from cancer, would I be up there watching everyone down here. The drive wasn't to long. When we had pulled up to the house, I saw my hyungs waiting in the front yard. My mom was sure to baby me of not to do anything extreme and greeted my friends before heading inside with my dad. I joined my hyungs on the front yard. Between Chan hyung and Woojin hyung, I took the space to lay down in the grass with them, looking at the sky again. "Good news or bad news?" Chan hyung asked for the others. Since they too were wondering on the thought too. "Bad news" I said, which left them all in silence. I wasn't for sure if this was a good silence or a bad one. "Ever wonder what it would be like to be up in heaven looking down on the people who you love?" Minho hyung said. "I'm sure it would be nice. No responsibility." "No getting beaten up." "A place where you can belong no matter who or what you are." I didn't realize that I was crying until I felt a tear roll down my face. "Hyungs if I die, you all have to promise that you all will do your best to live your life to the fullest. "Ayyy, stop talking bull maknae. You will beat this cancer butt. We all know it and we are here for you. We won't leave you Jeongin-ah." Changbin said. Woojin had scooted over to brace me in a hug while I cried in his chest. I knew I was lucky to have my hyungs here on this journey even if they have their own demons to face. My muffled sobs were what filled the silence between all of us. Woojin hyung had whispered assuring words to calm me down. Saying that I'm strong and they would never leave me. They will be at the hospital everyday when they can. "Alright enough of this downing. Let's have fun except Jeongin. He can sit out." Chan hyung said getting up. He picked up a basketball and tossed it to Felix hyung who tossed it to Seungmin. I had sat up to watch them play two teams of four players of basketball. The cheating, cheering had made me forget all of my problems for now. I just wanted to enjoy my moments with my hyungs the best I could before I permently stay at the hospital. ( Comment below if you would like to be tagged)
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